7 things that I do to lose 100kg without dieting

To lose weight, you do not count the calories, and to stabilize its own hormones. The only way to solve the problem of excess weight - is to understand what is happening.

Back in 2001, I weighed nearly 200 kg. I tried every diet and did not think that one day I can lose weight. The story of John Gabriel, a broker on Wall Street.

My personal weight loss consultant was known with a legendary Dr. Atkins. Two months of dialogue with them on the internet cost me thousands of dollars. The best thing he did for the money - yelled at me for my fat.

Every diet I tried, ended for me the same way. There was always a long list of products that I can not eat. I followed the diet, dropped a few kilos, thanks to the incredible efforts and willpower. But I always come when I am again struck the gastro-binge and gained even more than before the diet. Diet - this is a vicious circle. What I had not dumped during the diet, through time I weighed 2-3 kg more than before it began. It lasted from 1990 until September 2001 I did not hit its peak - 186 kg.


Then I had a turning point. I almost sat on the same board that crashed into one of the Twin Towers on 11 September. This experience made me rethink everything. I knew that killing myself at work in one of the offices on Wall Street. I hated my job and my life. And the universe is that day gave me a second chance.

So I decided to change all that. And never go on a diet. I do not want to repeat this roller coaster. Instead, I tried to figure out why my body is so hard and so fast gaining weight. For this I went to the courses in biochemistry, University of Pennsylvania. I have spent in the libraries for 12 hours a day studying on the subject all that is possible. I learned that such hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and chemical massagers, causing weight gain.

I learned that in order to lose weight, you do not count the calories, and to stabilize its own hormones. Because the tremendous impact it has on the stress, the only way to solve the problem of excess weight - is to understand what is going on in your head. You need a holistic approach that ensures your stable psychological and emotional state. And it's affect what and how we eat.

Over the next two and a half years, I have lost 99, 8 kg weight without exhausting diets. And I manage to maintain your weight stable for over a decade. And I still do not sit on any diet. I eat what I want when I want.

Here are seven keys to the transformation, which I managed to survive:

1. Forget about diets. Get familiar with nutrients.
As a result of its own research, I realized that my body is chronically lacking essential nutrients - omega-3, high-quality protein, vitamins. I changed my diet so as to know for sure: I get enough of all the materials I needed. Candy, chips and pizza, I replaced the high-quality products. Here the main principle - not to save money on food. If you change your diet and replace it with a low-grade semi-finished part on expensive "real" food, craving for sweets and chips will disappear instantly. You just will not want to eat them. They will show you not tasty. Eventually.

2. I cured my gut
One of the main reasons why people overeat regularly, is that their intestines are not able to efficiently extract nutrients from food. Digestive problems also provoke inflammatory processes in the intestine. This, in turn, upsets your hormones. The body fat is stored in a panic. And all because of what you eat fermented and cultured products. In order to normalize the processes taking place inside the body, most often need to have probiotics (kefir, yogurt), and products with the "correct" digestive enzymes. Lean on jelly!

3. Understand sleep
Any problems with sleep and falling asleep immediately trigger weight gain. That's because hormones insomnia changes in the body so that you always want to eat sweet and fatty. This leads to insulin resistance. And high levels of cortisol - a stress hormone. It is a vicious circle: cortisol makes you eat fast food, to overcome depression, but unhealthy food provides only temporary "relief", provoking a cortisol production in the future.

Trouble sleeping is not easy to solve, but the main thing - to deal with snoring. Go to the doctor, go study, and it will tell you how to get rid of it. If you stop snoring, then inevitably you begin to sleep better. So, it decreases your craving for junk food.

4. Engage your mind
Also, like insomnia or snoring, stress causes an increase in cortisol levels. And that, as we already know, makes us grasp at a hamburger with or without. Many people do not realize how important it is - to reduce stress. I began to meditate and visualize in your mind every day. To me it really helped. I became happier. And thinner.

5. Reduce costs
The best way to improve their lives - to reduce their dependence on money. I moved to a cheaper house, began to spend less on all sorts of things and gadgets, I began to grow some vegetables. Spending cuts have allowed me to feel more stable. I began to worry less about money.

And when I was nervous, I knew that I can work around the house on the other side and eat the tomato, which I did and grew. It's better than a chocolate stick stress.

6. I decided to serious psychological problems
Many people are so uncomfortable to live in the outside world that they subconsciously feel more secure with more weight than low. It's like your mind is building a barrier between themselves and the outside world through the "protective" fat ball. Sounds, of course, quite strange, but it's true.

To cope with their problems with weight, you have to learn not to be afraid of the world. Become bolder. I, again, have helped to meditation and visualization practice. So I was able to get rid of the smiling teen psihotravm haunt me and feel safe and without excess weight.

I know a lot of fat people. And 65-70% can not get rid of fat just because subconsciously feel his "protection." I call it "emotional obese." Fat - it's not armor. You will need to be sure to break this association, if you want to lose weight.

7. Go through detoxification
After I dropped 81 kg, I began to read a lot of research on the toxin. It turns out that the body uses fat cells to store the excess toxins. I realized that those 30 kg, which I still had to lose, just "garage" to store them. So I was interested in detox.

He began with what became a "wash" the inside of the body with plenty of alkaline liquids - water with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, green juices, herbs, salads, sprouts, fiber. They did their job - I lost 30 kg last much faster than losing their first 30 kg. The speed of my weight loss continues to accelerate until the end - until then, when I stopped.

All of the above recommendations, I think the most reasonable and reliable way to lose weight. I have been working with tens of thousands of people in 60 countries. And all who practice my method, get amazing results. People who are engaged by this method, dropping by 30-100 kg without any diets. Try it and you.



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