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I understand Latvian Natsik all blown away and killed far away. at all despite the fact that the founders of the Waffen-SS as may be trying to distance itself from its past, they flaunt. The clinic, in a word. Defenders, blah. Protect, it seems to me like something different.
In Latvia, in the center of Bauska opened the first in the Baltic States soldiers monument police battalions that were part of the Latvian Legion "Waffen SS", writes TSN.
As stated by the local authorities, these battalions were defenders of Latvia, therefore plaque on the monument reads that the monument was erected "Defenders Bauski from the second Soviet occupation." The following inscription: "Latvia should be Latvian state."
The opening ceremony of the monument was attended by local MPs and representatives of the nationalist association & quot; All for Latvia! & Quot ;, represented in parliament.

This association also regularly participates in the march on March 16, which is unofficially considered a day of remembrance of SS legionnaires.


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