10 most bizarre commercials

In a desperate attempt to attract and win the attention of consumers advertising companies have to give 100% to get buyers to choose this product as much as possible. To is attracted the eyes and ears, so it was memorable, funny or even absurd. Provide an overview of the strangest commercials.Would life be easier if the advertising telling us what to buy and why? Often a product is bought because the advertising said that it is really a good product. If you buy everything, why not also try. If a gimmick is simple and sincere, the products are sold easier.

10. Skittles

Let's start with the advertising of sweets, which did not cause interest to a product, and caused outrage among millions of parents who cherish the innocent child's mind from everything connected with sex and violence. The fact that the EO story promotional video one girl kissing a walrus, and the other that thinks that the walrus is her favorite, jealous. Parents were outraged not only by kissing on screen is candy, but is bestiality. Unlike adults, children is like, they even admitted it funny.

9. Evian

We hope that children in the advertising of drink "Evian", which are hip-hop on the rollers, was not injured during the shooting in the context of an advertising campaign, which took place in Britain in 2009, under the slogan "Live young." The authors meant that adults who drink pure natural water, are transformed into children, but still able to perform all sorts of tricks. Advertising has generated enormous interest in the Internet it was watched 4 million times in a week. Maybe someone saw and was tempted by the bottle.

8. Ice cream for young children

This is the Internet, seen by 1.5 million people over three days. Very scary to watch as a man made from ice cream, eating himself. Ice cream is so delicious that it is necessary to resort to cannibalism. Besides this movie, there was another, in which one person, smaller ice cream licking someone's ice cream more the size, and the next, even larger, etc. Advertising the company said that it is an acceptable form of abomination. If the authors of the movie say so, what remains to think of the audience. This is for a long time discourages the desire to buy a treat.

7. Lifebuoy

Advertising soap

Look at the picture and guess what sells the company “Unilever Indonesia”. You'll never guess the hand gel. But most began to think about the next unusual dish of Indonesian cuisine, which was about to try on my next visit to this country. All the same, for example, in South America people eat Guinea pigs and possible hamster in the form of cake pan is a kind of Asian muffin. Thank heavens, no. The meaning of advertising in that without gel germs on the hands turn everything you touch into something terrible and inedible.

6. Zazoo

The Belgian is the dad walks with the kid in the grocery store, suddenly the child sees the candy and starts to scream and demand. Dad confused looking at the naughty child. And the following string is displayed on the screen: "Use condoms". That is, if you don't want problems, do not have children. The advertising company did not take into account the fact that advertising will be watching and loving parents that this appeal does not find anything funny.

5. BonoGrão

Advertising Brazilian coffee

In a commercial for a Brazilian coffee brand “BonoGrão” all the forces trying to keep away lecherous old man to a young beautiful girl. Connection catch? No, then look at the whole picture and you will see the eyeball and eyelashes. And what happens to you if you don't drink coffee? That's right, your eyes are closed and eyelashes will come together. But we remember that this can not happen. The is-a mystery! Let's imagine that this is not the old man, and the Prince. Perhaps the temptation to approach him would be much stronger than the desire to drink a Cup of coffee.

4. Panda Toaster

This is hard to explain. It's a toaster, it Panda. If you shove bread in the toaster, then it will imprint pattern of the animal. And you should really be happy about it! However, the child is really like.

3. Sprite

Advertising Sprite

In the advertisement of the drink “Sprite” lemon-lime run into the office with guns and taken hostage a large language. On their way met green midgets in the yellow caps, who jumped in the pool and around the scattered spray. Perhaps this is a Prime example of subliminal advertising, with all the hints, secret codes and mysterious passwords that are addressed to the human brain.

2. McDonalds

The menu is "spongebob"

Japanese movie advertises favorite children special menu "Sponge Bob" in a network of restaurants McDonalds. You can of course watch it, but there is always screaming children. The girl cries, the boy cries – a lot of screaming 30 seconds of shouting! The question arises that McDonalds add in the orange juice.
1. Tango

Maybe here the oranges played a cruel joke. Perhaps they drive people crazy. So in the end you might think about the side effect of vitamin C. This is the British movie of the 90-ies. The idea is simple – a man takes a SIP “Tango” and freezes for a second, realizing that something was happening to him. Then we see the man dressed and painted in orange color, which runs up to the first, slaps on the ears and says: "Now you know how the Tango". Youtube this video is very popular. After it hits children in schools began to clap each other on the ears and repeat the phrase from advertising. The movie eventually reshot, and the man in the orange suit not clapped on the ears, and kissed the man in the story tasted the drink.

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