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The principle of cardiopulmonary bypass
Heart-Lung Machine - a device that provides the optimal level of blood circulation and metabolism in the body of the patient, or in an isolated organ; It is designed to serve as a temporary heart and lungs.

Thus, the heart-lung machine includes a set of related systems and units. First of all, it's "artificial heart" - the pump - which pumps blood to the volume required for the sustenance of the speed of blood flow.
Gas exchange device ("artificial lung" or oxygenator) saturates the blood with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide and maintains the acid base balance in the physiological range. The construction of oxygenators is based on one of the four principles of blood oxygen saturation: bubble, film, foil and foam through a semi-permeable synthetic membranes.

Expanding the boundaries of Moscow
In Moscow will be expanded to 2, 35 times, 144 thousand hectares.

According to the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, the capital will be more in 2, 35 times - from 107 thousand to 251 thousand hectares. The expansion will take place at the expense of areas bounded by the Kiev and Warsaw highway, and the big ring of the Moscow railway.
This choice by the press service of the Mayor and the Moscow government is due to the relatively low urbanization of this sector of the Moscow region, its optimal location to perform functions of the capital Moscow, and also the fact that there has historically placed the objects that contribute to the implementation of the capital's functions.
As planned in the City Hall, in new areas of the city may see up to 105 million square meters of real estate, including 60 million "squares" of housing and 45 million "squares" of the building of social and business purposes.
"This will provide housing for 2 million Muscovites and create over 1 million new highly skilled jobs. In the new territories of Moscow planned to place the federal authorities, the authorities of Moscow an international financial center facilities, research and education, and innovation clusters including an innovation center "Skolkovo" - says in a press release.
At the same time, said chairman of the committee to ensure the implementation of capital investment projects in construction and supervision of participatory construction (Moskomstroyinvest) Konstantin Timofeev, Moscow's approach to the development of the lands transferred from the Moscow region, will be complex.

First aid for sunstroke
The onset of hot weather can "threaten" not only carefree children but also adults solar or heat stroke.

Solar and heat stroke are most susceptible people badly transferring heat, obese, suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, glands, abuse alcohol. Quickly overheat and small children. Simple precautions can help not suffer from the heat. In hot weather experts advise limiting physical and mental stress, resort to water treatment, drink more fluids, especially acidic fruit drinks and green tea.

Development plans for the Moscow metro
The Moscow authorities are planning to build more than 70 kilometers of new subway lines by 2015.

Construction of the first section of the Third interchange circuit (TPK) Moscow Metro will begin, most likely, from the station "Savelovskaya," said Nikolai Shumakov - Metrogiprotrans chief architect in charge of the development projects in Moscow metro stations.
Two of the existing so-called interchange circuit of the Moscow metro - a ring line and stations direct inside. Third interchange circuit has to go around the Circle Line. Earlier, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin urged to accelerate the construction of the subway, and set a target to build 70 km of subway in Moscow in 2015, for these purposes in 2011 allocated 50 billion rubles. The mayor also stated the need to go to the inline construction of underground stations on standard projects, rather than an individual.
According Shumakova, according to the first stage of construction of the circuit, it should appear once the seven stations of deep foundations (at a depth of 50 meters), and the eighth will be the built station "Business Center".

Factors that could ruin a marriage
The Russians have called the factors that can ruin even the close-knit family.


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