The most unusual monuments of the world

During the journey we always strive to get to the historic center or beautiful town square. Many of them are very similar to each other that they have the same monuments — the horse riders, military generals or visionaries looking into the future, or elaborate fountains. From time to time and want to see something unusual and it will help you this selection. Meet the most unusual monuments that are located in different parts of the world.

The fountain of eater of children (Kindlifresserbrunnen) the Name of this fountain is translated as “eater of Children”. The statue depicts a cannibal eating baby bag children shoulder. Nobody's quite sure what this monument symbolizes, and assumptions are different. Some believe that it is the Krampus, a creature from folklore, who punishes bad children at Christmas. Some believe that the monument depicts a Jew. Others believe that it symbolizes the Ogre war that eats children in Switzerland. These theories are just some of the many. There is one point in which all agree: the monument is damn frightening.

A Memorial To Crazy Horse, Dakota

Apart from size, the monument of Crazy Horse there is nothing visually unusual, but his story is really a bit strange. Crazy Horse was the military leader of the indigenous Indians of the Lakota who fought against the United States government, protecting their land and way of life. He even led his warriors to victory in one of the battles against the army of the United States. The question arises as to which there is no unequivocal answer: why has he got one of the biggest monuments in America? In addition to this Crazy Horse are also depicted on one of the marks of the USA. Another interesting fact is that the monument building is now 66 years old, but he's still not finished! When the job is finally done, a length of 195 meters and a height of 180.

The monument of Wenceslas on a dead horse, Prague

On Wenceslas square, right in the historical centre of Prague, you can watch the splendid statue of St. Wenceslas on horseback. Wenceslas was the patron Saint of Bohemia and the basis of his statues are decorated with images of saints. Near this statue is the Palace Lucerne with unusual monuments inside, something like a parody of the main statue of Wenceslas. The horse is dead and hanging from the ceiling upside down, while Vaclav sits on her stomach. Sculpture Dave Cerny is very unusual, and nobody knows its exact meaning. During sightseeing in Prague, this place is a must.


The Coll Weevil Monument

Believe it or not, but this strange monument in Alabama dedicated to the insect that destroyed all their crops. After the weevil appeared in Alabama in 1915, it took him only three years to destroy cotton crops. Instead of cursing the heavens, a H. V. Sess found financial patron and retrained on the cultivation of peanuts. This eventually forced all the local farmers to diversify their crops. The result compensated for all their losses, and the city experienced an unforeseen financial growth. In honor of this prosperity, the city built a Coll weevil monument in the center of the business district.


In the High plains of Nebraska is an unusual monument Carhenge. At first glance You might think that looking at the famous Stonehenge, but in fact it is 38 vintage cars painted gray and embedded in the ground to create the exact replica of the Stonehenge in England. Carhenge was conceived and built in 1987. Its Creator Jim Reynders grew up in England and studied the original Stonehenge so close to make it an exact copy. The attraction became quite popular, it even has its own visitor center.

A monument to the Enema in Russia

In the Russian city of Zheleznovodsk is a monument to the enema. If the presence of the statue enemas are not strange enough for You, you are his cherubim. The Creator of the monument Svetlana Avecina was inspired by the cherubs of the Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. Once You learn a little history of Zheleznovodsk, a strange monument becomes a little more sense. The city is known primarily for its hospitals that use fresh mineral water in their enemas.

Giant robot Gundam

On the island of Odaiba in the middle of the recreation area of Tokyo Bay, is a Paradise for fans of the Gundam robots. Many attractions of the Park is inspired by a very popular cartoon. There is also an exact copy of the giant robot Gundam in a real size. The height of the monument Gundam Mecha robot known as the RX-78-2, reaches 13 meters. It has respective the light illumination and sound effects.

A monument of a Shark in Headington

At first glance, the monument to the shark stuck in the roof and fallen from the sky, it may seem just humorous project. But in fact its meaning is much deeper. The shark was created for the 41st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. According to artist John Buckley, the shark was to Express a feeling of powerlessness, anger and despair, nuclear power, Chernobyl and Nagasaki”.

Underwater sculpture Molinere

You will not be able to see this monument on earth, because it is located on the bottom of the ocean. Near the West coast of Grenada, at the bottom are unusual statues, which can be accessed only by scuba divers. Most of the statues are made of cement by artist Jason Taylor. The statues represent local residents, telling about their everyday life. Some of them ride bikes, or sit on the couch and watch TV. What is really unusual — for a long time the monuments were covered with corals that made them unique.

Manneken Pis, Brussels

Topping the list of the most unusual monuments of this kid. This statue is many frustrating when we first met. Normal Manneken Pis — each of us does it every day. The statue is very small — only 61 cm tall. But the singularity of this guy lies in its history. One hundred percent not certain why the statue was made or what it represents. One story suggests that a local resident has lost her baby. The whole town formed a search party and when they finally found the little boy, he stood and wrote. Joyful boy's father has created bronze sculpture and was handed over as a gift. Another more outlandish story implies that a small boy prevented a fire nearly destroyed the city, is writing for him. Manneken Pis included in a list of 10 overrated attractions in the world.




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