Birthday script becomes life scenario

The development of generic therapy and intrauterine traumas

At the end of the 70s in their practical work we have come to provide real help customers to overcome their experiences and generic prenatal injuries. We relied on the hypothesis of Frank Lake, that any injury experienced by the mother during pregnancy, the fetus through the umbilical cord is passed. In addition, we found that the fetus while in the womb, which is going through some traumatic situation, as it were impregnated with a negative atmosphere of this traumatic situation. Thus, we concluded that the fetus is influenced by injuries, not only through the umbilical cord, but also through the maternal aura field during the entire period of prenatal development.

The methodology of our study was that the client was offered to lie down on a mattress placed on the floor, surrounded by a protective cushions, and if it was convenient to fold, taking the pose of the embryo. By focusing on in-depth breath, he established contact with his feelings, guiding them out to explore the body, mind and spirit in order to localize this primary injury. Healing seems to occur when the client comes back to this early trauma, and realizes that the embryo reaction infant or young child should no longer be played in the life of an adult. Since then, the behavior is usually quite strongly changed and grown man starts to behave rationally and appropriately, and not as a foolish child.

"The way in which the person was born, apparently closely linked with its general outlook on life, the relationship of optimism and pessimism, his attitude toward others, the ability to withstand the blows of fate and to achieve their goal." Stanislav Grof.


In the course of therapy, when we conduct a client from conception to birth, for us to become more and more evident that it is a scenario of birth becomes a scenario of life and the human body is able not only to fully memorize the script of birth, but also to translate it into real life - what we do not know yet. We know that there are three components of the birth trauma in need of healing: the emotional feeling, a physical sensation and historical memory. The whole process seems inexplicable and many customers believe that their negative attitude to life is irreversible and incurable. Injured people are suffering from the devastating feeling that they are unloved, rejected and the unbearable fear of death. Their lives are in danger, their feelings hurt by their "I" does not exist, and these reactions are transmitted and projected on the surrounding people and situations. Experience again at the physiological, psychological and spiritual level of the birth process, during which time there has been something negative, and awareness of this negative situation can facilitate the healing process and to draw negative reactions to the primary injury.

What happened in the prenatal period and during labor, in the form of printed circuits and the primary scenario, fixed at birth. For example: "I have everything going wrong," "I have to fight to survive", "I walk in circles," "I'll probably never get anything complete," "I never know what's going on" "I never do." All of these settings darkens the lives of clients and prevent them to realize the potential that they have. Continued repetition of these patterns during infancy and childhood contributes to the fact that they are strengthened and fixed and, thus, the birth of a scenario scenario is gradually becoming a life.

"The growing distress - a very real danger, which is characteristic today for the intrauterine state, as well as the use of forceps, and artificially accelerated labor - all this is constantly increasing the number of flawed people who will look at life in the same way as we do and will continue to discord. "Frank Lake.

Birth injury

Clearly, traumatic childbirth largely determine the character and way of life. In other words, at the time of birth of a person feeling formed, which later on a subconscious level they run. It is necessary to distinguish between the projection of the adult experience, the infantile world of the fetus and the inclusion of the behavior of an adult anger negative patterns, anxiety and fear, drawn from the relevant experience of the infant. Our long-term study of the various types of labor showed similar attitudes, customers, emerging generations of the same type. Interestingly, the same conclusion reached Rey and Mandel (Ray and Mandel) in the study of the influence of the nature of labor relations at the people (1).

We found that many people distress and birth trauma remain depressed and do not appear in the mind until the end of adolescence, beginning of adulthood, or even - middle adulthood. They may occur during illness, severe psychological pressure or stress. The discovery that our basic, primary disorders originate in fetal life, means that for a person to be able to reach their full potential and be as efficient as possible, therapy should be carried out with recourse to the same initial (embryonic) level.

Different types of birth trauma

In traditional medical classification of generic types of violations included: breech presentation, the use of forceps, caesarean section, stimulating, prezhdevremenenye or late delivery, cross-presentation, face rotation, use of drugs and anesthetics.

Life Scenarios We offer set out below, the classification of life scenarios identified in adults who, lying on the floor, made a regressive return to the process of birth.

Pelvic praevia Breech - the violence, experienced in the womb, and born so people often become victims.
"I can not do everything it should. I always do everything the other way around. I get into places and situations from which I can not get out. I'm looking for solutions, but feel insecure. I know the way out, but I can not put everything in order. All breaks. I repeat attempts, but everything in life goes wrong. »

Breech with turning
The fruit before leaving the womb has been turned:
"I think that everything is very difficult. I always do what I want to do. I'm afraid that's what I'm starting to do, will not work. I walk around in circles, trying to achieve the goal. »

It is also a violent type of birth - assistance finally arrives, but can once again trust in such help and support? People learned using forceps, characterized by duality. Installation at birth often looks like this:
"Why do I have to do everything myself? Why someone else can not do it properly? They were all so incompetent! I'll do it myself, so reliable. Life is a constant struggle! I have to control everything, but I need help. (Duality is always accompanied by great distrust). I'm not going to do that. Why do I always have to work under so much pressure? »

SECTION When cesarean section a person enters the world through the other gate. His problem is how to adapt to life experiences such as "it was done by others" instead of "do it yourself". Mothers of these children it is difficult to teach them to do anything on their own and learn the limits, which they never have, in contrast to the children born in the usual vaginal route:
"All I could do, should not do, because it still does not work. I want to know where to go and what to do. I'm waiting for something to happen. All right: it is still to be done, someone else will do it. Here some space - a place where I do not remember. They are all right and I'm wrong. I'll sit and wait. I'm starting something, and I can not finish. I can not think of himself. I am never at the right time in the right place »

Due to disturbances in the development of the embryo, or for other medical reasons, childbirth, or artificially stimulated initiated:
"I am not ready! Do not push me. I feel helpless, I do not know what to do. I do not know how to do it. I have something missing. This is a big problem - learn how to begin. I can not achieve what I want. Wait, I will not do it until I'm ready. »
Over the past nine years, we have devoted a lot of time finding ways to help our customers to ease the pain caused by these injuries early, and not to make on a mental and physical violence in situations similar to the one when the initial pain arose. It is not always possible, but when you understand what stress is brought through the pass to the fetus, the strength of the human body is amazing.

MOTHER Serious mother's illness often leads to the fact that the child is experiencing shock for the most part, if not all, of their lives.
"I am sick. It's my fault that she is ill. I feel squeezed. If I make a great effort to achieve what I want, then as a result of it it is not what I want. This degree of proximity makes me sick. I can not be fed from the milk I was sick. With me there is something wrong. I always look forward to something, and I do not return. It's all my fault. »
It is sad that a person can get sick all my life and never realize that it carries the mother's illness in the form of memories. To healing took place, the customer is vital to separate their own feelings from the mother's feelings in that early period.

Sexual problems

From time to time the fetus is going through the experience of parents making love. At the same time the real feelings are sometimes distorted, and the fruit is experiencing a sense of physical and mental violence. When sex is a form of violence, the fetus feels it, and it forms the attitude toward sex in the future. We often associate sexual problems with the umbilical cord and coming in through her senses, but, apparently, there is another way of transmission of these sensations - directly through the cell. Strikingly large number of clients feel prenatal process of sperm ejaculation, feeling at this dirty, sticky, frightened, and many have experienced maternal feelings towards sex. A large number of clients who have suffered parental lovemaking as sexual abuse, said that sex during pregnancy can be a source of traumatic oyta.

The experience over the fact that you - a girl while waiting for the boy is very painful event. Or to be a boy when the family already has one, two, three, four and even five boys - one can only wonder if all goes well in this man's life. Installations are:
"I always do the wrong thing. I'm all disappointed. I am no one is pleasant. I want you to love me. I will die without love. She does not want me. I'm in the double trap - she wants me, but not so with me; I'm a loser and will never be able to change that. "And being in the womb, the embryo often feels that he is not the floor, we would like the parents.

When the mother discovers that she
PREGNANT mother's reaction to her pregnancy can have a strong influence on a new human organism. If the mother is not complete acceptance of this fact in the embryo have the feeling reluctance and rejection. If the mother feels fear, the fruit of experience (on F.Leyku) supercritical stress. Rejection is drawn into and is transformed into a deep and permanent sense of uselessness. The settings can be such:
"Nobody needs me. Nobody loves me. I was not wanted. I do not like that. I'm always wrong. I would like to see I was not. I am nothing. I need recognition. It's my fault. I always feel guilty. »

Implantation in the uterus.
Plants, which are formed during implantation, surprised us over the years. We penetrated further and further to find healing for people point. We found that in the case where the experience of birth trauma does not resolve the problem, you can continue to move back (although this is not true for everyone). It is well known to those familiar with the works of S. Grof.
Finding a place in the uterus for implantation affects how a person "fits" for life. Plants derived from implantation are:
"For my existence there is no place. I can never settle. I do not belong to anything. I am nobody here is not needed. I'm afraid to aspire to anything. Why am I so painfully difficult to find a comfortable place? Life throws me out of a nightmarish place - to another. The world seems unsafe. »
Find your place in life - is very important. Find something that belong - it's part of the healing process. It is very interesting to relive how acquired a sense of safety and security in the womb.

ATTEMPT abortion or a state close to spontaneous abortions
For those who managed to survive attempted abortion, or a state close to a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, provides stress effect. Frank Lake has always stressed that it is impossible to allow longer if the fetus at the age of 24-28 weeks, nothing feels when trying to abortion. Back in the late 70s was received scientific evidence (Verny, 3) the fact that in this period, has already formed a highly developed organism, sensitive to any changes in the environment.

As we have found the fruit, survived an unsuccessful abortion knows that his presence is not desirable, and his life is in danger. He is going through its almost held on murder, terror of death with amazing accuracy. The acute sense of abandonment throughout life is a disaster many who lived through such horrors. The proximity of death in spontaneous abortion may leave feeling constantly lurking around the corner death. Prematurely born baby may also perceive maternal fear, making it his own, with the result that it will experience a double horror.

Accidents with the mother during pregnancy (such as a fall from a ladder, car and bicycle accident) is also perceived as an attempt to kill the embryo. When a person grows, infant, this logic can replace adult, but with the help of turning back, you can restore the distorted situation.

Installations dictated attempt abortion are similar to those of the foster child, and are characterized by a complete rejection:
"I'm here by mistake, I should not be here. I need to stop the pain - it's so painful. I always feel the tension. I do not know, I need someone or not. I can not forget - and I can not do anything podelat.Ya do not want to upset anyone. I want to disappear. I want to die. I want to get the hell out! »

Injured in the fallopian tubes
Frank Lake has always said that everything is related to birth trauma, occurs in the first trimester, the first three months. With the development of our work, it became apparent to us. It's amazing how the installation of the fallopian tubes are repeated at birth. These units may be identical. It seems typical installation of the fallopian tubes, but many of them can also be a generic setting. We had hoped that the experience of the fallopian tubes injury may soften experience birth trauma, reduce the time of treatment and contribute to a deeper penetration of the injury. In this area, more research is needed.
Blastocyst, moving down the tube, may experience difficulties. Therefore there is the installation are:
"I do not want to be attached to something, so stay in the middle. Around me the enclosed space. I can not grow. I think I'm moving in the opposite direction. I am stuck. I did a great job, but nothing has been achieved. I can not do it. You're going to kill me. It would be better not to reach the goal. I do not believe that we should move forward.

In therapy, it attaches great importance to the negative sides of prenatal development, as this is something with which the therapist works, that he should heal. Note, however, that many customers experiencing the condition of being in the womb, experience joy, love and other positive emotions. There are many cases when customers in the process of creative regression achieve a sense of "the foundations of existence" in the form in which it was the first time they have experienced during the week between conception and implantation of the zygote in the uterine wall. Frank Lane and we have found that some people are overwhelmed and even blinded by the bliss and the splendor of its entry into the blastocyst stage before this free, mystical essence is constrained implantation. Combining the metabolic processes of the fetus and the mother, occurs through the umbilical cord - is the impact that the embryo is no doubt expect, but in a certain sense, it is a negative, strongly felt.

CONCEPTION Many people whose conception was undesirable, experiencing great difficulties of living in a physical body. Часто возникает сильное раздвоение, при котором воображается нечто прекрасное, сопровождаемое уходом от реальности и ответственности. В этом случае может быть полезной визуализация зачатия, как это советует Руфь Уайт, но существенного облегчения боли не произойдет, если не принять реального пребывания здесь. Если такое осознание не осуществится, то может возникнуть острое чувство неудовлетворенности и иногда -серьезное психическое и физическое заболевание.

Установки, получаемые при зачатии могут быть такими:
«Мне не следует здесь находиться. Я ненавижу жизнь. Я хочу умереть. Я не хочу быть нигде. Оставьте меня в покое. Почему я нахожусь там, где я не хочу быть?

Существуют классические установки, вызываемые синдромом близнецов. Близнец, родившийся вторым, часто воспринимает первого, как более умного, яркого и как лидера. Второй близнец будет мириться с положением вещей, считая, что с его положением ничего нельзя поделать, часто будет ждать, что что-то случится, словно оно «в пути». Часто установка проявляется в том, что второй близнец знает выход из трудных ситуаций, но чувствует себя не в состоянии что-либо сделать в этом направлении. Другие установки таковы:
«Я не признан, я не знаю, куда идти. Никто не ждет меня. Все забыли меня. Я незначителен. Мне не следует здесь быть.»
Это стимулирует такие житейские качества, как недоверчивость, склонность к гневу и чувству покинутости. Второй близнец повторяет то, что делает первый: «Я делаю легкий выбор, позволяя ему действовать первым.»
Первый близнец часто испытывает чувство вины и является лидером. Он часто ведет себя как старший брат или сестра. Близнецы часто хотят иметь свое собственное место, испытывают чувство страха близости, но в то же время стремятся к близости и чувствуют, что не смогут жить друг без друга.

Если происходит трагедия, и один из близнецов погибает, либо в результате родов, либо после них, оставшийся в живых близнец безмерно страдает. Сценарий становится следующим:
«Я чувствую, что утратил что-то в своей жизни (и это становится реальностью и выходит на поверхность, даже если выжившему близнецу многие годы после рождения не говорили о том, что он родился как близнец и его близнец умер). Я выполняю двойную работу в своей жизни. Что-то в моей жизни не так. Не понимаю, почему я так много плачу.»
По лицу такого человека часто пробегает гримаса удивления, он часто испытывает чувство потерянности, либо заглядывает в лица прохожих и изучает их, постоянно ища кого-то, кого здесь нет.
Синдром потери близнеца также испытывают люди, родившиеся преждевременно, когда один близнец погибает в результате спонтанного аборта. Практически 65% оплодотворенных яйцеклеток подвергаются спонтанным выкидышам.
Это лишь некоторые из жизненных сценариев, с которыми мы столкнулись за многие годы.


От работы с родовой травмой наши исследования продолжались в направлении различных аспектов внутриутробной жизни — ее зависимости от ситуаций, которые происходили в нормальной жизни матери. Эти ситуации имеют сильное влияние на жизнь эмбриона и плода. Франк Лэйк назвал это негативным эффектом пуповины или синдромом дистресса мать/плод, однако ему не удалось установить, почему человеческий организм способен помнить так много деталей этой жизни.


Находится ли разум в энергетическом поле? Если это так, то можно ли этим объяснить очевидное существование клеточного сознания?
Природа того, что позволяет получить терапевтический эффект, стала более понятной после нашей встречи с Розалин Бруйер — первой американской целительницей, способной читать ауру, способности которой были подвергнуты научному изучению. Вместе с доктором Валери Хант Розалин Бруйер в 1979 г. принимала участие в исследовании Рольфа (4). Это было научное исследование, проведенное более чем на 1000 клиентов, которые подвергались глубокому массажу, в то время, как присоединенные электроды регистрировали изменения электромагнитного поля. Розалин также фиксировала изменения конфигурации электромагнитного поля, причем было установлено прямое соответствие между тем, что видела она, и показаниями приборов. 18-летние исследования д-ра Хант выявили связь энергетического поля с сознанием. Эти новые научные воззрения вскрывают связь между биологическими явлениями и Полями Разума.
В нашей работе роль энергетического поля тела, которым обладает человек, приобретает новый смысл. Это связано также со всеми «новыми» и альтернативными методами и лекарствами, которые наводняют рынок. Они все базируются на энергетической системе тела, не признаваемой западной медициной. Приобщение западного мира к йоге, основанной на системе чакр, по-видимому предлагает Западу нечто большее, чем просто техника релаксации.

Розалин Бруйер считает, что разум пребывает в энергетическом поле, находящемся внутри и вокруг тела и контролируемом мозгом. Мы использовали эти идеи в нашей работе параллельно с теорией Франка Лэйка о существовании клеточной памяти, или клеточного сознания. Если разум находится в энергетическом поле, то память также присутствует в каждой клетке тела. Хотя клетки часто обновляются, воспоминание присутствует в энергетическом поле подсознания и остается там до тех пор, пока не переносится в память и не распространяется в ней.


С таким пониманием универсальности разума, проникновением глубоко в клеточную структуру, наша работа по пренатальной терапии начала обретать смысл, особенно в отношении эволюции единичной клетки, которая должна образовать новое человеческое существо. Это также помогло нам понять, что наша работа, которую мы совершали, как священнодействие, и все целительство в целом — духовно. Это также породило более широкую идею — является ли универсальный разум частью того, что или кого мы называем Богом? Если некоторые люди многозначительно заявляют, что Бог — везде и во всем, то саму концепцию, утверждающую, что человек, сотворен по подобию Бога, можно понимать несколько иначе.


В связи с проблемой клеточного сознания Грэхэм Фаррант рассказал интересный случай во время своего семинара в Англии в ноябре 1990 г. В родильной палате австралийской больницы была установлена видеокамера. Было замечено, что сестры и акушерки, принимая ребенка, задерживали дыхание, возможно переживая ощущения своего собственного рождения. Им показали видеозапись, после чего они делали сознательные усилия для того, чтобы нормально дышать во время рождения ребенка. Результатом было то, что во время последующих 793 родов не нужно было вводить трубку в горло ребенка, чтобы облегчит его дыхание. Если существует такой эффект, оказываемый нами друг на друга, то углубленное изучение разума может оказать далеко идущее воздействие на всю человеческую расу.

Результаты нашей работы показывают, что травма, полученная в течение первого триместра становится причиной формирования определенных типов личности, а также источником болезней взрослого человека. Хорошо известно, что раковые клетки — это эмбриональные клетки с низкой амплитудой, но большой скоростью размножения. В эмбрионе, возраст которого находится в пределах первого триместра (первые три месяца), если мать подвергается травме, растущие эмбриональные клетки фиксируются в таком окружении. Наша гипотеза состоит в том, что если во взрослой жизни возникнет сходная ситуация, она может запустить, возродить в сознании или рестимулировать травму и, возможно, вызвать болезнь. Мы уже встретились с этим в случае брадикардии, тахакардии и гнева, которые составляют у взрослых людей основу определенных психических и психиатрических случаев.

Авторы: Алисон Хантер, Шерли Уорд
Перевод: Е.Н. Мяснянкина


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