The coolest outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising - one of the most grateful of communication channels in terms of creativity, wit and custom myshleniya.Nikto in this world never undertook to calculate exactly how many channels can be within the category Outdoor, because it is useless. From billboards to bridge supports, from the fence to the grass on the lawn. All that we see around us can be a surface for interesting and unusual advertising. This site contains material of another batch of incredibly steep outdoor advertising.

Perhaps the most effective advertising in the world

28th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Slovenia

Lego-bridge in the city of Wuppertal in Germanii

Lego continues to develop the theme of peace building.

Social advertising in Indii

The shield rests on the seat belt.

Tattoo poster Myunhene

Giant tattoo depicting significant events of 2011, stuffed on a piece of calfskin: "We are tattooed story to demonstrate the art of the tattoo in its authentic form - on this skin." Creative agency Serviceplan.

Fountain Shower Grohe

Advertising shower mixer Grohe by Publicis Frankfurt was held under the slogan "Enjoy the water» (Enjoy water) and offered shower heads with multiple modes of the jet.

Threat advertising

Agency Y & R Amsterdam invented place on the surfaces of the operator of outdoor advertising pictures pretty full and not the most attractive guys in the world, which every week got rid of his clothes. The spectacle is not of the charming and pleasant. Striptease in outdoor advertising was accompanied kopilaynom "The sooner you place your advertisement here, the better».

At a time when the mind of others threatened to collapse and failure - the hero of the campaign clearly held on to the pants - the salvation yet come. At the kopilaynom "Phew! Thank you, Radio 2 ».

Creepy bowling

The most famous German television the horrors of 13th Street invited artist Olivier Paas (Oliver Paass) paint bowling balls. Balloons in the form of severed heads were placed in several bowling centers in Germany.

Sex gorode

JWT Singapore has placed prints of hands and feet of people having sex on the streets in the advertisement store adult toys.


The Indian unit of Publicis Ambience placed billboards along the roads in Mumbai, in which the role played by the board itself gigantic blade.

Costa opory

Agency Publicis Jakarta advertise calcium tablets Dumocalcin on supports transport interchange.

Post head stuck

Advertising tools from headaches Buprofen a lamppost.

Bus and zmeya

Advertising zoo in Copenhagen.

Warm ostanovka

The agency Colle + mcvoy announced the updated morning coffee menu Caribou Coffee, Stylized stop a microwave. The heating element in the ceiling structures currently radiated heat, warming the passengers waiting for transport.


The Dutch agency N = 5 has decided to attract visitors to the fitness club is very inhumane method. At a bus stop in Amsterdam were placed electronic boards connected with built-in bench scales.

Distribution apelsinov

Advertise medical insurer has made a bus stop in the dispenser, which is distributed on one orange per minute (provided that the previous Orange already taken). Each fruit was attached leaflet with an invitation to take the test on the health of the company's microsite.

Glass seyf

Rethink advertising agency in Vancouver (Canada) conducted an advertising campaign for protected glass Scotchshield 3M.

Pig zastryala

Advertising Glide dental floss from Saatchi & Saatchi NY.

Shark in zdanii

A huge shark on a skyscraper announced Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.


In Germany IKEA decorated balcony of a house in Frankfurt.

Portraits of prints myachey

Outdoor advertising for Nike Football

Modified skameyki

Nike's parks prevented people sat on the benches. They simply removed the plank on which sit, leaving only the back benches.

Fresh billbord

Fresh salad has trained directly on the billboard agency Leo Burnett Chicago for McDonald's.

Free fall in lifte

The agency Wirz / BBDO Swiss made people feel in the elevator free fall in advertising school of parachuting.

Night billbord

Weimar holmy

Wonderbra has established its logo exactly Intermedia "Weimar Hills", which from a distance look like a hair's breadth as a breast.

Giant vratar

Oliver Kahn in the project in 2006 by adidas agency TBWA \ Germany.

Viewpoint on reklamu

Advertising adhesive Pattex. With only one point going to the park vase together. From this point of glue was visible logo.

Visualization head boli

Advertising tools from headaches Stopache agency Y & R Dubai.

The blood of our copywriters and tears of our art direktorov

In real blood flow ducts copywriter agency Serviceplan, who courageously employee handed over at the hospital several times. And the tears that soaked wipes spilled as a result of cutting 3 kilos of onions.

Graffiti naoborot

To promote natural detergent CLOROX creators of DDB West advertising chosen as the dirtiest surface of the wall in San Frantsizsko and decorated it with graffiti, cleaned with wipes CLOROX.

Copy gorod

Advertising Copy center

Billboard working on apelsinah

Agency DDB Paris placed the juice Tropicana City light working on oranges. To implement an unusual outdoor advertising creatives have used the ability to generate electricity citrus: lemons and oranges acid reacts with copper and steel, gives an electric current.

Religion as penis

Normally, when you have it. It's nice if you're proud of them. But please do not remove or swing them in public. And please do not try to shove it to my children.

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