6 main qualities of the ideal survival knife

Survival knife should do exactly what is stated in its name — to help you survive. It is a tool with dozens, if not hundreds of different functions. It can be used to cut, dig, chop wood and nuts, to defend, to provide first aid, cook food, pitch a tent, build a fire, to hunt or to give signals. Below, we have 6 major characteristics of a quality survival knife.

1. Razerrazer, of course, important, but, with respect to knives for survival, more isn't better. If the blade is too large, it reduces the ability to use the knife for fine work. On the other hand, too small a blade will hinder the implementation of larger problems like batoning or planing.

Batoning, or splitting of firewood, occurs in the following way: you put a knife into a block of wood on top with something heavy, and then, holding the handle, continue to beat on the protruding side of the tip.

Perfect size knife about 25 centimeters. Pictured below Blackbird SK-5 the entire length 25.4 centimeters, and its blade is slightly less than 13 inches.

2. Fixed klinkner with a fixed blade is much safer and more durable than folding. For some simple daily operations folding knife may even be more convenient, but when it comes to really serious situations of survival, the blade of your knife should be securely fixed.

Connection of any kind is potentially a weak spot. Therefore, to reduce the risk of breakage your key survival tool, choose a knife better suited for cutting, splitting and rough shaping

3. Surface mounting, relateto means that the blade and shank must consist of a solid and continuous piece of metal. Trim the shank is usually used in order to make the handle more comfortable and easy, but a knife with a full shank looks much stronger, more reliable and more solid than his circumcised counterparts.

Over time stub shank may start to "walk" inside of the handle, particularly after operations such as chopping wood. If somehow you break the handle itself, then use a knife like this will be much harder and more dangerous.

While a knife with a full shank can simply wrap the rope to good use. In short, an integral and a single piece of metal — one big advantage. To identify this knife is quite simple — most of them the abdomen the handle looks like a sandwich with a layer of metal in the middle.

4. Kopeobrazny clinometry should be sharp. It seems obvious and sounds like a tautology, but there are "survival knives" with square, rounded, curved or blunt tip. There are a lot of reasons why your knife must have kopeobrazny blade. First, this is important in case of self-defense against an animal or person. All is not pointed at the end knives reduce the possibility of its use as a weapon, especially when there is a thick layer of fur or clothing.

A knife with a blade kopeobrazny can be used as a weapon for hunting — both by itself, and being strapped to a long stick and turned into a full spear. In the second case, it is useful to have in the scabbard hex to Unscrew the handle and make a spear more convenient.

Kopeobrazny blade much easier to clean small items, like pine or walnuts, acorns, cleaning fish, in drilling and making holes, repairing clothes and equipment and in the manufacture of lures.

5. A blade with a single edge and straight spuskanija of the knife should not have a double-edged dagger blade, his ability is absolutely not in demand for most, if not all tasks for survival. Moreover, such construction of the blade can be harmful. Direct descents are great for cutting bark for the campfire. Rounded or bevelled butt makes the operation almost impossible. Exactly like if you split with a knife, firewood, or cut firewood, sharpened the ax will be for you a great hindrance in this case.

6. Solid and smooth relationet the end of a handle often used as a hammer or for crushing. For example, it is convenient to hammer pegs for tent or make a hole in the ice during winter fishing, hitting it with a stick and thus driving the knife into the ice. Some of the knives the butt end is rounded or curved, which eliminates the function of crushing. Therefore, having a direct and lasting end, your knife is only going to expand your functionality.

6 the above criteria should help you in choosing a knife for survival. Everything else is a matter of taste. Some tend to liken survival knife magic wand, but it is not necessary to forget that the most important is the skill of the magician.

Source: dnpmag.com/2014/11/26/6-glavnyx-kachestv-idealnogo-nozha-dlya-vyzhivaniya/


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