Month of birth influences on life expectancy


Anyone who was born in December, is more likely to live to a ripe old age. However, those born in the winter there is an increased risk of developing schizophrenia or manic-depressive psychosis. According to the research, was born in December can expect starting from the age of 50 that will live for 4-8 months longer than their peers who were born in April or June.

Chance to live to 105 years for those born in December and surviving to old age people is 16% higher than the average of their peers who were born in other months. For those born in winter reduces the risk to move into another world because the most common causes in the age group 50 years and older: diseases of the cardiovascular system, the age of diabetes and cancer.

The fact that the reason for this are the seasonal variations in the range of products and the risk of contracting infectious diseases during and shortly after pregnancy, US researchers recently proved.


The increased risk of developing schizophrenia or manic depression for those who celebrate their birthday in December or January, confirmed more than 250 studies conducted around the world. The number of psychiatric patients born in winter, about 8% more than others. The explanation must be sought in the lack of sunlight during pregnancy.

The less ultraviolet radiation impact on the future mother, the lower her skin synthesized Vitamin D - the substance responsible for the formation of the fetal brain. Other works do not see the relationship between the sun's rays during pregnancy and the risk of disease in the future. Therefore, most scholars are inclined to think that an important role is also played by currently unknown seasonal conditions.

February, March

Born in February and March, more likely to suffer from an allergy to pollen. Birth of a few months before the spread in the air any kind of pollen increases the risk of later respond to this stimulus allergies.

The most common forms of pollen causes hay fever grass and birch, which begins to appear in the air in Europe in April and May. According to one theory, the immature immune system of the newborn is too intense reacts to pollen, and this reaction can be fixed.

In addition, it was found that children born in February and March, are particularly prone to difficulties in the perception of school material. According to statistics, a large number of students who need special approach (including autism and attention or impaired, as well as children with Down syndrome), is born in February or March.
According to one version, the reason for this - the increased concentration of agricultural pesticides in drinking water in May and June, that is, in those months when there is a conception.

April, May

What is born in May, the students of elementary school are less likely to learn later in school, associated primarily with the date of their admission to the school: they are almost a year younger than his classmates. However, this is not the only issue of children born in the spring. This also includes a comprehensive forecast concerning their health.

For people who have reached the age of maturity, who were born in the months since March, life begins to decline. A tendency to diseases of the cardiovascular system, on the contrary, increased - and the closer the date of birth to the summer months, the greater. As, however, and predisposition to diseases of the respiratory system in a more advanced age.

A possible explanation for the scientists are at increased risk for those born in the spring and summer children pick up in the first months of life, coinciding with the fall, viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, which can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia. Infectious diseases of the lower respiratory tract, transferred the child at an early age, he is considered to be a factor, fraught with a penchant for chronic lung disease in the future.

April and May could have an effect on the propensity to later mental disorders, depression and alcoholism. Cases of suicide are found among those born in April and May by 17% more likely than those born in autumn or winter.

Born in May, face an increased risk of suffering from multiple sclerosis. Face the risk of multiple sclerosis among those born in May, 13% higher than that of people born in November, which are less likely to collide with the disease, the scientists said. It is not clear what environmental factors shortly before or shortly after birth affect this.

June, July

Those born in the summer, at a mature age are least likely to live to a ripe old age.

Mothers who was born in June and July, the early stages of pregnancy were in the winter. Given that the quality of food in industrialized countries in the northern hemisphere, today is not as dependent on the time of year, the researchers, however, reveal some seasonal fluctuations in average birth weight. In June and July, the average birth weight was 30 grams less weight babies born in the fall and early winter.

Thus are born in late summer and autumn, kids are much better equipped for life than those born in June or July.

August, September

Since the kids were born in the period from August to October, are born just a few months before the cold season, which they spend at home, they like born in February or March, and suffering from pollen allergy, there is a natural enemy: house dust mite. It was found that most allergy sufferers are born in August and September. Tendency to Allergy similar increases due to a more intensive contact allergen to the first time after birth.

October, November

The colder it gets outside, the closer contact with pets. It was found that in the period from October to January is born more kids with allergies to cat and dog fur.

Since October born children who later in life can look forward to a long life.

According to demographers life expectancy affects the height of a man. According to this hypothesis, the high people are living longer - and often they are born near the end of the year than in the spring.
But this is not the reason that born in September and December, often become successful athletes, as evidenced by data on the dates of birth of the British players from the Champions League.

The fact that children born in autumn and winter, just before celebrating a birthday in the year when there is a selection in football clubs, and thus somewhat ahead of their peers in physical development. Therefore, the demand for them more and they are more likely to ever make millions.

But, fortunately, in each case can refute the statistics: there are more important factors than the date of birth. So, David Beckham, for example, was born in May. A famous German biologist Ernst Mayr - in June. And he lived in good health and excellent physical shape to 100 years.


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