"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" American EYES

The American view of the beloved masterpiece of our film classics

I saw the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" with his American girlfriend, Chris. All the same, Oscar movie, anyway. I wanted to see my girlfriend, adoring Russian classic literature, read this masterpiece of our film classics. Viewed with English subtitles. At the end of the film, Chris said that she has a lot of questions.

- Oksana, I do not understand why when Katja was the director of a large factory, and her subordinate had three thousand people, she lived together with a child (!!!), almost a hole in the wall. It's incredible that two people live in the apartment odnobedrumnoy. Directors of large enterprises in the living room sleeping on a sofa bed! What does it mean?

- Well, Chris, it was also still in the Union, if we all lived. I lived in an apartment odnobedrumnoy with her sister and parents. My sister and I slept in the living room is also a sofa bed.

- Yes, but your parents were not as big bosses such as heroine Katja?

- But we were then universal equality and brotherhood ...

- But you said yourself that the communists had a lot more, and unless Katja was not a Communist, having a leadership position? By the way, why is there a mother of Nicholas says the phrase "Is the restaurant well fed?" You do that, fed poorly, including in restaurants, but then how could they have existed for a long time and did not go out of business?

I scratched his head, but Chris kept his questions on filling.

- Why is she being so big boss goes on such IPR of-shyt that constantly breaks down? Her salary director is not enough for a decent car?

My story on multi-lines on the car and that the Lada does not any IPR of-shyt, but very decent machine at the time, Chris was not convinced. She continued to ask questions:

- Oksana, I do not understand. Here Katja - she's so beautiful and clever girl, she just made, raised a daughter, but she can not seem to feel happy because next to no man? This nuc of-shyt Ghosh, whose inferiority complex because of his beloved woman earns more, threw it rude, but she instead of to score on him, looking for him all over Moscow, losing all kinds of pride and dignity? And then she had tears in her eyes accept returns, but that does not understand that attitude they still will not develop; it is more than he earns, and for him it is - a problem. So it is - shit, man, is not he? Am I not right? Why the filmmakers conducted a red thread the idea that a woman, whatever she made, anyway - is defective, if it has next to no "pants"? What is this bulshyt explain to me pliz?

By the way, if someone has any dark little thoughts about Chris backgrounds, not undermine, just saying. Chris - the dazzling beauty blonde size small, the owner of a black belt karate in his 58 without any plastic surgery looks 45, is happily married with her handsome husband - a successful orthopedic surgeon, she lives with him in the castle of ten bedrooms, with servants and on the lake itself with the Ph.D., he has a successful private practice clinical psychologist. The mother of three children. I tell not undermined.

I had closed the lecture for Chris, starting to dig even with 17-year, but I just battling his spot untroubled logic of a successful and happy American. Each historical passage, which I tried to push, she immediately retracted. So we pass the languid evening together, agreeing that the answer to everything there is a mysterious Slavic soul. Only Chris still added at the end of white wine in the glass:

- How good still, Oxy, you're left out. Well I can not imagine you sitting on a stool and chewing their own snot, "How long have I been looking for you! How long have I been looking for you! "What a bulshyt, well, just disgusting! Although in general the film is not bad, and I learned a lot from your history of the Soviet period. What else interesnenkogo of Russian you have to see?

Oksana Lexell


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