90 facts about Latvia through the eyes of Russians

Writes our reader Alex: I am from Riga (though currently studying in England), and despite the fact that the column called "Through the eyes of Russians" I finally decided to write 90 facts about Latvia and other readers to please Faktruma. All the more so for quite a long time, been following the updates, but Latvia still no and no. Therefore, so to speak, I decided to take the bull by the horns and to write to you. I hope that you and other readers will enjoy 1. The Latvian flag is one of the oldest in the world. The first mention of it appeared in the XIII-th century.

2. The official state language - Latvian.

3. A related to the Latvian language is the only Lithuanian language.

4. on the territory of Eastern Latvia, Latgale, Latgale widespread dialect.

5. In dealing with foreigners often use English. In German and French spoken rarely.

6. is a Latvian national stone amber, bird - white wagtail.

7. It is also a symbol of Latvia is the crane.

8. 109 in Latvia and around the edges of the 9 republican cities.

9. The population of Latvia is 63% of Latvians, 27% Russian, 3% of Belarusians and Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, Jews.

10. Since 1999, Latvia is a member of the WTO since 2004, a member of NATO and the European Union, and since 2007, the year the Member States.

11. In 2014, Latvia has moved to the euro.

12. Riga - the largest city of the Baltic states.

13. In Riga, there is the subway, though the construction was planned in Soviet times.

14. The national currency - the lat. For a long time was one of the most expensive currency in the world. 1 lats = $ 0, 5 or € 0, 7. Denominations start at five lats, less only coins.

15. In Latvia, there is a category of citizens called stateless. And even such is the passport (alien's passport).

16. The Latvian seven cases and two genders, and the emphasis in most of the Latvian words on the first syllable.

17. In 1999, he became the President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga - the first woman president in Eastern Europe.

18. public transport costs € 0, 60. You can buy a few trips, while travel cheaper. Public transportation is equipped with air conditioning and runs on a schedule. At each stop there is movement scheme and timetable.

19. The Old Town entered in the UNESCO list of cultural attractions.

21. In Latvia, as well as in Estonia, the so-called parent pay wages - how much you earned before leaving on maternity leave, and so you will have to pay one and a half years after the birth of the child.

22. In Latvia, there is a professional army, it has only about six thousand soldiers.

23. Independence Day Latvia celebrates November 18.

24. Riga - home to one of Europe's oldest pharmacy.

25. In Latvia has a long tradition of brewing. Brewery in Cesis is one of the oldest in Northern Europe. The first records date back to 1590, the year.

26. In Riga filmed a lot of movies, "Seventeen Moments of Spring", "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," "The Long Road in the Dunes", "Shield and Sword", "Prisoner of If Castle", "Midsomer Murders "and many others.

27. The most popular and famous resort in Latvia - Jurmala - the venue of the concerts as "New Wave", "Wailing KiViN", "Jurmalina».

28. The oldest city in Latvia - Ludza. First Chronicles dated 1177th year.

29. Latvia is in northern Europe, but not in the East, as is commonly believed.

30. The tallest building in Latvia - «Z-Towers», 135 meters. The highest building of Latvia and the third highest in Europe - Riga TV and radio tower (368, 5 meters).

31. Latvia (in XVII-th century the principality of Courland) had colonies in Africa and the Caribbean.

32. In 2003, the year in Riga was held the contest "Eurovision».

33. In 2006, Latvia became the first post-Soviet state, receiving the NATO summit.

34. Ice Hockey World Championships in 2006, the year took place in Riga.

35. Riga Central Market is the largest in the Baltics and one of the biggest in Europe, with an area of ​​72 000 m². It is also listed by UNESCO cultural attractions.

36. Pavilions of the central market - are former hangars for dirigibles.

37. One of the most popular holidays among Latvians - Midsummer - June 23-24 marked the summer solstice, and is accompanied by festivities. By tradition, the shortest night of the year should be carried out by the fire, watching, singing and enjoying traditional dishes - cheese with caraway and beer. During the holiday period in Latvia drink 5% of the total consumption of beer per year.

38. In Latvia, a lot of beers, tasteless beer is simply no.

39. Alcohol can be bought in stores just before 22:00.

40. Ventas rumba (Kuldiga) - the widest waterfall in Europe. (249 meters)

41. Forests cover almost 50% of the country.

42. Three stars on the arms of Latvia and in the hands of women of Liberty symbolize the three edges of Latvia - Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme and Latgale.

43. flag of Latvia is often confused with the flag of Austria.

44. In Latvia per capita are two students - this is one of the highest rates in the world.

45. Latvia - the only one of the Baltic republics, in which there is a circus.

46. In Riga are model building, built in the Art Nouveau style.

47. The company «Dartz Motorz» Riga produces the most expensive in the world of armored SUVs under the brand name «Prombron».

48. In Latvia, women more than men.

49. Russian in Latvia called on the name of the tribe Krievu Krivichy.

50. Grey peas with bacon - it's certainly the most important Latvian dish of curiosities - herring with cottage cheese and sour cream.

51. In the Latvian commemorative calendar days more than the holiday.

52. Airport "Riga" - the largest in the Baltics.

53. Latvia is in the top 10 on the connection speed of the world.

54. There is no official religion, but the majority of the population is Lutheran believer.

55. 99, 9% of the country covered by GSM-net. About 80% - 4G-net, and a very small fee. All without limit, connection to all networks costs about € 10-15 per month.

56. In Latvia, there is a law banning smoking in public places, banning smoking at a distance of ten meters from a public place.

57. The tax on tobacco products is 80% of their value.

58. According to the environmental safety Latvia is the second largest in the world.

59. The country has a very high literacy rate among the adult population: 99, 8% have received secondary education.

60. The average life expectancy for men is about 77 years, and women - in '82.

61. is located in Riga SSE (Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm School of Economics), a member of the top 20 universities in Europe in the field of economy and finance, according to the «Financial Times».

62. Latvia boasts large deposits of natural resources - limestone, peat, dolomite and amber.

63. in Latvia is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltics.

64. In Latvian folklore, there are more than one million songs - they are called Dinah.

65. in Riga is one of the oldest museums in Latvia - the Museum of Nature, one of the five best technical museums in Europe - Riga Motor Museum, unique in the Baltic countries Porcelain Museum and the Museum of Aviation. And still the world's only museum of the sun.

66. and Janis League - traditional Latvian names.

67. In Latvia very popular Valentine's Day and Halloween.

68. In 2015, the year Riga will take Euro Pride - parade of sexual minorities in Europe.

69. Latvians made the first flight from the wind tunnel a whole unique show, earning the attention of the world by participating in the closing of the Olympic Games in Turin.

70. In 2012, the year in this wind tunnel was shooting his film Jackie Chan.

71. The world's first Christmas tree was installed in Riga on the main market square in 1510, the year. Homeland Christmas tree is considered to be Strasbourg, but in Riga a festive fir began to establish 95 years earlier.

72. is the only one in Sigulda bobsleigh track in Eastern Europe.

73. The most famous musical group from Latvia - «Brainstorm» (at home «Prāta Vētra»), founded in 1989, the year.

74. The famous visionary Karl Friedrich Hieronymus von Munchausen - actually a real person, who was born in Germany, but most of his life in Latvia.

75. Black, simple and with different fillings, and sweet and sour bread, sprats, and generally canned fish, chocolate, marshmallows and other various sweets and candies from the factory «Laima», chocolate syrochki " Karums "cream cheese" Dzintars ", cheese with caraway seeds - this is an incomplete list is still recognizable and associated with Latvia product names.

76. Lima Vajkule, Valdis Pelsh, Raimonds Pauls, Mikhail Zadornov - all originally from Latvia.

77. Latvia - the only country in the Baltic region, home of the World Cup in motocross class in MX1.

78. In Latvia, a law banning dog fighting breeds have.

79. The world's first portable mini-camera was invented back in 1937 by Walter Zapp Latvians. And the first movie theater, sound films began airing in the Baltic States, was the cinema "Riga».

80. to buy a Christmas tree may optionally be cut down like in the forest, but there are restrictions on the height and trunk diameter spruce.

81. On the day of a public holiday on every building should hang the flag, if there is none, then the fine is issued.

82. secondary education in Latvian schools lasts 12 years.

83. In Latvia it is possible to find the rare language in Europe - Liv, on it they say about 200 citizens of Latvia.

84. Riga - the only city in Europe in which coexist five different religions with their temples.

85. In Latvia you can take the exam on a separate control manual and automatic transmission.

86. In Latvia should definitely take in the category of "moped" with any engine capacity.

87. In Latvia children under 16 years of age should hand over to the right bike.

88. In Latvia for drunk driving imprisoned (up to 15 days), taken the right (up to two years) and prescribe a fine (up to € 2000), and the car is put on the penalty-parking to pay a fine.

89. In Latvia, there are municipal police.

90. The most popular surname in Latvia - Berzins name - Janis.

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