Rockstar starts teasing game Grand Theft Auto 6

This week, there was the first unofficial information that Grand Theft Auto 6 is already in development. And she almost immediately confirmed by the developers of Rockstar Games. This means that the output of GTA 5 on the PC has not yet taken place, and its creators are already busy working on a new igroy.Kak easy to guess, the next part of the great game of the series will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One, and the owners of the Xbox 360 and PS3 can not even count for a miracle. On a PC, the new Grand Theft Auto also appear, but rather neskoro.

Leslie Benzis from Rockstar explained: "We do not know what happens GTA 6. Everything starts with an idea, and we have in store for 45 years ahead. Determination of the site of action is the priority, because it will affect the device later missions, and you will visit Los Angeles, New York or Miami. Map and plot in this case, working together. "Let Rockstar Games has confirmed the development and GTA 6, but an official announcement is still too early to say. It definitely will not happen until next year.


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