20 things to stop doing OTHERS

A few important tips to help you improve not only the relationship with others, but with himself

There is one key factor that can ruin your relationship or strengthen them. It is your behavior. If you are looking to establish positive relationships and keep them throughout life, then you should read through all the tips to the end.

Below you can read the description of the 20 recommendations that will help you not only improve relationships with others but also with himself:

Stop accumulating discontent and resentment. Discontent - a waste of a potentially happy moments.
Stop complaining. Instead, direct your time and energy on something to eliminate the cause of your complaints.
Stop talking is not what you would like. People can not read minds. Communicate more often and more openly.
Stop taking everything personally. The planet revolves around the sun, not around you. You should be aware of this truth.
Stop lying. Ultimately, all the secret becomes clear. So, either you accept their actions, or eventually do become a victim of his own lies.
Stop blaming. Blaming others came to nothing lead. You must acknowledge and accept their problems. When you blame others for their problems, you shift the responsibility, and therefore voluntarily give their power over part of his own life and that annoys others.
Stop doubting. If you think that you can not achieve something, we must admit, maybe you're right. But do not let their own doubts and complexes become a hindrance to others. Remember, anyone who considers anything impossible, should not prevent someone who is trying to achieve.
Stop interrupting. Correct someone who blatantly wrong - it is permissible. But, constantly interrupt and express their own opinion - it's annoying, and even offend people.
Stop being selfish. You get the relationship just as much as you invest in them. Nothing more, nothing less.
Stop the blame. Each of us is his own battle. And you do not have either a representation through which pass the rest of this battle, just as they did not have a clue what you are facing.
Stop gossiping. Gossip about others - it's a stupid waste of time. In addition, it can hurt them, not to mention your reputation.
Stop making promises that can not help. Do not promise too much. It is better to do more than promised.
Stop being hostile. If someone has a different point of view than you have, it does not mean that one of you is wrong. Do not jump to conclusions. Be open to other worldviews.
Stop compare people. No two people are alike. Each has its own characteristics. The only person with whom we are competing all the time - is ourselves.
Stop require people to perfection. Remember, "the best - the enemy of good." And now very difficult to find good in our world. So do not proglyadite it.
Stop trying to be everything to everyone. it's impossible. But if you can make one person smile - it can change the world. Maybe not all, but the world of this man for sure. You need to prioritize.
Do not hurt people just because you can. Just because you can step over anything and move on, it does not mean that you should do so. Do what your heart tells you.
Stop making mountains out of molehills. People often make mistakes. Do not get too nervous because of this problem and inflate. To decide whether or not on some occasion to contrive scandal, ask yourself a simple question: "Will it make a difference in a year?". If not, and do not spoil the mood of themselves and others.
Stop dramatized. Stay away from other people's dramas and not invent its own without due cause.
Stop handing out tips, start to listen. Less tips - that's the best recommendation you. People do not need a constant advisor, they need a listener who can encourage at the appropriate moment. All they need to know they are already know somewhere deep down. They just need a little time to think, breath and continue your journey, which is sure to lead them to the right answer.
And remember, your relationship with yourself - it's closest and most important relationship you will ever be. So, develop, strengthen, be attentive to himself, never stop!



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