Photo report from Latvia

In April last year, went to Latvia, so to speak on the places of former glory.

Decided to lay out a photo report on Latvia and Riga in particular.

Strongly do not beat, it's my first post

44 photos


Arriving almost immediately decided to fulfill a childhood dream and climb the Tower. It is located on an island in the middle of the river Daugava (in Russian - Western Dvina. The length of the Western Dvina River - 1020 km: 325 km are in the Russian Federation, 328 - and 367 on Belarus - to Latvia. © Wikipedia).

On this photo you can see both sides of the river and the Gulf of Riga on the horizon.

I apologize for the quality, filmed through the dirty windows.


Stands out most certainly Dome Cathedral (the highest spire). Authority that there is - is set to 1883-1884 years. An impressive body height of three floors includes 6,768 pipes (according to other sources - 6718), metal and wood, ranging in length from 13 mm to 10 m. The organ has four keyboards and one hand - for the feet. On the remote - 124 registers and 47 levers to enable various support mechanisms. Air is supplied by means of the six furs. The largest of them has a size of 2, 5 × 6 m. At the time of construction of the Cathedral organ was the largest in the world. © Wikipedia

Left spire of St. Peter's.


And then a beautiful building. I have no idea what's ... But overall nice.


Now the bridge has probably completed. When I was there, I was told that this is kind of like one of the most expensive short bridges in the world. Because Latvia is a small, but very proud country


The same bridge but the other day, and from a different angle.


As can be seen on the facade, the house was built in 1646. A very old house. And very beautiful ...


In recent years, Riga Town Hall tries to restore as much of the old city. Here is one of those streets, after major repairs.


Somewhere among the streets of the Old Town, you can find a very famous house. And more is known of his roof, than himself. There's a permanent guardian, sits a black cat.


There, in the Old City, you can find a gun. She was found, archaeologists, restored and put on display.


Very interesting, relatively new (maybe only for me) custom. After the registrar's office to go to the bridge and hang it with the names of Castle Suite.


Bridge with locks


After a long walk through the old town, I sat in the park and saw the sculpture. I do not know about you, but it seems to me called "Statue of shaving legs Girl»


One of the areas of the city. Yugla. Just beautiful ...


This statue of independence of Latvia. Large, formidable. With guard.


Changing of the guard. All terribly solemn.


Fountain in the park


Next to the new buildings and renovated houses there are ...


And this is just crawling near the window after rain





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