Unusual monuments of Moscow (47 pics + text)

01 Friendship Monument curds

Processed cheese "Druzhba" - one of the most popular brands of the Soviet era. Cheese sold in stores today. In 2004 the factory processed cheese "Karat" has announced the tender for the production of cheese curds of the monument "Friendship". As a result, of the 150 projects submitted to the contest, the chosen one. The authors appealed to the well-known characters from a fable by Ivan Krylov "Crow and the Fox". Irreconcilable opponents Fox and the Crow, sitting, embracing, on the stump, gently squeeze processed cheese. Curd on the monument played very thoroughly - even with a barcode.
The monument was erected at the address. Rustaveli, d. 14. The monument - sculptor father and son Shcherbakova authors of the idea - Professor Semenov and artist Mikhail Leskov.

Monument Yevgeny Leonov in the form of Associate Professor
If you want, I try to imagine what a man feels, now tear fall and vykolyut morgaly - then you are welcome at Mosfilm street, where there is a monument Yevgeny Leonov in the form of associate professor. In the hands of the monument can be considered funny tattoos.

Monument movie camera
Not far from the monument Yevgeny Leonov Assistant Professor in the form of the monument camera. But this is not the only monument movie camera at the entrance to the Film Institute, on the street. Wilhelm Pieck, there is a whole composition of the camera platform underneath Jupiter and lighting.

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Monument Baron Munchausen.
At Metro Youth sculptor Andrey Orlov in 2005 to erect a monument to Baron Munchausen. For a while the monument was considered samostroem and would carry, but the monument is called, has taken root.

The monument to Hodja Nasreddin
In the spring of 2006 to the Baron Munchausen I added more and Nasreddin Hodja.

"Man in a tree»
The park of the underground Frunzenskaya, right after the entrance, is an interesting sculpture-monument in the form of a green tree. If you look closely at it, it can be found among the branches of the human person and other "live" and "Undead».

"Frivolous vacationer Pushkin»
Normally, a person shown in the form of the monument - "worth it." Well, sometimes sitting, despite the fact that "it is a monument, who would sit him down." In the back yard of the embassy, ​​near Novy Arbat street, you can see the pillars of Russian poetry, AS Pushkin in a very unusual position for the Monuments - Pushkin is there .... And how good it is - his feet up on the back of the couch.
Located on the street M. Molchanovka

"The best part konkobezhki»
Not far from the monument to Pushkin lying perched somewhat unusual monument. He is sticking out of the ground on which his feet were attached skates ...

"Shawarma for a cannibal." "Hang Gliding»
Monument to the metro Yasenevo, embodies a man's desire to fly, or - a strong family. The central element of this complex monumental composition is a spit on which planted a child, and apparently, his father. Tellingly, despite the obvious physical injuries, people on the monument and pyshut happiness.
Officially the monument, like, called "Hang Gliding", by G.

Monument: The children - victims of adult vices
This song always impressive monuments of people who see it for the first time. It is a social and a bit eerie monument "The children - victims of adult vices" on Bolotnaya Square.

Monument: The children - victims of adult vices
This song always impressive monuments of people who see it for the first time. It is a social and a bit eerie monument "The children - victims of adult vices" on Bolotnaya Square.

Unusual sculpture now graces the entrance to the building of the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) - without crossing the territory of the pass problematic. The cast bronze figure of a young man, established here in honor of the 110th in a row set of students, symbolizes respect for the painstaking work of students.
Bronze student a copy of the student of the Imperial School of Engineering of the late XIX century, then became the only university in Moscow railroad. Thoughtful young man's face, the book and lying on her eyeglasses give the young man diligent worker.
Immortalized in bronze image of a student the university decided not to chance. The fact that neither the years of the revolution, nor in time of war studies at the university did not stop, and on September 1, 2005 the 110 th in a row set of students. By the way, this gift is the current student body took gratefully. It seems that the monument becomes a cult associated with him for several educational traditions. Young people to get on the exam "excellent" jump over the outstretched legs Bronze student, clean his shoes with handkerchiefs or just touch his books.

"Moscow - Petushki»
They say, first, the monument would be divided, and a part of "Moscow" put in Moscow, as part of the "End of the Line" in the ... right !, Petushki. But to do that did not, put both sides of the square of Struggle (near, by the way, from student)



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