How do Swiss Army Knives

The Swiss Army knife - a multi-function folding knife, which is equipped with a blade and a number of additional tools, such as screwdrivers, bottle opener, corkscrew and so on. In the inoperative position the tools are inside the handle of the knife and removed the internal rotation around the hinge.
What feelings you will experience if you find yourself suddenly in a large room filled with dozens and dozens of containers of different sizes, which contain the individual components that are part of Swiss army knives?
As part of Road Trip 2011, reporter Agency CNET Daniel Terdiman got a unique opportunity to visit the plant, which is located in a small town in central Switzerland, where the company «Victorinox» has been producing world famous knives since 1891 - even before it became known this name.

1. Today, the company produces more than a million knives a year, about 350 different models.
The photo - a container with tweezers, which is a mandatory part of almost each of these models.

2. Before you - one of the original models of Swiss Army knife, made back in 1891. It was then that the company owner Carl Elzener decided to equip the Swiss army knives of manufacture. Although he did not have time even now well-known logo and the company Elzenera has not carried the name «Victorinox» (she was a few years later, after the mother Elzenera Victoria, and because the French word «inox», meaning "stainless steel ") - this knife is not the slightest difficulty in recognizing the direct predecessor of that almost every one of us has today. The Swiss government still buys knives for all his soldiers just at this company. Since 1891, there was a total of eight different models for the Swiss military, the last of which came in 2008.

3. At the bottom of the main blade of the Original Swiss Army Knife can see the logo of the company Karl Elzenera - before it was called «Victorinox», it bore the name of its owner.


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