23 QUOTES brilliant writer Ursula K. Le Guin

A few quotes and life principles of the greatest classics of world literature for the entire last century

Ursula Le Guin - not just a master in the field of fiction,
but the greatest classics of world literature for the whole of the last century.

Ursula is located on the right in the same row with such popular science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury, Stanislaw Lem, Philip Jose Farmer, Isaac Asimov, Robert Shackley. The plot, which seems so simple, in combination with a complex composition books and prototypes of ordinary people as the main characters, the profound meaning and the maximum approximation to reality - these are the things that give her the right to take an equal stage along with famous writers.

The worlds created in the imagination of Le Guin, readers perceive as a matter of course, without too much pathos, where there are no high-sounding words about the fight against the forces of good against the forces of Evil. However, it works together with the fantastic serve only the description of the worlds, so believable, it seems that the life there is really only the action takes place in other parallel worlds.

Several brilliant quotes and principles of life, the great writer - Ursula K. Le Guin:

If you want to jump into the abyss, rise initially as high as possible.
If you want your product to be taken seriously, do not marry, nor bear children, and most importantly, do not die. And if you still have - committed suicide. It all satisfied.
Morning will come in any case - even if you forget to start Service.
The only thing that makes life possible - it is a constant and unbearable uncertainty; not knowing what will happen next.
It annoys me one thing before we destroy ourselves, we destroy the planet.
If things cease to bring you favor - absorbs information. If the information ceases to bring you a favor - go to sleep.
Success - it's always someone's loss.
I doubt that the imagination can be suppressed. If actually managed to uproot it from the root of the child, he would have grown eggplant.
Believe me, the kids are well aware that no unicorns. But they are also well aware that a book about unicorns - of course, when it comes to good books - the book is true.
People who deny the existence of dragons tend to be pozhiraemy them inside.
Any political or scientific for declaring himself the voice of sanity - a game in God, and for this should be spanked and put in a corner.
Light a candle - then cast a shadow.
In eternity no surprises for the impatient.
The greatest problem of religion is that today, it has to be a mystic and a militant at the same time.
So hard to be religious, if you know that faith and God are in religion hostage.
Faith - a wound that heals knowledge.
Every thing is carried to the limit, it becomes unbearably painful, if not carcinogenic.
There are no right answers to the wrong questions.
The most important thing - it is not the result of the search, and the search itself. The truth should be opened gradually. If you give it in full, you can not just take it.
The most important questions you should ask himself.
Love is not put in front of you, like a stone. It needs to create. Like bread, it is necessary to bake every day, so that it was always fresh.
Do not bear to deal with those from whom you ever heard of "I told you».
Corn grows best in shit.


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