10 of the most common misconceptions about the cosmos born cinema


imagine that space - a space in which there is simply no gravity, the average man is quite difficult. Perhaps this is why, and strengthened at the level of understanding of the concept of space facts of your favorite movies on the intergalactic adventures. We have collected 10 of the facts that will dispel stereotypes imposed by Hollywood kosmose.Mif 1. In space, heard zvuki23f526dd6e.jpg

On Earth, the atmosphere due to any objects related to each other relatively dense medium. Evolution has created a way of collecting and interpreting the vibration of air or fluid around, which allows to obtain useful information about the world. In space, no atmosphere, no fluid through which to vibration waves. And this means that the sound can not be. Sound of the engine and explosions - it's just fiction rezhissёrov.Mif 2. In space instantly zamerzaesh85510aac39.jpg

Yes, in theory, space is very cold, but the heat transfer occurs only through the physical interaction of the particles. In the absence of round particles that can "soak up" the body temperature, it is cooled in the open space very slowly. Man suffocate faster in space than freeze nasmert.Mif 3. In space, you can accelerate beskonechno87856a91dd.jpg

Some believe that without air resistance or gravity, gradually accelerating objects can achieve almost infinite speed. In fact the problem in such acceleration is the lack of a fuel source that can serve beskonechno.Mif 4. In space there are fires and vzryvyde9a845a6c.jpg

Fire - this is a reaction of combustion gases in the air. No air and no burning. The maximum that can be seen in space - flash that will "eat" the air from the space korablya.Mif 5. Soviet cosmonauts in orbit wrote karandashomb23cfc5845.jpg

In the US, people tell that while NASA spent millions of dollars and years of the invention of pens that can write in zero gravity, Soviet cosmonauts used graphite pencils. But it is worth remembering that in the world graphite tiny chips left by a pencil, deposited on paper or fall to the ground and in orbit, they floated in weightlessness and would be absorbed into the air recirculation system. As a result, the astronauts would have breathed graphite, which nedopustimo.Mif 6. On the surface of Mars can explode from internal pressure or zadohnutsya7a87bf9119.jpg

Since Mars has a very thin atmosphere where people will surely suffocate. But it is impossible to explode because the internal pressure for that person just is not enough. There were even cases recorded depressurization suits in space, and nothing like proizoshlo.Mif 7. astronauts fly around on jet ships rantsah3f53d55697.jpg

Despite the fact that by means of compressed air can really maneuver rucksacks generally not used as it is portrayed in the movie. In practice, school bags are designed for use only if the astronaut accidentally sail the ship to an unsafe distance. In addition, without the use of special large backpacks with compressed air not far knapsack uletish.Mif 8. After the asteroid belt fly very slozhno1a4865ff21.jpg

Movies breed is very common misconception about the asteroid belt. Yes, they are very high density, but only on space standards: half a kilometer blocks flying at a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers from each druga.Mif 9. There is a "Dark Side of the Moon" 8662f68775.jpg

The fact that humans never see the side of the moon, does not mean that it never gets sunlight. As the Earth revolves around the sun, and the moon around the earth, and every part of the moon is illuminated by the sun. Simply Moon always faces the Earth one storonoy.Mif 10. In space, astronauts are in full nevesomostie083c98bc1.jpg

Often talk about the possible health effects of living in a "zero gravity", but the reality is that no man has ever really been in weightlessness. Just remember that no one has ever been on the moon, and the moon enters the Earth's gravitational field. That gravity allows astronauts to "float".


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