Pēteris kļava: Democracy with the smell of pedophilia

Pēteris kļava known in Latvia resuscitator Children's hospital, scientist, and philosopher in life.

Twenty-five years, day after day, he returns to life or escorted to children. Something similar in appearance to the famous Dr. house, he is as popular on television, infinitely loves his little patients and ruthless human stupidity and the realities of our world. In conversation with "MK-Latvia", talking about the causes of children's suffering, the doctor was straight as a rail, nothing embellishing and calling a spade a spade. Agree, it is expensive.

Moronic parents

— For starters, Peteris, why did you become a pediatrician?

Pēteris kļava — Probably, destiny. I got on the pediatric faculty, and thus embodied "wish" my school teachers. They believed that I need to work with children.

— What type of injuries children receive most often?

Pēteris kļava — We are in Europe the first place for killing children on the streets, public transport, cars. It is very characteristic for Latvia, riding drunk fathers of their children on ATVs or permission to ride by. Such liberties cause serious injury. Children injured on bicycles, roller skates without helmets, drowning in bodies of water or when watching other children. Many accidents associated with medicines and gimnastrada, and, of course, burns, when children fall into the fire or poured flammable liquid. By the way, if your child got burned with boiling water or fire, the ONLY help that you can provide, water the burn with cold water for three to five minutes. This will relieve the pain and reduce damaging factors, i.e., depth of the burn, by degrees!!!

— What is your reason for such a depressingly long list?

Pēteris kļava — the Main reason is this: in Latvia and the world, 60-70% of parents is retarded. According to the observations of our guard, that so many parents bring their children to us on the first seat not buckling. Every day I see the suffering and death of children caused by ignorance, stupidity and carelessness of parents. I'm talking about the systemic ignorance. The girl drank the MOLE — a terrible chemical solution for cleaning sewers. He stood under the sink in the kitchen transfused into the bottle of lemonade. In Europe she had a liver transplant over 200 000 Euro of our money. Children drowning in ponds a few metres from the "helpful" parents. During the week of the may holidays last year we asked for help the parents of a thousand children! Why in Latvia nobody cares about the second place among countries not washing hands?! Who benefit from our limitless freedom?

The point of no return

— Many parents will notice that very tired, busy, not time, not all comments is written on the Internet, not all programs viewed, and would do well to state in some way to support families with children.

Pēteris kļava — die From starvation, tens of thousands of children. Good or bad? Think, if they had survived, all children have enough quality food? If the middle East all used toilet paper, then a few years on the planet would not remain a single tree. I mean, if all will live well in a civilized way, then in twenty years the Earth will simply die. To live well all is not allowed. Calls for population reduction seem to be terrible from the point of view of the emotions of the crowd, but from the mind of science — is necessary. Why in the world nobody will particularly care about the survival of your child. He is given drugs so that he died, but still paid. Passed the point of no return. Therefore, the corrective regulation will be implemented at different levels.

— You never called a racist?

Pēteris Kļava — Sometimes. Somewhere I read, I can not remember that the UN is not seen as a problem by any violence associated with the use of the child. Now, apparently, it has become the norm. When in Kurzeme or Latgale I see cold and hungry children who were subjected to violence, then I don't understand why their parents allowed to breed, calling it a "human right". And as a result they are deprived of parental rights. It's a stupid civilization. Necessary birth control. In different countries at the time, carried out the sterilization, not only pedophiles, but also those in the immoral, the animal level people. Because otherwise their children will suffer terribly from disease, poor nutrition and care.

When I brought the little man unconscious, I have three seconds to understand what it is. The fourth is already beginning to act to change the state of the child. And that's the way you should manage other processes — society of the country.

Over the last 10 years our hospital has taken a giant leap in development, with enormous scope to help the children. And proportionally worsens the moral, spiritual, and physical state of children. I will give some examples from life. I got called in Kurzeme, the child drank the MOLE. The consequences of horror, until the transplantation of the colon, esophagus. A child in a coma, numbed by anesthetic drugs, mechanical ventilation. A young mother cries. Start wondering how it all happened. Not for recriminations, and she realized the horror. She says she went to the tub and took and drank. She has a child to blame, can you imagine?! Another child at the picnic was soaked in liquid to start the grill and caught fire. In intensive care he began to order us about. Yes, you around the campfire was supposed to lead, not here! He had to say: another word we'll call the police and make a record that is likely a criminal case. Dad immediately pinned his ears and sat quietly without disturbing us to work.

Beloved grandmother in the garden rolls cucumbers. Four-year-old runs up, grabs a bottle of coke, which poured vinegar essence, and drink in front of my grandmother.

Mom's a babe, a child all day playing in the sun. It was brought to us, like scalded with boiling water. And this mom, nothing will! It is necessary to influence the chaos brainlessness of adults to children. I repeat, there are things that should not happen.

— What?

Pēteris kļava — All chemical solutions in the kitchen, the garage must be available! As meds. Every year children die from beta-blockers. The grandmothers is hard to confess to the murder of his grandson. Albeit by accident, due to irresponsibility. Sorry for the grandmother and child.

You can't put in a lemonade bottle herstory. Dr. Dean Sviridov canadian translated a book on Pediatrics for parents. At the end of the publication, paragraphs, 40 pages, how to protect your child — well, the kitchen, in the car, at the zoo. Everywhere. And we have thousands of children suffer from dog bites.

The most difficult thing we have to prove the necessity of Bicycle helmets. I say: who's got the brains of those they protect. I dream that many children today are born accidentally, there would be born of the parents, able to answer for them. In Germany conducted a survey of young people on the priorities: 70% for first place put education, work, income, housing, level of culture. Children at last. Ie when have you ever started to think in this life, when you have something you want to give your child, then you should make it. At least some civilized approach! And when people multiply like cod, then this is irresponsible.

— Then why did you save children who are dying and are generally doomed?

Pēteris kļava In Liepaja during the war, lived the famous surgeon, Dr. Zeke, a Jew. He was not killed. It is well operated with the Germans. After the arrival of the red army, it would be shot for helping the Germans, but it was well operated of the red army. Later, he received the Golden scalpel. Each person should do what he intended destiny. This is duty to God, people and your heart.

Ignorance of the limited consciousness

— Does the level of development of society on the education of children?

Pēteris kļava — What is the level of our limited, ignorant mind, the way we see the world. In Tibet it is called karmic vision. The best thing a person can give to their children, to reduce the ignorance of his mind, not to impose it on your child. As said Feuerbach in the castle think differently than in the hut. When I see that take care of the dogs better than children, I want to cry. Their scratching, wear, kiss, feed. And how many children never saw anything? What kind of civilization can we say?!

— Oh, about what?

Pēteris kļava — we Have wars, banks, stealing, murder, uncontrolled fertility, disease, etc. Such geniuses as Tsialkovsky, the assumption, for example, many Western scholars said about the seven scales of the development of civilization. So here we are at zero. Planet is controlled by lies and violence. At Princeton, Harvard, Yale are taught how to rape the world in the name of expediency and personal benefit. Our civilization is in the stone age compared to the one mentioned by Roerich, Blavatsky, Jesus Christ, the saints of Tibet. Intelligent parents are looking for a compromise. Wisdom, knowledge of the structure of the mind, the universe is the compromise, as our kids live in a more intelligent future.

Democracy with the smell of pedophilia

— A few years ago you publicly advocated for the death penalty. You haven't changed your mind?

Pēteris kļava — No, change my mind. I am a supporter of those laws that exist in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates for pedophilia, the death penalty.

— If you read the criminal chronicle, it seems that even basic concepts on good and evil have lost all meaning, there is a substitution of concepts.

Pēteris kļava — People are so undeveloped animal that is subject to fear. Only he keeps it in the bounds of decency. Today have nothing to fear. Fear abolished. Remained a democracy with the smell of pedophilia. The problem is not democracy, and its perception. Inga Marte Thurdkildsen (Minister for children and gender equality Norway. In one interview, has called incest a "social tradition" in Norway — approx. ed.) advocates for the introduction in primary school lessons devoted to incest. And it's the norm for them. Children need to be trained, on what grounds can understand that daddy will come very close! The idea that nothing will last let go of the brake. We never read Chekhov, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Rainis, Blaumanis. When companies take control by fear, a society that the West offers. Of course, not all of the West, but we are talking about trends. The Western world is falling apart morally. Two generations with a distorted understanding of democracy can destroy any society. Now there are no mechanisms for society to become reasonable. The vast majority trying to live one day, to snatch a piece at any price. And children grow up in an atmosphere of survival at the expense of another.

Complex men

— No chance?

Pēteris kļava — Proved when a person makes a decision that is based on the wisdom and knowledge of the rules, he changes himself and the world around them. Parents should take their education, education and again education. In Russia there are still religions and the West are afraid of her. Not spirituality such a structure as the Church, and cosmic spirituality, which is as modern knowledge. This is the future of mankind.

— Which parent should take the lead themselves?

Pēteris kļava — In the family all starts from the father. But the fathers degraded. They were raised by their single mothers who were abandoned or whose men took to drink. One such mother is able to grow only son. The notorious son can't form a family, to protect the state.

Complex men is the scourge of humanity. It would be wise to revive the pioneers or scouts, it does not matter, call it what you want, where you were brought up to be a wise, moral, responsible men. In Europe, eight million educated young men are not working. Don't want them hard. I want to get everything fast and easy.

— Yes, about the immaturity of the young and not only men we hear more and more. You can change them?

Pēteris kļava — Now people try to stitch ideas about the world from limited and ignorant fears and knowledge, and to do with the children. If you perceive the child as a divine spiritual being, God's miracle, his potential is limitless and the child develops in such energy. But if everything happens differently... is circumcision any wise for the future of this child. Again, it all depends on mom and dad. Their children no longer needed! Important school. Goodwill collective intelligence of reasonable people. The ship can be thousands of people, but they control maybe 30 people and that will be enough, so he swam to the right place. People need to offer help to modern psychological, which I do in my lectures.

32 pats

— Hundreds of thousands of mothers and fathers without a College education you will object: we have no academies raised decent children. More notice why do we need to learn something, and so we all know.

Pēteris kļava — I will always remember a case where parents who were not academics, intellectuals, agreed to give up the heart of his 3-year-old dying child to another. For the first time in Latvia. We don't have to be an academic. Doesn't matter his education, if he knows who he is and practice development. This is the highest wisdom. The saints what was the education?

They had love...

Pēteris kļava — I remember one mother. Apparently, with a criminal past. She had a baby with the full range of diseases, including vector-borne. In the intensive care stole the phone from another mother. It is not to judge, but to educate. Just nobody loved her. French psychotherapists have proven that if a person is 32 times a day is not stroked, he cannot attain a sense of happiness, does not develop. Let's see how little we love each other and ironed. We have in the ICU communism: we have no Russian or Latvians. Have children. And if the world was dominated by the same approach as we do in intensive care, then our civilization will be quite different.

— What is love for you?

Pēteris kļava — Love is like the concept and condition. As a concept on the earthly level — liability feature and the ability to give noble knowledge and heart to do their duty. Spiritually love is full enlightenment and absolute compassion.


Pēteris kļava was born on 20 July 1964. Graduated from pediatric faculty of the Riga medical Institute. 25 years working as a emergency physician in the University Children's hospital. In 2001 he was the initiator and main organizer of the visit of Dalai Lama to Latvia. A few years conducted on TV the program "Here and now". Creator companies Reanimare, which seeks to answer the eternal question: how to make our life harmonious. Delivers lectures, conducts seminars.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©


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