10 common misconceptions about space

As soon as people first raised their heads and fixed his gaze into the night sky, they were just captivated by the light of the stars. This charm has led to thousands of years of work on theories and discoveries related to our Solar system and the cosmic bodies within it. However, as in any other field, knowledge about space were often based on false conclusions and incorrect interpretations that have subsequently taken at face value. Given that the subject of astronomy was very popular not only among professionals but also among Amateurs, is easy to understand why from time to time these misconceptions are firmly rooted in the consciousness of society.

The dark side Луны

Many people have heard the album "The Dark Side of the Moon" of Pink Floyd, and the idea that the moon has a dark side, has become very popular among companies. Only here the fact that the moon has no dark side. This expression is one of the most common misconceptions. And the reason has to do with how the Moon turns around the Earth, as well as the fact that the Moon always faces toward our planet only on one side. However, despite the fact that we only see one side of it, we often witness that some parts of it become lighter, while the other is covered with darkness. Given this, it was logical to assume that the same rule would be true for the other side.

A more correct definition would be "the far side of the moon". And even if we can't see her, she always remains dark. The fact is that the source of the glow of the moon in the sky is not the Earth and the Sun. Even if we don't see the other side of the moon, it is also illuminated by the Sun. This happens cyclically, as on Earth. However, this cycle lasts a little longer. Full moon day is equivalent to about two earth weeks. Two interesting facts in pursuit. When the lunar space program was never carried out landing on the other side of the moon which is always turned away from Earth. Manned space missions never happened during the night of the lunar cycle.

 The influence of the moon on the tides

One of the most common misconceptions associated with the tidal force. Most people understand that these forces depend from the moon. And it's true. However, many people still mistakenly believe that only the Moon is responsible for these processes. In simple terms, tidal forces can be controlled by the gravitational forces of any close body space of sufficient size. Although the Moon has a large mass and close to us are, she is not the only source of this phenomenon. For tidal power a certain impact and Sun. Thus, the joint influence of the moon and the Sun is magnified at the time of alignment (one line) of these two celestial objects.

However, the Moon does indeed have more impacts on these terrestrial processes than the Sun. That's because even despite the enormous difference in mass, the Moon is closer to us. If someday the Moon will be destroyed, the disturbance of ocean waters do not stop. However, the behavior of the tides definitely will change substantially.

The sun and the Moon is the only cosmic body that can be seen dayAny astronomical object we can see in the daytime in the sky? Right, The Sun. Many people have not seen even the moon during the day. Most often it is visible either in the early morning, or when just starting to grow dark. However, the majority of people believes that only these space objects can be seen in the sky during the day. Fearing for their health, people usually do not look at the Sun. But next to him during the day you can discover something else.

Is in the sky, another object, which can be seen in the sky even during the day. This object is Venus. When you look at the night sky and see clearly eye-catching glowing dot on it, you know — most often what you see is Venus and not a star. Phil plate Bad Astronomy columnist for Discover portal made a small allowance, following which at the day sky can you find Venus and the moon. The author also advises to be very careful and try not to look at the Sun.


The space between the planets and the stars blank


When we talk about space, then just imagine the vast and cold space filled with emptiness. And although we know that the Universe, the process of forming a new astronomical objects many of us believe that the space between these objects is completely empty. What wonder if the scientists themselves for a very long time believed in it? However, new research has shown that in the Universe there are far more interesting than can be seen by the naked eye.

Not long ago, astronomers have discovered in space dark energy. And it is, in the opinion of many scholars, makes the Universe continues to expand. Moreover, the rate of expansion of space is constantly increasing, and, according to the researchers, after many billions of years it can lead to a "gap" of the Universe. Mysterious energy in a given volume is available almost everywhere — even in the very structure of space. Physicists studying this phenomenon, I believe that despite the presence of many mysteries yet to solve, the very interplanetary, interstellar and even intergalactic space is not empty, as we were informed.

 We have a clear idea about what is happening in our Solar system

For a long time it was believed that inside our Solar system has nine planets. The last planet was Pluto. As you know, the status of Pluto as a planet has recently been called into question. The reason for this was that astronomers began to find within the Solar system objects whose size corresponds to the size of Pluto, but are these objects inside the so-called asteroid Belt, located immediately behind the former ninth planet. This discovery quickly changed scientists view of what it looks like our Solar system. Recently published theoretical scientific work, which States that within the Solar system may contain two space object larger than the Earth and about 15 times larger than its mass.

These theories are based on the numbers of various orbits of objects within the Solar system and their interactions. However, as indicated in the work, science does not yet have the appropriate telescopes, which would help to prove or disprove this opinion. And while such statements seem like guesswork, certainly understandable (thanks to the many other discoveries) that in the outer boundaries of our Solar system there are much more interesting than we previously thought. Our space technology is constantly evolving, and we are creating more and more sophisticated telescopes. It is likely that one day they will help us to find something previously unnoticed in the backyard of our house.

 The temperature of the Sun is constantly growing

According to one of the most popular "conspiracy theories", the effects of sunlight on the Ground increases. However, this is not happening because of environmental pollution and no global climate change, and due to the fact that the temperature of the Sun is increasing. This assertion is partially true. However, this growth depends on what year on the calendar.

Since 1843 scientists are constantly documenting solar cycles. Thanks to this observation they realized that our star is fairly predictable. In a cycle of its activity, the Sun's temperature rises to a certain limit. Cycle is replaced and the temperature begins to decline. According to scientists from NASA, each solar cycle lasts about 11 years, and the last 150 researchers monitor every one of them.

Despite the fact that many things about our climate and its relationship with solar activity still remain a mystery to scientists, science has a pretty good idea of when to expect an increase or decrease of this solar activity. The periods of heating and cooling of the Sun is called solar maximum and solar minimum. When the Sun is at its maximum, the entire Solar system is getting warmer. However, this process is completely natural and occurs every 11 years.

 The asteroid field in the Solar system is similar to a mine

Classic scene of "Star wars" Han Solo and his friends on Board had to escape from his pursuers inside the asteroid field. It was announced that the chances of a successful span of this field are 3720 to 1. This observation, as the spectacular computer graphics, deferred in the minds of people of the opinion that the asteroid field is similar to a mine and to predict the success of their crossing is almost impossible. In fact, this observation is incorrect. If Han Solo had to cross the asteroid field in reality, it is likely that every change in flight path would occur no more than once a week (instead of once per second, as shown in the film).

Why, you ask? Yes, because space is huge and the distances between objects in it, as a rule, equally also very large. For example, the asteroid Belt in our Solar system is very scattered, so in real life Han Solo, as well, and Darth Vader himself with a fleet of star destroyers, would not be difficult to cross. The same asteroids, which were shown in the film, most likely, are the result of collision of two giant celestial bodies.

 Explosions in space

There are two very popular misconceptions about the principle of explosion in space. The first thing you might see in many science fiction movies. In the collision of two space ships takes place a giant explosion. However, he often becomes so powerful that the shock wave from it destroys also located near other spacecraft. Under the second misconception, because in the vacuum of space there is no oxygen, the explosions it impossible as such. The reality actually lies somewhere between these two opinions.

If an explosion occurs inside the ship, the oxygen inside it will mix with other gases, which in turn will create the necessary chemical reaction for a fire. Depending on the gas concentration, the fire will do, so that's enough to blast the entire ship. But as in space there is no pressure, the explosion will dissipate within a few milliseconds after get in terms of vacuum. This happens so fast that you even before you can blink. In addition, there will be no shock wave, which is the most destructive part of the explosion.

 All exoplanets similar to Earth

Recently in the news very often seen headlines that astronomers have found another exoplanet that could potentially support life. When people hear about new planets found in this way, they will often think about how great it would be to find a way to pack your things and go to a cleaner habitat, where nature is not subjected to anthropogenic impact. But before we go to conquer the vastness of deep space, we have to solve a number of very important issues. For example, until we invent a completely new method of space travel, the ability to reach these exoplanets will be as real as the magical ritual to call demons from another dimension. Even if we find a way to quickly get from point A in space to point "B" (using a hyperspace warp drives or wormholes, for example), it still will be a number of tasks that need to be solved before departure.

Do you think that we know a lot about exoplanets? In fact, we even have no idea what it is. The fact that these exoplanets are so far away that we are not even able to calculate their actual size, atmospheric composition and temperature. All the knowledge about them is based on mere conjecture. All we can do is assume the distance between the planet and its home star, and on the basis of this knowledge to bring value to its intended size relative to the Earth. It should also be noted that despite the frequent and loud headlines of the new found exoplanets, among all findings, only about a hundred are located within the so-called habitable zone, potentially suitable to sustain earth-like life. Moreover, even among this list is actually suitable for life may be only a few. And the word "may" is used here not accidentally. The scientists on this score also there is no clear answer.

The weight of the body in space is zeroPeople think that if a person is on a spaceship or space station, his body is in zero gravity (i.e. the weight of the body equal to zero). However, this is a very common misconception because in space there is such a thing called microgravity. This is a condition in which the acceleration of gravity, is still in effect but much reduced. And at the same time the force of gravity does not change.

Even when you are not above the surface of the Earth, the force of gravitation (attraction) exerted on you is still very strong. In addition to this you will be the gravitational force of the Sun and moon.

So when you are on Board the space station, your body from this weigh less will not. The reason for the weightlessness is the principle on which this station revolves around the Earth. Speaking in plain language, at this moment is in an endless freefall (just falls he along with the station, not down and forward), and supports soaring self rotation of the station around the planet. This effect can be repeated even in the earth's atmosphere on Board the plane when the machine is gaining some altitude, and then abruptly begins to decline. This technique is sometimes used to train astronauts and cosmonauts. published

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