30 financial goals to be achieved by 30 years

By implementing these financial goals, you will be confident in their financial future

1. The financial independence from your parents
Parents always want to help, but in the end their aid becomes an obstacle when you have become an adult self-sufficient person. I stand for, to establish a complete financial independence from their parents in the early twenties, but if an unexpected emergency, or excessive debt threw you back to the parental nest, be sure to break out of this situation for 30 years.

2. Freedom from Debt
No justifiable to remain in debt to 30 years, your consumer debt should be a long time to stop. Your debts for university studies should also be settled. If not, make sure that they get. Of all the financial milestones this list repayment of debts - the most basic.

3. By increasing the loan
Sometimes your checking account runs out, and you're trying to make ends meet, but the age of 30 you should have a solid bank account in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If the increase in credit to you the usual case, then you must fight it in himself to 30 years.

4. Establishing a good credit history
You may have missed a few payments and debts even had in his youth, but by the age of 30, you must correct these errors in yourself. A good credit history will help to make a large purchase such as a house, but also teach you how to pay the bills on time and do not use their card limit.

5. Have $ 25,000 + savings for retirement
If this amount from your eyes bulged, the best save. As a rule, I think you have to strive for the amount of one year of work, but if you went to university for a long time, or slowly advancing your career, then it's impossible. $ 25,000 - a good amount that you can set yourself as a goal. Even if you do not start saving up to 25 years, you have to lay all of $ 5,000 a year to reach the target. Why is it impossible? Why not: stop coming up with excuses why you can not "save" $ 25,000 in 30 years.

6. Make an investment portfolio
Is there something easier or more funds available than shares, to 30 years you have to invest your money, not only in the basic savings account. This is one of the most important financial steps, because the long-term stability is the basis of wealth. I use and recommend Questrade, which offers a low-cost trading, which is ideal for the novice investor!

7. Make a reserve fund
There are different opinions about what should be your emergency fund in case of trouble, but all agree that it should be enough for 3 - 6 months, significant cost.

8. Proper insurance
Own protection is part of adult life, this also applies to small things, such as your apartment renters insurance until disability. If you do not have insurance through your employer, you should also make health insurance, dental insurance, to manage these costs.

9. The maximum benefits of the employer
If you are lucky enough to work, where there is occasional income, you need to know about it and use it - it's free money! Make sure that you choose such things as employer pension plans and the use of expense accounts for training and development. Do not miss them!

10. Make a habit of tracking expenses
It is very tiring, the only way to manage their money - to know where they go. By age 30 you should get in the habit track purchases and be confident that you're getting more than it spends.

11. Commit impulse purchases
The sooner you give up the habit to buy something when you're bored or want delicacies while standing at the cash register, the better. For 30 years you realize that money can work for you only when you stop spending it on things that initially you do not need.

12. Spend money if everything is calculated
Since you about 30, probably you have no room in the hostel, but you need to buy beautiful furniture, pots, pans .... Whether your wardrobe, your home, or even such things as a gym, you know what to pay for quality and are willing to spend money on something that is really needed.

13. Get used to regularly check your credit report on
You can do this once a year, though free, but it is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from identity theft and to keep a good financial position. No excuses not to do it!

14. paid on time or even earlier timing your monthly bills
When you were a youngster distracted, you could forget to pay the bill on time, but by 30 you should take it a habit to pay the bills on time. Set avtoplatёzh your account to never miss deadlines of payments.

15. At least once accumulate and fully paid in cash to splurge
Whether it's a large backpack camp or a new car, you must have at least one "fun" financial triumph by the time you turn 30. Accumulate and spend! You should enjoy the money, because you care about them!

16. Understanding the personal income tax and how to minimize your payments
Understanding that the tax group in which you belong, and what loans are available for you means that you'll have more money. Be sure that your contribution to the pension fund and other organizations is in the way that assures you that you pay minimum tax!

17. Carefully save for a big purchase
Whether it's a wedding or a down payment for your house, it can be very expensive and take several years of planning. By 30 you not only have to have a plan, but you need to actively move toward your goal.

18. A clear direction of your career
Your job - your main source of finance, and that creates the most revenue. By 30, you not only need to know what industry are working, but should have several years of professional experience in this industry. If you were a graduate school graduate or have a professional category, it will take not so many years, but the most important thing - to begin to reap the rewards of hard work in the 30s and 40s.

19. Favourable income side
Usually, a small value has a second (third or fourth) revenue stream. They can take you a little time and effort or, even easier, it can be a dividend on shares. In any case, you should have an alternative source of income.

20. The positive growth of the net asset value
By the age of 30 should be that "your assets" - "commitment" = positive number. This can be a problem depending on how many credits you have to study or how irresponsible were 20 years old, but, ultimately, your capital would grow at a rapid pace, when you get to the level of 30 years. I propose to increase your capital by at least $ 25,000 a year.

21. SBC in your finances
MTI is "bold audacious goals." This could mean retirement with the amount of 2 million. $ Or purchase a vacation property for 40 years, or an annual salary of $ 100,000. Whatever you want to make sure that this target volume and complex as to achieve it you have to work more than one year. When you reach that goal, set another one.

22. Understand and plan for how your money will arrange your life, if you want to
The next item №21 with your credit millennial big dream - which is sometimes much more! If you plan to pay all their bills, get married, buy a house, have a baby, get a promotion, buy a new car and save $ 50,000 for retirement at age 30, then you have to face the truth. Look critically and realistically at his silly goals and determine whether they are feasible. Can carry out adjustments to reduce or increase the purposes of the deadline. Remember: you do not participate in the race! You will continue to work and save money to 31, so move forward and wait on some things until their acquisition will not be feasible from a financial point of view.

23. Compare your finances to finance your friends
By age 30, some of your colleagues will enjoy great success in their careers, while others - not. At 21, it was difficult to predict how it exfoliates in fact, but now the cards are dealt, and maybe you are not a millionaire in 25 years. At this age, difficult to manage their envy when someone has more money than you, but your life is in your hands, and you should learn from her only the best. At this time, you have to be above it all, bury their envy and move on. (The same applies to the sense of superiority over the friends who have fared slightly worse. Be an example, not an arrogant ass).

24. Less-oriented spending
In its 20 years, you can be blinded by bright and shiny things, but closer to 30 you understand that the new car and a big house, in the end, does not matter - and are not evidence of your financial success! By age 30 your assessment of material progress should not be a thing.

25. A healthy relationship with credit cards
By age 30, you must use a credit card for convenience only and benefits. You always have to pay the bills on time and do not miss deadlines. You should be aware that lenders want to make you money, not give them to you, so use with caution card.

26. Regular contributions to charity
If you spend 10 - $ 20 a month, or a few hundred a year for one or more charitable organizations, it will become an integral part of Finance. Find a reason to make a donation to help someone succeed. It requires not only the budget, but also serves as a reminder to you that some of the not so very lucky and you have a moral obligation to help them, sharing their wealth.

27. If you are in a relationship, get a healthy way to share money with your partner
Whether it's a 50/50 revenue sharing or payment of certain fees by one person, while others - payment holiday, in its 30 years, you must understand that the system works for both of you. Disagreement on the part of finance are a common cause of divorce, so that the solution of this issue will provide you with a full purse and happy relationship.

28. In the first place should be free or cheap, and only then ease
Whether it is the cultivation of coffee at home or buying a used / y of furniture will always be easier to buy something new, but it will hit your wallet (and the environment!). Look for alternative ways to get what you want without spending too much or nothing at all. Use sites such as eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji or make your own life (clothing) and check bookstores and thrift stores.

29. Get rid of overpayments
In 20 years, there is nothing to withdraw money from an ATM that is not served by your bank and more troublesome to call your mobile operator or provider of cable television for connecting a cheaper rate, but if you do these things, and overpay for it, it is solely your wine. It was excusable in 20 years, but is now moving forward, you're paying more than you need!

30. The understanding and realization that money is only a means of exchange and not get hung up on this
Of course, great to be financially savvy, but do not let money get the better of you. Simply organize your income and expenses in the 20 to 30 continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

What do you think about this? What financial items you have already? On what are you still working? How are you going to reach them? And probably what to do next?

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