The April trip to Southeast Asia

With a set of groups to China, in recent years, it was not a particularly good, and God himself ordered to move further south and east in my study of the Asian part of the world.
The route I chose the following:
Novosibirsk - Vladivostok - Singapore - Manila - the island of Palawan (Philippines) - Hong Kong - Macau - Novosibirsk.
He (the route) began to look that way because of many promotional fares.
For example, the site Vladivostok - Singapore, with a change in Hong Kong, cost me only 10 000 rubles. Well then stand? Other flights too spoiled low cost. Inside Asia generally fly cheap. Only need to catch one of the local sales loukostery, and this, in turn, need to constantly monitor the sites of several airlines for a long time.
I think about this miracle city already written everything. Announced their views on the three-day stay in this city-state.
Visa I did not do as well as for the citizens of the Russian Federation provides 96-hour transit visa. In principle, this was enough time to inspect the major attractions of Singapore.
I want to emphasize the airline "Singapore Airlines". Flight Hong Kong - Singapore I mastered in the largest Airbus A-380. Fly on it a pleasure. The level of comfort in the local "economy class" is far superior to our domestic "business class" throughout.
In my opinion, the statement that Singapore is very clean city, a little bit higher. The city center licked, but worth a visit in the Indian quarter - and all will become clear. Dirt and stench.
Smoke all just in the right place. These sites can be detected by the presence therein urn. How - something unusual and wildly!
Prices in Singapore is very high at all. After China, it was very frustrating to pay 15-20 singadollarov ($ 1 - 27 rubles), for lunch or dinner. And it is in ordinary eatery. Beer I do not drink, for 250 rubles for a bottle of the drink - a crazy price !!!
I visited ...
Sightseeing tour by bus through the city, rode the Ferris wheel at the local, "Magic Gardens" Bay Marina Bay, the beaches of Sentosa Island, which reached by cable car, and, of course, a casino in Singapore!
Casino Hotel "Marina Bay" has left the most pleasant experience. This situation, and the outcome of the game of poker. The winning amount will not articulate, but Singapore cost me free ...
By the way ... nice way to travel. Come and enjoy the sights, rest, play casino, won - with his left. But for such an option is the last thing ... Then as luck.
Also came under partial view of the rain! This is certainly something ... A solid wall of water that falls from the sky! In Singapore, every night - rain!
Well, a couple of photos for Plaisir.

After Singapore, my path lay to the Philippines.
Scattered over many islands, they beckoned me with its unexplored, warm sea and white sand. Particularly welcome was for me to visit the town of El Nido, Palawan that. Finding a purely random photos of this wonderful place in the network, with every fiber of the soul I want to go there! But first things first ...
Singapore - Manila. Airline flight «Jet» cost about 4000 silver rubles. Company loukoster, but the conditions in our usual. No "business class" in the cabin, and all very cute and beautiful. :-)
What impressed immediately upon arrival in Manila, so the difference in the prices of Singapore. Here everything is much cheaper. But here in Manila ... Yes ... Visit this metropolis do not advise. I myself have been here for almost 2 days. Seen enough ...
Immediately struck by abject poverty of the local population. My hotel - a good 4-star «Ramada Manila», located in the China region. Just beyond the door begins slums. Smell ... Dirt ... full of beggars and other obscure and very suspicious elements. The city center looks decently, but still creepy place! Each little square boxes poor sleep! EXOTIC !!!
Therefore, if the Philippines - it is only on the island !!!
In Manila, I visited a historic landmark - Spanish fort "Intramuros" walking on nearby streets and of course visited the casino !!! Well, as without it. The result of the visit was again positive. 2 days in Manila were treated me for free.
Gambling industry in the Philippines is just starting to develop, but casinos are very ... very worthy!
The local version of the city "bus." Jeepney.

Each car has its own name and without limit the number of seats. Mercilessly engine roars and smokes awful!
Gun fort "Intramuros».

I thought they were real.
The next stage of my trip was the island of Palawan.
Flight Manila - Puerto Princesa cost 1,600 rubles. Delicious flight ...
A little about the features of the airport in Manila. In particular three terminal. The entire terminal only 1 electronic scoreboard. There are widely used printed nameplates destination, as in the registration and the outputs to the aircraft. WI-FI is present, but does not work. Our luggage from the reception in a cart pulled his hands! Although the tape was, but it included a fig if there are a couple of guys? They also need a job! :-) The people packed! As I understand it, flight delays here - a common occurrence. Keep this in mind when joining through Manila.
Palawan Island.
The most enjoyable part of my journey.
Arriving scheduled flight to the capital of the province of Puerto Princesa, I stopped at the local tours for 3 days and then by bus drove into the town of El Nido, to the north of the island. From there, the aircraft private airline ITI, terribly high price for the 7000 local pesos (1 peso 78 cents), returned to Manila.
Played a cruel joke with me getting to Palawan the eve of Passover. Arrivals held on Good Friday in Puerto Princesa nothing and no one worked! Even gas stations have taken the day off for the day! The Philippines is the only Catholic country in Southeast Asia. What to do ...
Puerto Princesa - the administrative center of the province of Palawan and largest city, located on the same island. Population - about 210,000 people. The city is located approximately in the center of Palawan. It got its name in honor of the Spanish Princess Eulalia, daughter of Queen Isabella II.
What is so interesting? Voice actor ...
Honda Bay Islands Bay.
Bay is an hour away by boat or car from the island's capital, Puerto Princesa. Honda Bay - a good place beach holiday in the vicinity of the city.

Underground river.
This river on the island of Palawan got its name from the city, near which is - Puerto Princesa. The river is 8 kilometers, is the world's largest underground river, through it, you can sail on a boat at a distance of 4 km. from the sea. The height of the dome of the cave reaches 80 meters and width - up to 140 meters. National Park in 1999 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.
Photos of the river does not have, as stipulated in the backlight.
Sabang town quay, from where the journey to the river.

City embankment in Puerto Princesa or Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park. Place transmission of local youth and tourists. In the evening along the waterfront open local restaurants where you can order shrimp, fish, meat, barbecue and drinks. Sometimes, there are various festivals and shows. Along the waterfront you can not ride a motorcycle and smoking.
Here is the all in anticipation of a small storm ...

A few more pictures of Puerto Princesa.
Exotic besedochka in the hotel where I was staying. In the tides around the water at low tide - like this:

Hotel bungalows for recreation.

View from the sea at low tide.

A small shop on the outskirts of the city. Similar to what we had in the early '90s.

In general, the place is pretty sweet. The town is small and there are no large buildings. I do not know which city in Russia can be compared. Like no one. Come - see for yourself.
El Nido.
It is a small village in the north of the island of Palawan in the 260 km. the island's capital of Puerto Princesa. In the past, El Nido is a simple village, now a national park. El Nido was hidden from the world tourism until 1979, while in these parts do not ship ran aground and a group of divers did not see the surrounding beauty. In 1983 on the island of Minilok built the first diving platform for diving, and in the same year went to the flow of tourists here. Now it is a fast growing resort in the Philippines with a fairly high prices for accommodation and tours to the islands.
The path here takes about 6 hours for Mini Bus. Anyone can do it in a civilized form, and on the jeepney. Moreover, in the cabin and on the roof of this vehicle.
Hotel to stay I chose the country. That and all the future tourist advise. The cost ranges from 1800 pesos per room in high season, up to 1400 in low. Acceptable.

The number of guests in a hotel 6, very quiet and beautiful views of the sunsets.
Photos from the hotel.

The main program of entertainment in El Nido is a boat ride on the numerous islands. Scuba diving and snorkeling.
Depending on the status of your wallet, you can join a group tour or rent a boat exclusively for you and your company. Prices for "Private" tours nibble. The cost of 3500 pesos for a short tour (A and B), to 5500 pesos for a long (C and D). The price includes lunch on the island. A decent lunch. Here are just a drink you need to take with you separately. Diving mask and fins can be taken when renting a boat, but its better vezite. Hygiene ...
Admiring landskeypami El Nido.

El Nido itself from the sea looks like this:

In the sea across a strange island.

And, of course, sunsets El Nido. They are out of the competition.

All photos of sunsets taken from the hotel.
Level of prices for food, drinks and other entertainment in El Nido fully meets the income of the average Russian. Eat a version of "dining room" can be 80 - 100 pesos. Restaurant with fresh juices at 400-500 pesos per person. Liter bottle of local rum will cost 100 pesos, 60 pesos for a beer bottle 0.33 liters. Level exotic - high!
Fill your essence beautiful scenery and pleasant impressions of the Philippine island life, I departed for the next stage of his journey.
Hong Kong and Macau.
Particularly to paint these cities do not see sense. Confine his impressions.
As a city with skyscrapers, Hong Kong I was a little disappointed. In Shanghai, in my opinion, skyscrapers and more majestic views from the Bund more impressive than the waterfront of Hong Kong.
Hong Kong - City anthill. Never sleeps. Constant hustle and bustle tires. Prices for all, although lower than Singapore, but still very high. With living space is a big problem. It sorely lacking. This is evident throughout. Hotel rooms are very small and expensive. The streets are narrow. Houses high. :-)

Special attractions, which would produce an impression on me, I did not find. I've seen too many Chinese cities before. But there was nothing negative, too. Visited. Put another notch on the tree cities. Will not go. :-)
Here I was primarily interested in the casino. Macau is called the Asian Las Vegas. Well, I think, is something I'll find something special for yourself.
Macau thing my great disappointment, to date, on the part of the game world.
I read a lot about the huge number of Chinese coming to play in numerous casinos in Macau. But from what he saw there, I just opupel. Chinese a lot, it's not deceived, but plays only a small amount. The rest sit in chairs, blow Freestuff drinks and staring at everything around.
Rates in Macau casino exorbitant. I mean poker. Not only that, find a table with Texas Hold'em or Caribbean Poker - is a problem, so more and the minimum rate "ante" 300 Hong Kong dollars (1300 rubles) completely discourage all desire to play! Ah!
Correct a little mood visiting the old Macau. Very nice place. It looks like some old, a small European town.

And just like that, I have great pleasure shibanul a gun on the casino !!! Reasonable rates to do the game.

Month trip to Southeast Asia, cost me 85 thousand rubles. These include everything costs.
In October, I decided to re-visit the Philippines, this time to the island of Bohol and again El Nido. Next, visit the island of Borneo, in Malaysia and finish 10 day stay in Bali.




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