Pēteris kļava: Love all, for all now pass!

Thinking about the mystery of life and death together with Peteris Klava, children's doctor-resuscitator, philosopher and scientist.

Each of us disturbs the great mystery of existence — ends our life with the death of the body? And is it true that we possess an immortal soul? Is there a "different light"? Pēteris kļava seeks and finds the answers to these questions.

At every shift in the intensive care ward of the Children clinical hospital pēteris kļava preserves the life of those children, which to keep in this world, and escorts over the brink those who have no help. On the one hand, he was a little God, and the other is a helpless observer. In this work the doctors are either cynics, or nihilists, or philosophers. Otherwise it is simply impossible for every day to ask questions: "All I did to this child lived?"and "Why do people suffer so?". Peteris has chosen philosophical path. Since 1985, he is seriously studying issues of life and death and is willing to share their knowledge with us.

Eighty six million five hundred seventy seven thousand eight hundred seventy eight

We talked with Peteris in the office on the street Roerich. And I noticed that he had a completely kid's eyes, like those who are very much in my life seen, but it was not disappointed and still believes in miracles. And I remembered the story of the great American writer Salinger's "catcher in the rye." Its main character is a teenager dreaming about how he will grow and will work for those who are standing on the brink and catches the sparkle in the rye kids so no baby is broke down and all remained intact. And I thought, "the Young man grew, and his dream is fulfilled." And as with every dream realized, it differs from ideal: it turns out not all and not always turns out to rescue.

Pēteris kļava was born on 20 July 1964. Graduated from the pediatric faculty of the Riga medical Institute. Received specialty anaesthetist. More than twenty years working as a doctor-resuscitator in the Children clinical University hospital. Since 1985, studying global issues concerning life and death, out of body experience and human development. In 2001 he was the initiator and main organizer of the visit of Dalai Lama to Latvia. A few years conducted on TV the program "Here and now!.. Creator companies Reanimare, which seeks answers to the eternal question: how to make our life harmonious. Delivers lectures, conducts seminars.

Peteris, let's zamahnulsja immediately to global — what is death? Why is it we so afraid of?

— People are afraid of the uncertainty and the irreversibility of what happened. I work in the pediatric intensive care, see hundreds of child deaths. And notice that the parents who lose a child, very rarely, the question arises: "What is death?"They only think that "never again" suffer, have a funeral, go to the cemetery for many years and look at the pictures. The grief of loss is great. But those who ask the question "what is death" and looking for an answer, the acuteness of the suffering recedes, as people begin to understand: there is no death. There is a transition to another form of existence, merging with the white light that sees every who have experienced clinical death.

Many wise men know it. Einstein, when his close friend in Zurich died, wrote in his diary: "the Death of us, physicists, it means nothing. You left first, I'm gonna leave behind you. Past, present and future — is the obsession with the illusion.“ Children sometimes intuitively feel it. Eight-year-old girl I was treated... no matter what, and so she talked to the parents shortly before his departure striking the words: "Mom and dad, you have to understand, don't worry: we — no! When God thinks of himself, we seem in his mind“. The girl and Einstein were talking about the same thing: our material existence in this world is a great illusion, and death is transition.

The level of response to the question "what is death" is different. Such a complex knowledge necessary to explain to people standing at different stages of development, understood their piece of information and that this understanding brought to them consolation. The first level — the person has suffered a loss, according to the laws of his religion, admitted that the deceased went to heaven or hell, quickly buried or burned the dead, prayed, got rid of the memories and began to make new children. This is a normal process that supports the population, the human biomass. By the way, the term "biomass" there is nothing wrong — it grows all good and valuable. Religious institution useful — it helps those who survived to grieve, those left to make the transition.

At a higher stage of development, when the head is not occupied by solid suffering or unwavering religious beliefs, when there is enough space for a new perception, one is aware that death is simply a liberation from the body and transition into another dimension. Moreover, measurements can be many, and they are neither a Paradise nor a hell.

Besides the conventional wisdom is still prohibitive — for the elite.

And let's step to wisdom! Limit may be, will not, but a little deeper than it is, on the death talk. And here's some interesting time we live: on the question "is there life after death" reflects modern science. And religion, which seems to be engaged in spiritual search, nice from her behind. Is not it strange?..

— It so happens that right now theoretical physicists closer to understanding these issues than spiritual leaders. Less space remains for philosophy and more for scientific research. Only 4 % of humanity is genetically inclined to spirituality, only 16 % of business and systematic work. But in addition to innate tendencies within us has the desire for multidimensional development in different directions. And contemporary Western society through art, films, performances, Internet gradually develops us, makes it more spiritual and hardworking. Therefore, Western people are much more receptive and educated than the Hindu or the Tibetan. He is ready to absorb knowledge, including the spiritual. He created science, so the Dalai Lama is so committed to the West. In the U.S., the Dalai Lama each year, meets with the most advanced scientists — invites seventy to eighty neuroscientists, geneticists, quantum physicists, mathematicians and in the form of free discussion discusses with them the issues of what is consciousness, life and what is beyond its limit.

White Light of death which we all will sooner or later see, is the cosmic energy of the Universe that existed before everything. The concept of General and quantum physics, and for all religious teachings, including Christianity. Scientists and religious leaders say in unison: the light is the basis of everything is pure energy, which somehow turned into the material world. She is in everything. And in us too.

"I never say to the dying children that they will die. And never cheat on a promise to continue this life. I try very briefly to dedicate the child to the truth: "there is no Death. You leave the body and go to another state". And the child gets from me a confirmation of his feeling that he will continue to exist, but only different."

Some neuroscientists argue that the human brain is not the source of consciousness. And it is only his receiver. What do you think about this theory?

— Professor Stuart Hameroff, anesthesiologist and psychologist from the University of Arizona, and his colleague from Oxford, sir Roger Penrose created the quantum theory of consciousness. They believe that the human brain is a quantum computer, consciousness of its software, coming from outside, from the Universe, and the soul — the information accumulated at the quantum level. This view was expressed long ago, but scientists have failed under it quite a scientific basis: the carriers of consciousness, that is, information is located in neurons billions of protein microtubules (microtubules), which previously took the humble role of reinforcement and intracellular transport channels. Quantum information they accumulate and can not be destroyed even after the death of the body. After the body dies, it merges with the Universe. And there are infinitely long. Professor Stuart Hameroff calls this information the "soul".

— It turns out, if the person is a biorobot with a source of external energy. And how about the fact that man was created in the image and likeness of God?

— I see no contradiction: the spark of consciousness within it — from God. To be like God, man must understand himself, and this can be done through love, service and respect for the other person. This idea is difficult to convey to those who govern us, and to billions of others who live like fish in an unconscious copulations, causing 40,000 children die every day from hunger. It would be nice to lead to understanding this mass of people, to raise to a higher level of development. The development process is slow, difficult, but still possible!

The knowledge of death change our way of life. And we push them away. In the Middle ages in Europe under the ban was sex, but constantly talked about death. Now everyone is talking about sex, a taboo topic became death. As you say that word, so once you all familiar the eye is removed and run, like if it's not to say they will live on Earth forever.

Imagine people can't die completely. In the process of death disappears only its material manifestation. We lose our physical body, but what we are, the personality remains. Our energy essence, perceiving all phenomena and reacting to them, lives on, not limited neither by space nor time. Travels to other worlds and merges with God.

"In eleventh grade, I had a dream: a woman brought me a black book in which "everything is written". It came true a few years. I studied in medical school, and the woman suggested I buy a black book where "everything is written". Called the book "Bhagavad Gita" — the Indian Bible of reality. The book cost thirty-five roubles, and the scholarship we had forty roubles. But I still bought and read in the dormitory at night, under a blanket, with a flashlight, for fear that I will select a "religious literature".

— What events have inspired you to contemplate death and to study it?

In human life there are times to forget that it is impossible to talk about that awkward. With them usually face doctors, pilots and astronauts "I have Seen the unexplainable, but anybody about it does not tell, and I will be called crazy or a drug addict, will be removed from work duty and flight".

More than twenty years ago, when I started to work as a emergency physician, in Daugavpils in one of the apartments exploded gas cylinder. Mom died, the son received burns to 90% of the body. The boy was brought to the intensive care unit. To save a person with such extensive burns, it is impossible even now. The boy was doomed. I walked down the hallway, about to go to his room first on the right. In front of me came to him sister in a white robe, with long flowing hair. I thought, "I Wonder what is the new sister on duty tonight?“ In five seconds, followed her to the house. And in the house no one except the patient. But I clearly saw a young woman in that strange loose robe almost to the floor! Suddenly the monitor showed a rapid deterioration of the patient: his heart beat slower. I started CPR but the boy died. And I have no other explanation for the appearance of the woman in white, except for one thing: that the boy's mother came to help him get out of the body.

Another case I was disturbed. A girl died after complex heart surgery. And a few days in an empty ward sisters and nurses heard her crying. Even those who were in the house by accident and knew nothing, too, heard the girl called mom. The baby could not make the transition, it was kept in our world, the place of death the cries and suffering abandoned ones. In particular the mother.

We all need to know that human death is a long and complex process, not an instantaneous act: was person — Bang no more, annihilated! We understand that the embryo inside the mother's need to educate, love, to surround, to music, good listening, kind words, songs. And then he will be born healthy and a good person. A dying soul, too, must cherish, to surround with care, attention, without snot and screams. After all, it is a long way there and re-birth in another body.

— No need to indulge in unrestrained grief, wailing "why did you leave me" and ask for a soulmate to stay?

— No, it is not necessary, but it's gonna remain. And will suffer. The cries of the poor and ignorant relatives at a time when the soul moves in the spiritual dimension, disrupt the process. The moment of transition filled with grace, it should happen in the silence, the light, sublime sadness. Otherwise people will remain in the earth's atmosphere, like a Ghost, clinging to your own house or for relatives.

Prayer, a call for help to those who go out of the physical body in the spiritual — to God of any religion is the best help the dying man. The prayer is long, until the fortieth day, when it splits the etheric body, which at our level dwelt a soul, and it completely goes to another dimension.

— You with such love and dedication care about other people's children. Do you have children?

— I'm twelve years married and raising a boy and a girl are the children of the wife from his first marriage, who are very dear to me.

A good way to get a minimum of responsibility for the children and a maximum of joy from them!

About eleven and I thought: how can I love one woman for all his life? And maybe the second or third will be better? In the school for four years, we had thirteen lessons of Russian language and literature. I avidly read the Russian classics, novels and stories in which there is no happy love stories. Proud and lonely Lermontov's Pechorin from "the Hero of our time" was my virtual phantom, I mentally communicated. I very early on felt that can't be happy on a normal level of the family. And at the same time, I always communicated well with children. Teacher Ilze p. Arkhipova, which my school taught Russian language and literature, advised me to become a pediatrician. I was totally against. Doctor — Yes, but only for adults! Arrived at the General medical faculty, but for me it lacked half a point, and I was taken to a pediatric, for which I am sincerely grateful.

Over the years, in intensive care, I realized that it is very easy to create a child and thus satisfy his ego. Made a friendly, ponani, kissed, stroked... But what else can give? I see these drunken degenerates, who are also, no doubt, divine creatures who multiply like fish in the pond, whose children then suffer and die. I understand that some of the children were brought up in horrible conditions and became a genius or a Saint, someone from infancy begging and became the avatar of God. Understand that the material and psychological comfort is not always the most important thing in the upbringing of the child. But I have my own, personal attitude to suffering. And I wouldn't want under any circumstances to condemn him human.

Everyone chooses their own measure of responsibility. And I chose the responsibility for foster children and their patients.

Six million nine hundred fifty five thousand four hundred four

— The main person in Your life?

— (Long silence.) Once I started thinking about this — so I do not have that.

Is your favorite movie?

All movies with Nikulin. Why Nikulin? Because of the complex otherworldly Tarkovsky or "the Matrix" is cool. But I do cool enough in my life and at work. And when you see parents, you know how transcendent wisdom of life turns into brilliant simplicity. It is a revelation to me. In a recent interview with Nikulin asked: "What is happiness?"He replied: "It's very simple. I get up in the morning. My wife and I drink coffee. Breakfast. And I'm going to work in the circus.“ A long pause, and the whole of Russia dies and molded to the TV screen — what next?.. Nikulin after a pause continued: "Then I work at the circus. Go back in the evening. My wife and I are having dinner. Drink tea. I'm going to bed“. Point. All perceived entirely as is, without hatred, without regret. And routine dullness immediately see the perfection of the universe. Nikulin gives be fulfilled excellent, without nerves, without hysteria, without any disruptions. He knows how to laugh, he shows us the deep joy of being. As God, the Child is his image.

— What is the meaning of your life?

— Life has no meaning. What's the point in sleeping? Where are these people who lived before us? They are not and never have been! From the void we came into it and get back. There is no meaning in anything, even in art. Very being is above all, above Bach and Mozart. You just have to live. And to do that we can. It is necessary to know yourself. Incredibly interesting stories advanced people on out-of-body experience. They are in other worlds, tell you how good there much better than here. And think: how exciting, it seems that those measurements can and to satisfy you. Need to go there! Visit — I have had such moments. And there comes a time when you realize that those great worlds, too, are unable to meet your request.

And come to the conclusion that you just live, do what you can, and let everything be as it is.

— What is happiness for You? Did You feel it?

— Happiness is a short glimpse when the mind is calm and spiritual intelligence feels the presence of the eternal force that responds to the radiance of your inner light. The balance of the internal and external. And you realize that it would be in such a state peace and joy always. What is stopping you? Of course, our continuously bustling mind.

And for me, happiness is when a sick child asks for water and I spoon I give him to drink and quench his thirst. Happiness is when I see smart, intelligent and kind parents who love their child.

— Is it important for You that You are loved by others?

For me it is more important to love yourself. Love is when You have common interests, You same really like and don't like. On such basis, a perfectly acceptable family life. But in fact everyone falls asleep and dies himself, in his solitude. As God is one, and you're alone. And if someone manages to integrate into the loneliness of another person is wonderful.

— Loneliness — grief?

— Question — why are you single? Many committed people, such as Maharishi, it is recommended for a person's family life. Jesus Christ was in Tibet and said to the men: "the Best monastery for you, your family. This is a great school of Ministry, because when you do good to another person, you do good God.“ I personally like to wash dishes, to iron shirts. I use these moments to practice mindfulness in a concentrated.

— If You were omnipotent, what changes would You make in our lives?

— I would ask God: "it is Clear that all is an illusion but why, dear God, it took You to create the illusion, in which children and adults are starving, and it is felt on a physical level? Create another dream for a reason. This is Your nightmare we're bad! Figure it to us and You need?“

Scientists, including the famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, believe that the God of the Universe is not created. May not be created. Maybe it was created by fallen angels and other inept disciples of God to implement their systems. They throw soul, created by God, in the material worlds, which have built themselves. And then consider what happened, and pals show. And the task of the Holy teachers — Jesus, Buddha — these sparks of God to pull out of alien worlds and return to God.

The Buddha said that the creation is a manifestation of ignorance of the gods. What did he mean by that? Leo Tolstoy wrote "War and peace". He was writing interesting. We read interesting. And if you imagine that the characters in his books live in the world created by the writer, where die in war, in childbirth, and suffer from disease? They would have murmured and rebelled against the Creator: "Why didn't you come up with a good book with a good ending?“

And if I were Almighty, he would have to have a world without pain and physical suffering. And the moral torments of type "snail" people will somehow manage. published  


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