8 tips how to develop creativity, utilizing the strengths of his character

Some amazing tips from the book "Creative personality" on how to use the strengths of his character for the development of creativity

The book "Creative personality" from the expert
typology personality Otto Kroger and David Goldstein,
the creator of the concept of "creative type of personality»

To begin to say that we have for you, there are three news: bad, good and very good. Let's start with the bad: only 25% of people believe that to realize their creative potential. Now the good: uncreative people do not happen, this quality is present in all birth. And, finally, it is very good news to awaken the innate creativity and show the world all that you are capable, you need a little bit - to understand themselves and their "creative type of person." And the book Otto Kroger and David Goldstein, and this will help. Let's go!

Eternity - the concept is not as abstract as it should be. In eternity there are no limits, but there is space, there is no form, but there is content. In eternity is the power of fearlessness. In all eternity immortal.

No one would be afraid to take risks, if I had an eternity to come. Risk - the lot of limitation and fear. Taking a step forward, we either go by inertia, or think through the consequences. But our strength is in our thoughts. We are born to Win: personal, team, world, professional, loving and creative. We - the generators of the future. Our solutions - the wise plan of the lives of our descendants.

Creativity - expensive currency. It has everything: character, humility, brightness, contrast, shadow of a doubt, success and failure. Creativity - our answer routine. Civilization develops by the growth rate of the life and courage of ideas. We are creative, where we are strong, confident and calm. Our response to fear - a new attempt.

It is difficult to make an exact way by which man can reach the goal, consisting in "the manifestation of their creativity." But there are 8 tips from the book "Creative personality" that will help you find the strength in themselves to consider all his abilities:

1. Allow yourself to be creative
The notion that creativity or given to us by nature, or not given - the myth of clean water. The truth is that we are all born with certain preferences inherent in our personality that can be used for self-realization. You may recognize this fact, thereby allowing yourself to be creative.

2. Understand who you
You want to create something extraordinary? If yes, then you need to first of all determine who you are more like - Donald Trump or Bill Gates. The first of them - an extrovert, and the second - an introvert. But despite these differences, they have something in common: they know themselves and learn to skillfully use this knowledge.

Trump is building luxury building, and Gates has created a computer program. Both of them are creative, both passionate about their work, and in the foreseeable future, it is not exactly threatens to be out of work. To achieve professional success, you need to know the features of the type of creativity. Perhaps you are more like Gates, but trying to create in the style of Trump. So you never did not work.

But there is good news: the problem is easily solved. Once defined with its own personality type, you will know how to implement your creativity in your type of peculiar style. And whatever you're addicted, you will achieve in your field dizzying success, and will receive a real pleasure to work.

3. Do not be afraid to experiment
Everything comes with experience. Neither brilliant idea did not arise out of an empty space. All grows up on personal experiments, professionalism and desire. Above all we need to work. Whether it's biking, Large Hadron Collider, a sculpture or a bouquet for his beloved. Listen to your intuition, find a way to make the lives of their ideas and then just proud of the result. You will succeed, because you have been born winner.

4. Use the advantages
Do it always in everything and everyone. Nobody is perfect, but there are people who do not flaunt their little flaws. Understand that life is too short to dwell on the problems. Live, create, risks and takes reality as an assistant and not an enemy.

Each of us is creative in its own way. Understanding the characteristics of their own creativity gives us confidence - roughly the same feeling we are on the ball, knowing that the clothes sit on us like a glove. When we act creatively in a manner peculiar to itself, it all turns out as ordered.

5. creates for himself
You do not need to do a favor to someone, creating comfort for others, prejudice to their desires. Creates for himself, for his sentiments, to their desires and aspirations. Make your life better. Do not brake when cornering, because the rate of decline will slow down your process of emancipation. Live for your comfort, and creativity will bring you moral satisfaction and aesthetic enrichment.

Albert Einstein said: "If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often conceive music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music ».

6. Invest in self
Investments can wear, both material and spiritual. It is also the time factor and the factor of self-sacrifice. No need to save for their future, for their zone of comfort and enjoyment. Remember, whatever you put in yourself, your future will be. And the more investment, the more will implement a plan.

7. Take a closer look with his creative 'I »
Your inner world - the whole universe with individual events, force majeure, ideas and plans. Do not be afraid to sit down and give yourself the evening, do not lose the evening, just to spend it alone. For extroverts unlike introverts loneliness is not a source of inspiration, but sometimes all you need to get enough of his inner world, to see how he is boundless. The strength create inherent in each of us. We are all-powerful, the main thing is not fed fear and let "the winds" of their own creativity.

8. Learn to criticize
Right now, this minute, before you open boundless opportunities to start new projects. Today, you are much less dependent on anyone's permission to do things, what you have is the soul. But it also means something else: You have to be your critic.

Give yourself permission to create and criticize yourself. Creative people are always doing it. As Salvador Dali said: "If anyone can write a pamphlet about the criticism, it's me." Be your critic, but do not be overly critical. Remember, the only person who can decide how well your job - is you. In the words of Van Gogh: "It is absurd to depend on the opinions of others in what he doing».

It is important to understand that all people are different. We all have different sources of inspiration and enjoyment. Someone intuit ethics and by nature inclined to experiment, some intuit logic and constantly analyzes the world. Someone sensorik-RATIONAL who always stick to the plan, someone sensorik-irrationals - always comes spontaneously and unexpectedly. Someone introvert-RATIONAL and all changes to it are extremely slow and difficult. But we are all creative and creative people.

Maybe you're not personally paint or sing, but that does not mean that you're not writing and not the best way possess oratorical skill. Perhaps you're a great florist? Or a pianist? Or, you know exactly what you want in bed? Maybe you're a brilliant critic and chef?

In a world of thousands of ways to be creative. Do not be afraid to use their skills to work in resolving conflicts or help outsiders. Your abilities are unique. They laid a unique gift to change the world, perhaps not dramatically, but irrevocably.

The book "Creative personality" will open you the way to the boundless creativity. Take another step towards self-knowledge and freedom, after reading the book "The creative personality».

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