60 facts about Singapore through the eyes of Russians (7 photos)

The fascinating story of such a beautiful place like Singapore


1. Singapore is a city, capital of the state and at the same time.

2. The name comes from the Singapore Malay "Sing" - the lion and sankritskogo "pur" - the city. "

3. Singapore's national flower is the orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim, which because of its vitality thanks to year-round bloom, became a symbol of the country, as a sign of commitment to the progress of Singaporeans.

4. Singapore is located mainly on one big island, but it includes more 63 smaller islands, most of them uninhabited.

5. Singapore is among the twenty smallest countries in the world - an area 715 square meters. km (for comparison, the area of ​​St. Petersburg - 1440 sq. km).

6. There are about 4, 5 million people. The main population - the Chinese (78%), Malays (14%) and Indians (7%) and Europeans. Rumor also officially home to about 400 Russian :)

7. The symbol of the city is a fish with a lion head - Merlion, a festival is held every September, dedicated to this mythical animal

8. The climate in Singapore - equatorial, there is always hot and humid, the air temperature fluctuates about + 25-30? With year-round, and the humidity is 82-86%.

9. Singapore is located almost on the equator and the sun is very insidious - you can get a sunburn even when the sky is overcast.

10. Torrential rain showers are possible throughout the year, so the locals are often an umbrella which some are also used as protection from the sun.

11. Dark skin color is not held in high esteem: in stores cosmetics for skin whitening occupy more than one shelf and arranged, usually in the most prominent places.

12. Singapore is ranked 2nd in the world in terms of population density, is located in the ranking between two dwarf states - Monaco and Vatican City.

13. National language is Malay, it is executed at the national anthem («Majulah Singapura»), but here are four official languages ​​- English, Chinese, Tamil, Malay. In addition, there are language mix - "singlish» (singlish) and "manglish» (manglish).

14. Citizens of Russia can be in transit in Singapore to 96 hours. Despite the fact that to Malaysia can be reached within 10 minutes by public bus, and to Indonesia - to get on the fast ferry, the visa-free regime applies only if the ticket, confirming that you are going to leave the country by plane.

15. Changi International Airport in Singapore is the largest aviation hub in the whole of Southeast Asia, its passenger traffic of over 36 million people a year.

16. In 2012, Changi Airport ranked second in the list of the best airports in the world by Airports Council International (Airports Council International - ACI). The airport has several gardens with orchids and ponds where swimming goldfish, and in one of the terminals there is even a swimming pool. In the relegation zone have computers with free internet access and a special play room for children.

17. Sea port in the country and is one of the largest in the world at the same time in the port may be 1,000 ships. In addition, he repeatedly recognized as the best and most environmentally friendly in Asia.

18. For high fines and strict laws of Singapore jokingly referred to as «Fine city» (play on words in English. Language, fine - «beautiful» and «fine»)

19. Penalties in the city is really a lot. For example, for spitting on the ground, smoking in public places, littering, use of food transport, cross the road in the wrong place relies a fine of 500 Singapore dollars (400 USD). A complete list of actions to be punished by a fine in the tens.

20. One of the most comical of fines - a penalty is applied in the case after watering flowers in a saucer under the pot of water left. The fact is that water attracts mosquitoes, and the city government is almost completely eradicate these insects, so get rid of the epidemic fever and malaria in the country.

21. In addition, there are penalties offenses for which corporal punishment can be used (in addition to imprisonment, of course) in the form of strikes reed - attempted murder, robbery, theft, rape, vandalism and so on.

22. In addition to corporal punishment applied by the court in Singapore is also popular homemade punishment of children - even in the stores sell special, lightweight reed sticks for this purpose. American Justice, in which children sue their parents for a slap on the pope just resting =)

23. Also, the country has the death penalty (by hanging), it is used for the most severe crimes - particularly brutal murder, drug trafficking, corruption, treason and attempt on the life of the president.

24. Singapore is one of the world leaders in the number of death sentences - from 1991 to 2004 resulted in the execution of more than four times (they were mostly drug dealers).

25. Singapore has legalized prostitution. Outdoor Gay Land according to official figures employs more than 10,000 girls.

26. Through its judicial system and the laws of Singapore is considered one of the safest and most law-abiding country, and the crime rate is among the lowest in the world - on any quarters of the city, you can safely walk both day and night.

27. Police on the streets almost there, but hang around the camera, both explicit and implicit - with their help exercise control over the procedure.

28. Many apartments are hanging on the door combination locks with a fine chain that hung more than a formality than for security purposes.

29. Singapore has no natural resources and imports not only sand, but even fresh water from Malaysia.

30. Singapore is part of a group of "East Asian Tigers", along with South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong - a country made a giant economic breakthrough, literally for 30 years turned from third world countries in the advanced countries.

31. The Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, who led the government from 1959 to 1990, was famous for his rigidity and intransigence in the fight against corruption, which he managed to successfully eradicate, so was made possible rapid economic growth. To the question "How did you manage to fight corruption?", He replied, "Begin with the fact that the plant three of his friends. You know exactly - for that, and they know it. »

32. Another indicator by which Singapore is the leader - it's great. According to the US agency's financial and economic information Bloomberg (The World's Healthiest Countries in 2012), the health of the residents of Singapore is the best in the world. At the same time the overall quality of life index country is on the 11th place.

33. One reason for the excellent level of health is considered to be tasty and healthy national cuisine of Singapore. According to the magazine Forbes, the country ranks second (after Japan) on the quality of the local food, which has a positive effect on health, fitness and longevity.

34. Many gourmets like Singapore for the variety of dishes at the expense of mixing national (Chinese, Malaysian, Indian) cuisine, as well as a significant Western influence, are easy to find culinary creations for all tastes. One important feature is that regardless of the level of the restaurant, and the prices, the food is always fresh and quality.

35. here are Mixed, not only food, but also ways of eating the food - local residents, depending on the type of food, cleverly used as a stick and spoon, and the right hand (the left hand is considered unclean and eating is not used).

36. Very popular here enjoys self to cook your meat. Visitors to the restaurant give the ingredients that need to be lowered into the pot to get a fresh soup or stew or frying pan with sizzling meat, which must be reversed and dozharit to the desired condition. Specially for this purpose in many restaurants on the tables are small gas stoves.

37. The average life expectancy of Singaporeans - 80 years, 14 years longer than the same indicator in Russia.

38. With regard to the economy, Singapore is well ahead, it is the 4th leading financial center in the world after London, New York and Hong Kong, are concentrated more than 130 global banks. The rate of inflation is kept at 2-3%, and according to the rating company Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore is the most competitive city in Asia in terms of doing business.

39. The median income for a Singaporean - $ 34 thousand. Per year.

40. The country has a population of about 100 thousand. Dollar millionaires (almost 3% of the population). The city even has a separate "quarter of millionaires» - Keppel Bay.

41. The computer registration of the legal entity in Singapore in just 10 minutes. They say that in 2009, the year Medvedev, a well-known fan of electronic technologies, while visiting Singapore for the sample registered legal. face, and a year later the local authorities appealed to Russia with the question of taxes - such as the company opened is not a joke, but seriously, and no one thought to close.

42. This phenomenon is popular in Asia as slums unknown Singapore. Caught in any part of the city, you will see the relative cleanliness and order.

43. Our friends the Indians removed two-bedroom apartment in a 15-minute walk from the center. Despite the fact that the rooms are quite small, simple repairs, and kitchen remodeled from the balcony, they pay for it in 1900 SGD (about 50 000). And according to them, if you shoot an apartment away from the center, the significant savings will not work, all about the same price.

44. One of the calling cards Singapore - a unique five-star hotel complex Marina Bay Sands (Marina Bay Sands), consisting of three 200-meter 55-storey towers. On the roofs of the towers located SkyPark platform in the form of the ship, which, inter alia, has a 150-meter pool. Login to the observation deck costs 20 SGD, but the swimming pool will be possible only if you are the guest of the hotel and go to the pool visitors are allowed once a day, at 14:00 and only 15 minutes

45. In Singapore, there are two ethnic areas - Little India («Little India ') and Chinatown (« Chinatown »). Initially, these areas have been created for the integration of immigrants, but now they have lost their original meaning and are cultural centers, where you can taste traditional cuisine and to buy national products.

46. ​​Food in one of the Indian restaurants we visited, appeared truly Indian, but the sizes and prices differ at times, and the size is 3 times less, and the prices 3 times higher, and the service is authentic --track and sloppy. Masala tea is traditionally brought in small cups, thimbles, habitually careless spilling it on the saucer :) Although it does not affect the taste, the same excellent, as well as in India.

47. Throughout the city a lot of free public toilets - they are quite friendly and they even have toilet paper (which is very unusual for Asia).

48. Chinese lanterns that decorate the streets of Chinatown, it is impossible to count - literally everywhere they hang

49. The Mid-Autumn Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) - ancient holiday of family unity and thanksgiving - is celebrated in Chinatown in September during the most full and bright moon, a symbol of abundance, harmony and prosperity.

50. The fight against traffic jams made by the authorities from two sides. Firstly there is good public transport links, and secondly, the possession of a car - a pleasure rather expensive: in order to get a private transport, you need a special auction to buy a permit for driving - it costs about 60,000 SGD and issued it on 10 years old.

The cars themselves, at the expense of duty, are expensive, and in addition have to pay a rather big fee for registration and statement on the account. And in addition - in Singapore are many toll sections of roads, bridges, tunnels and interchanges. Each car is equipped with payment terminals, through which a credit card is automatically deducted the correct amount. Thus cars here can afford only the wealthy, which, however, is not so little.

51. Singapore - one of the 9 countries of the world, beginning with the sale of new technology Apple. Here, just as in the US, distributed system in which iPhones are sold relatively cheaply when you make a contract with the mobile operator for several years.

52. In Singapore is very popular branded clothing and accessories - wherever you look, everywhere Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Gucci and Prada.

53. Especially popular handbags Louis Vuitton - despite the fact that their prices start at $ 800, in the city with them walks every third girl. However, many tourists visit the store LV (which is located near the Marina Bay) as a museum - it is on the water and externally looks very unusual

54. Despite the fact that Singapore is called the "concrete jungle" in almost every area of ​​the city there are playgrounds and a park with an abundance of greenery, where you can relax and breathe fresh air. Almost half of the territory of Singapore is covered spaces - gardens and national parks.

55. It is said that Singapore was built according to the canons of Feng Shui - its landscape and architecture consistent with this teaching about the impact of energy flows in the human.

56. Every evening near the waterfront Marina Bay passes a laser show - the water from the fountain sprayed a fine spray, creating a screen on which, accompanied by music from the speakers projected image. The laser show is free and available to all, and therefore, better to come - a lack of willing, as a rule, no.

57. The world's only night race of the Formula-1 - «Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix», held in Singapore.

58. Fountain of Wealth - the world's largest fountain (28 m), which is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It is especially beautiful at night with colored lights.

59. The Singapore Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in the world, in which the animals are not in cages, and roam freely on the territory. Cost of the ticket - 20 SGD, but most visitors concurs that this is one of the most justifiable expenses in Singapore.

60. Singapore Flyer - the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, its height is 165 meters (height of the London Eye, London counterpart - 135 meters). In good weather from the top offers a spectacular view of the city and can be seen even some islands of Indonesia and Malayzii.Istochnik:


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