9 amazing facts about the new 9th planet in the solar system

At the beginning of this year, scientists at Caltech Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin brought convincing evidence that the solar system ... there is another planet! It is much farther away from us than the others, and it has not yet happened to see in a telescope, but indirect data accurately indicate its presence. < Website lists the facts known about the new ninth planet of our solar system.

New planet discovered the man who "killed" PlutonOdin of the discoverers of the new ninth planet - Michael Brown, known as "the man who killed Pluto." It was on his initiative Pluto was stripped planet status official. And in 2010, Brown wrote a book, "How I killed Pluto and why it was inevitable." Many in the scientific world even joked that the discovery of the new planet Brown - is an attempt to rehabilitate for the "murder" of Pluto, because the decision to deprive him of the status of the planet was negatively perceived by society


new planet - ice gigantV Unlike Pluto and Eris, which also opened the Brown, the new planet is supposedly gas-ice giant and looks like Neptune. Scientists believe that the new planet has a diameter of 2-4 times larger than the Earth and the mass of the earth is about 10, which puts it on this indicator between the terrestrial planets and giant planets

It is very dalekoNeptun -. Most Remote planet from the Sun, is away at a distance of 4, 5 billion. km. A new ninth planet still 20 times more. That is a lot, even in astronomical terms. For comparison, not so long ago, a probe NASA New Horizons flew to Pluto, this journey took him 9 years. On the flight to the new ninth planet he'd spent in '54. And it is only in the best-case scenario, as much as possible when the planet would be close to the sun. To fly to the farthest point of its orbit, at the New Horizons would take about 350 years.

This is the biggest and the long orbit around SolntsaIz the fact that the new ninth planet is very far from the Sun, around which it rotates , during her treatment is very long. Only by the most conservative estimates of scientists, a complete revolution around the world takes from the planet by 10 to 20 thousand years. You just think about this figure. Even if the lowest limit of 10 thousand years is accurate, then the last time the planet was in the same place as now, when the earth still went mammoths, and the number of people around the world did not exceed 5 million. The whole history of humanity, from the earliest development of agriculture to the invention, the spacecraft would have gone in just one year on this planet.

new planet may be the most "fifth giant" Back in 2011, scientists on the basis of the structure of the Kuiper belt, began to hypothesize that in our solar system, will likely exist fifth giant planet. < / These assumptions have been made in an attempt to understand how the complex formed large ice asteroids in the Kuiper belt, which stick together and move strictly constant orbit. Having checked with the help of computer modeling about 100 possible scenarios, scientists have concluded in at the dawn of the solar system, it most likely was the fifth giant planet.

According to scientists it was like this:. about 4 billion years ago, a certain power of his giant planet's gravitational field "pushed" Neptune with his then occupied the orbit close to Jupiter and Saturn. Neptune was "on the margins" of the solar system beyond Uranus. During the "flight" Neptune brought along pieces of the primordial matter of the solar system, which then were thrown out of its gravitational forces beyond its current orbit, and formed the core of the current Kuiper belt. The whole question was, what it was for the planet? Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn for this role did not fit.

Now, with the advent of the new ninth planet, something began to clear. The researchers suggest that by making their "dirty work", it seems, has departed to a distant space, ejected from the solar system by gravitational interactions with other planets.

New planet can help in interstellar puteshestviyah.Odna of the the main problems in interstellar flight is that we do not have so much fuel to support the work of the ship's engines for many years in the vast kosmoese.

In the case of probes and intelligence interplanetary spacecraft, scientists have long and quite successfully used this trick as a "gravity assist", which allows to overclock the ship due to the attractive force a big planet. For probes Voyager and New Horizons Jupiter was a planet.

At the moment, and if (when) we want to explore interstellar space, then this planet for us it can become the new ninth planet. Problems may arise only if its density is less than the density of Neptune, then increase the speed of such a maneuver around it, is extremely small. In any case, we will be able to learn about it only when carefully studied the new planet.

Konspiralogicheskie theory call it "death planet" .Pora already used to the fact that each time after the discovery of new objects in our solar system, various adherents conspiracy theories, are beginning to call these objects are harbingers of imminent apocalypse. Usually this role for comets and asteroids. But by opening the new ninth planet these guys to go too failed.

Almost immediately after the announcement of scientists, various online prophets proclaimed that the new planet is the very planet "Nibiru» It is assumed that "Nibiru." - Is a mythical planet, which knows the secret government, but carefully hides this fact from the people, because once "Nibiru" will take place very close to the Earth than the trigger devastating earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which eventually lead to the apocalypse.

and it can really be a "planet of death" No, of course, close to the Earth, this new ninth planet is unlikely to take place once, it's really fantastic. However, there is, albeit not large, but still a real chance that she could be indirectly guilty of the apocalypse.

The fact is that the enormous power of attraction of this planet for gravity assist can be used not only probes and spaceships. The same thing can happen with an asteroid. Using its power of attraction, the new ninth planet can literally "run" in our enormous Kamenyuki, from which we can not evade. Of course, the likelihood that this will happen in such a large space, is negligible, but all the same it is.

It may not suschestvovatI this is probably, the most important thing, is to know about the new ninth planet. So far, no one has ever seen on this planet. Astronomers have only suggest the presence of this planet, based on statistical anomalies in the orbits of minor planets which have developed over billions of years. That is, the behavior of neighboring objects, which affects some gravitational force, the researchers suggest that this power may come from a large planet. Verify its existence can only be visual detection.

However, given the fact that the planet is moving very slowly and is far from Earth, it makes it very difficult to search. Brown and Batygin already reserved time on the Japanese Subaru telescope in the observatory in Hawaii. According to Brown's assessment, the survey most of the area of ​​the sky where the planet may be, will take about five years.

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