Important life lessons that recognizes a person who has lived 37 years after going through successes and failures, triumphs and heartache

Noting the next birthday, psychologist Don Gluskin wondered what they had taught her those years.

Today is my thirty-seventh birthday. I must say all these years have been pretty interesting. Looking back on the lived stages of my life, I now realize, all my successes and failures, triumphs and heartache have made me today.

I've gone from a shy and studious little girl to a teenage upstart and carefree 20-year-old dreamer. Today I'm over 30. I became a mother, entrepreneur and realize that in this life for me the most important thing.

Continuing every day to know yourself and help other people to do it, I decided to strain gyrus, and make a list of lessons I have learned from 37 years of my life. Today I start another circle around the sun and share with you the lessons that I have already received. I hope they will be useful to someone.


Happiness is inside. We spend too much time looking for the approval and encouragement from the sidelines. And always it turns out that there are not looking. Look inside yourself.
Be grateful for everything. For good, for bad, for the worst. Life itself - a priceless gift. A pleasure and pain - it's part of our way.
Change the perception and change your life. When you feel fear, anger, resentment, just take a look at the situation from a different angle.
You can not bring happiness to all, while remaining true to yourself. But it is better to take the risk and be misunderstood, than to be loved, but pretending to be something you are not really.
The world around - a mirror. What we love in others - it is a reflection of what we love in yourself. What saddens us in the other - an indicator of what we need to pay attention to ourselves.
Everyone appears in our lives with a purpose. And we have to decide for themselves whether to learn the lessons that he teaches us, or not. The worse its role in our lives, the more serious lesson. Mota into their heads.
Believe it. Just know that the most difficult times in the universe fills the back, and everything will be okay.
Do not take things too much to heart. The actions of other people - a reflection of what is going on in their personal lives. As a rule, you do not have anything.
Nature heals. A walk in the fresh air and views of the beautiful scenery miraculously able to clear your head from unnecessary thoughts back to life and cheer up.
Hurt people hurt people. And still love them. Although no one forbids you to love them at a distance.
To recover, you need to experience it. Put your fears and weakness in front of him and send them a bright beam of light, because the only way to get rid of them is to go through them. See the truth hurts. But I swear, in the long run it's really worth.
Perfectionism - is an illusion. Most admittedly painful. Relax. Strive for excellence, but allow yourself to make mistakes and to be happy whatever the outcome.
Remove the blinders. Do not focus solely on their own goals and desires. You risk to miss the beauty of this life and the people around you. The world is amazing when you go through it with eyes wide open.
Celebrate your victories. Savor every, even the smallest success.
Know how to forgive. First of all it is necessary for you, and not to those who hurt you. By forgiving, you gain peace and freedom that you deserve. Good-bye quickly and easily.
We all have incredible intuition. If you stop, stand still and listen, you can hear the voice of your inner wisdom. Listen to the quiet whisper of your heart. It knows the way.
Let your soul sings! Be real. On Earth, there is no one the same as you. Be sincere, live, and breathe deeply, moving towards agreed goals.
We are all creators. Really! With proper persistence, concentration and perseverance, anything is possible. Remember this.
I radiate light. You radiate light. We all emit light. Some cast a shadow on its own brightness. Be a beacon of light for others and show them the way.
Do not take life too seriously! Anyway, no one will leave alive. Smile. Allow yourself to be stupid. Enjoy the moment. Have fun.
Surround yourself with people who love you and support. And they themselves love and support them. Life is too short for anything less.
Circled by life in a free dance. If you have a big dream, follow it with passion. But gently and at a certain distance to be flexible and mobile, adjusting to the changing pace of life.
The more you give, the more you get. Share your wisdom, love, talent. Share easily. And you'll see how much of this life a wonderful back to you.
Importantly do not give yourself completely. Because if the inner bowl is empty, then there is nothing more to give. It is important to maintain a balance.
Say "Yes" to everything, making your eyes light up. Talk irreconcilable "No" to everything that you are not interested or that you have no time. Time - the most valuable resource that is not renewed. Spend it wisely.
Sometimes we outgrow friendships. This does not mean that we are bad or friends. Just our paths diverge. Keep them in your heart, but if they start to hurt or hinder you, it's time to set your distance and let your friendship.
Fear - a very good indicator of what we really want, and what we need in this life. Let him be your compass and enjoy the exciting adventures to which it leads you.
To overcome your own fear - it is the most useful thing you can do for yourself. Thus you will prove to yourself that you can all. This super-generator of confidence.
Our body - this transport, which takes us to our dream. Love him, treated carefully and thoughtfully, if you want to feel refreshed and energetic. But do not get hung up. Appearance subjective and eventually changed anyway. Feel comfortable and comfortable in his own body - that's the most important thing.
As often as possible speak and show someone you love them. That does not happen too much. Your time, the presence of a number of love and sincere concern for them - the best gift.
Live in the present. This is the only thing that we have now. Learn from the mistakes of the past and enjoy the pleasant memories, but do not cling to them and do not let them chase you. Dream about the future, but without fanaticism and obsession. Enjoy the moment.
Life - is a series of ups and downs. To unleash the full potential, we need something, and more. Just hold on and enjoy the ride stronger.
We are one big human family. None of us are no better and no worse than others. Just at some point in their lives, we know what to do. The next time it will be someone else.
Be thankful every day for all that you have in life. So you create a space around themselves for even greater abundance, attracting happiness, love, health and prosperity.
You are not the center of the universe. Although sometimes your ego causes you to think so. Not worth it. Look at the world and the people around, and you will find many new and wonderful.
The world needs more love, light and laughter.
You are the guru himself. Most of his life, we are told what to do, how to think, what is good and how to succeed. Do not believe all this unconditionally. Think for themselves. Break down the foundations. As soon as you stop doing what is expected of you, and begin to follow your own intuition, you feel ridiculously happy.
Age - it's just a number. But as it is, the wiser and more experienced than we are. You've never be younger than you are now. So use it! Enjoy the moment!

Dawn Gluskin


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