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Bus stop - perfect advertising medium. This can easily verify this by looking our selection of examples in which this seemingly unpretentious space to be used with a maximum waiting time izobretatelnostyu.Vo public transport stop people tend to either bored or nervous waiting for the bus. So many brands are happy to entertain the audience at stops its creative advertising.

OschuscheniyaAgentstvo Colle + mcvoy announced the updated morning coffee menu Caribou Coffee, view on the bus Minneapolis hamburgers. This stop was very stylized microwave. The heating element in the ceiling structures currently radiated heat, warming the passengers waiting for transport.

DraftFCB New York dank winter decided to warm those who have to freeze at bus stops waiting for public transport. To advertise a brand of hot food Stove Top, owned concern Kraft Foods, 10 bus stops in Chicago were heated by means of heating elements mounted under the poster with kopilaynom: "The cold winter provided. Heat given us ».

Agency Y & R Kolkata posted at the bus stop advertising with air conditioning. Creators of hot India built on one of the stops of Calcutta saving oasis for weary passers heat. The simple design with built-in cooling coil promotes an anti-prickly heat Nycil Prickly Heat Powder.

SMRV Agency, has long deserved fame advertising innovators to use outdoor advertising with scent. It is necessary to come to a very simple-looking advertising on bus stop, as you know that is not so simple - outdoor advertising smell of chocolate chip cookies! This smell is generated by special strips created by New York-based Arcade Marketing of its proprietary technology MagniScent. The strips are glued to the glass stop and a lower side of the bench.

Subject reklamaGrey Toronto developed for the Canadian Salvation Army's New Year's campaign "Dignity." The campaign includes TV spot and unusual outdoor advertising under the slogan «With your donation, a sense of dignity is within reach» (~ «With your donations dignity achieved»).

At a bus stop in lightboxes Canadian creators have placed posters with the needy people who reach for things they need, but can not reach. And because of the distance and because of obstacles in the form of a frame lightbox.

Salvation Army: Bread

Salvation Army: Bottle

Salvation army: Blanket

Salvation Army: Reach soap

Salvation Army: Reach coat

Amsterdam bus stop calling people to declare to the police about the disappearance of things. The creative concept

It shall aim to convince citizens that it is easier to forget about small loss than go to the police. Especially for

the city, the police placed the results, but have not found the home side thing.

Absolut: Lemon drop

Absolut: Twist

Swedish Agency Volt AB reported on new directions for the airline Norwegian airlines unusual ambience. They are stylized conventional advertising media for attractions and national features of Europe. Thus, bus stop advertising the flight to Helsinki, was turned into a Finnish sauna.

Advertising agency McCann Erickson (Istanbul, Turkey) has designed a canopy over the bus stop in a refrigerator for drinks Coca-Cola. Benches there as if under a thick layer of ice, and the walls are covered with frost. On the side is a red refrigerator. Opening the door, you can see what's inside in the cold on the shelves "are" in the number of misted bottle Coca-Cola. Everything is so realistic that it seems as if falling under the red roof of a hot summer, you magically teleported on a frosty December.

Furniture from IKEA, "centrally located" right on the bus. It's all the work of the creative agency Deutsch. An unusual event arranged on the occasion of the Week of Design in New York and is designed for 5 days - "good design can make everyday life better» («Good design can make the everyday a little better»)

Brazilians from JWT also decided to transform a little stop and developed a guerrilla advertising campaign for the laxative Tamarine. By the seats at bus stops in São Paulo were attached toilet seats. So

, the agency decided to inform the target audience of the drug that it can be sent

anywhere at any time. The main thing - remember: it is not recommended to use Tamarine in the street, especially in

the presence of children and women.

InteraktivZoopark San Francisco gave city dwellers the opportunity to add to the album itself with ears

giraffe, peacock tail, butterfly wings or twisted horns of antelope - just go out and find one of the new campaign posters San Francisco Zoo, posted at bus stops.

The agency has come up Try Oslo for charity Salvation Army promotional piggy bank. On the bus were placed posters with the image of homeless people lying and sitting right on the pavement. The protective glass was made for the opening coin tossing people who lined the makeshift bed and a roof for the homeless.

The game Cluedo, produced by the corporation Hasbro, offers players solve murders, traveling on the map and collecting clues and evidence. Thus, suggested in DDB Italy, we can assume that this game involves the player in a virtually real atmosphere of murders and investigations. Under the tagline "What's it like to be involved in crime?" Advertising posters were posted at bus stops. And almost hidden behind an opaque curtain for the shower. Human curiosity - a terrible, invincible thing. On her and hoped creators when curtain image of the killer with a knife. Opens passer-blind, and there - surprise.

"Use only when necessary" - written at the bus stop in Cape Town. Demonstrating the proper use of energy, the agency Saatchi & Saatchi made so that the light is switched to a stop only when there are people inside.

The Dutch agency N = 5 has decided to attract visitors to the fitness club is very inhumane method. At a bus stop in Amsterdam were placed electronic boards connected with built-in bench scales. Squatting on a bench waiting for the bus a man suddenly saw his weight, which was conceived creatives must be immediately coerce him to go to the advertised fitness club.

Pruhealth - UK company that provides services health insurance. Advertising insurer has made a bus stop in the dispenser, which "gives" one orange per minute (provided that the previous Orange already taken). For each fruit attached leaflet, which contains the invitation to take the test on the health of the company's microsite. Slogan: Help yourself (Help yourself, play on words - "Help Me»).

Amnesty International and Jung von Matt Hamburg built into bus shelters cameras that track eye movement. And if a person looked at the poster, I saw the happy couple on kopilaynom: "This happens when no one is watching." As soon as the man to turn away, the husband began to beat his wife.

To promote the launch of the new season of the reality show Big Brother Australian broadcaster TEN establish a Bluetooth transmitters for more than 20 bus stops in the busiest parts of the city. Transmitters automatically sent two text messages to any person in the reception area. The first report contained a binding to the exact location of a person ("I'm watching you. You're at the bus stop near the shop St.George Boost Juice»), and the second reported in 30-40 seconds and contained a clue ("Big Brother is back. Every weekend at seven pm on Channel TEN »).

Optical illusion

In Sweden, it is normal for the type of outdoor advertising a soft drink MER Softdrink at night turned into a show of love between two people inside stopped. Agency Storakers McCann used for the campaign "Love to stop" the shade loving couples who seem to have retired at the bus stop.

MacLaren McCann have developed a nice advertisement at bus stops for Science Foundation Science Alberta.

Do you believe in UFOs and the Loch Ness monster? Do you believe in Bigfoot? Maybe you believe in

afterlife? No? Well, then you have to believe at least in people invisible, because they like you

just be able to see at bus stops in the United States, Alberta.

ProcheeAvstraliysky Department of Environmental Protection used bus stops to show their gratitude and encouragement to people who make a small contribution to saving the everyday environment, using eco-friendly public transport to get to work and back. Agency Marketforce Perth pitched cheering bus stops at points with the highest traffic. Once a man came to a stop, an alarm sensors, and handed out a record of applause.

In Düsseldorf this year directly to the bus stop advertising a meteorite fell. Everything looked quite naturalistic, but if you look closely, you can easily be seen that the entire installation as a whole constitute an advertisement of the insurance company.

Bus stop around the world are a favorite vehicle for social advertising as a day stop in major cities visited by a large number of people who have the time to pay attention to advertising and ponder its message of waiting for the bus.

Since Amnesty International («Amnesty International") - the largest independent international organization conducted a social campaign in Spain. The campaign transformed the Agency CONTRAPUNTO bus stops - instead of the usual shops in their place appeared chairs facing the death penalty. Sitting on a "chair", a casual passer-by stared at the text on sitiformate - "Around 4,000 prisoners currently awaiting execution of the death sentence».

A similar promotion is held in Colombia to protest the terrorist organization FARC. On the bus

stops were placed posters to which chains were fixed three hostages, symbolizing the prominent figures of the conflict. The campaign was developed by the agency Sancho BBDO.

Warsaw branch of Saatchi & Saatchi developed a remarkably vivid stained glass campaign for Procter & Gamble. Advertising

Ariel Color portrays women, wash and hang colored stuff.

In order for people to remember about the night work cafeterias, bus stops were placed half of the logo, which became the logo of the whole night, bouncing off the wall stops.

Rethink advertising agency in Vancouver (Canada) conducted an advertising campaign for protected glass Scotchshield 3M. The campaign is designed to promote a bulletproof, glass protected by 3M, which they called Scotchshield.

And a few more examples of creative advertising at the urban stations.

RossiyaNeobychnaya advertising at bus stops has been seen in Moscow. The company Coty Beauty LCC pursued unconventional outdoor campaign for the new men's fragrance Davidoff Champion. Davidoff Champion turned the bus stop in Moscow to the gym.

As part of a multi-year campaign of Coca-Cola «Brrr», has come down in the past year and to Russia, Moscow stop was decorated with icicles.

At the end of the 2009 season Barbecue on billboards and city-formats in Moscow and St.Petersburg was held non-standard outdoor campaign ketchup Calve: right at the stop built box with tomatoes.

See also the review of creativity on buses and shops, advertising on poles, banners, in the fields and on the packages.

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