Grand Lisboa - a luxury hotel in Macau

Grand Lisboa is a 58-storey hotel in Macau, built by architects Dennis Lau and sung-Man. Impressive building, with its height of 261 meters, and its luxurious design, and its famous casino.

The Grand Lisboa was created in the image of a giant flower, standing on a pedestal. The building is located in a picturesque area of Central Macau and making the city even more elegant. Grand Lisboa, with its 15 restaurants and non-stop entertainment has earned a reputation as one of the best casino hotels in Asia. Wonderful the hotel was opened in December 2008.

Interesting, but the casino and restaurants within Grand Lisboa were opened even before the hotel itself is in February 2007. But all together, and casino and hotel – affect its size. Casino 268 gambling tables and 786 slot machines. And in the hotel – 430 rooms.

Casino Grand Lisboa was the first in Macau, which began playing Texas hold'em, the most popular form of poker. And hotel casino is rightfully proud of the fact that it is the largest poker room in Asia. Incidentally, in Kreps (a kind of dice game) for the first time the city has offered to play in the Grand Lisboa. There are many Macau casinos. But the Grand Lisboa sets the tone.

And again. Casino Grand Lisboa in the permanent exhibition is the Star of Stanley Ho, one of the largest diamonds in the world (218.08 carats).

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