Knife Mythology (6 photos + text)

Mercury knife saboteur - a legend, passed from one generation to the next. This knife is extremely secret, as was in service with the elite troops of the Soviet saboteurs. Despite the extreme secrecy associated with this knife, about half of the people who know about it, holding it in his hands, and the other half even had them, but at one time lost.

Inside it contains a combat knife metal mercury, which allows combat saboteur to achieve several goals. Firstly, mercury balances the blade in flight, allowing confidence to hit the target at any distance. Secondly, the mercury penetrates into the body of the enemy, causing additional damage to the enemy's bodies, causing severe poisoning. Third, in a desperate situation of combat saboteur can commit suicide by taking mercury. Fourth mercury knife is an indispensable tool in a situation where medical help is not available for obvious reasons.

2.Nozh of steel weapons.

The best possible option for the steel blade is a "weapon" steel. This knows almost everyone, although the knives made of the famous weapons of steel, almost calculated units. This is because the manufacturing process of the steel blade is extremely time-consuming and laborious, and the secret of his to this day is considered lost. Mastery obtain weapons became famous have only Soviet warrant. By submitting this secret from generation to generation, they have reached incredible heights. Ancient records and records of penalties allow us to lift the veil a little bit of this ancient mysterious ritual.

A month before the production of the blade Soviet lieutenant had to start training the mind and body to reach the inner concentration, harmony and unity with the world and the gods. He had to adhere to strict fasting, giving up alcohol completely, but the spirit and the will of the warrior he tempered by reading all day Charters and exploring the wisdom of the ages. At the end of the month on a moonless night, a Soviet lieutenant got into the tank park and a hacksaw to saw off a gun T-72 tanks, the source of the precious steel weapons. This gun he spent three days and three nights raskalival and processed, achieving uniformity of the material, The result is a unique composite, a plate of steel that never tupilas and was able to punch right through the rail.

Unfortunately, with the disappearance of the Soviet caste warrant, sunk into oblivion, and the exact recipe for this steel. Many scientists have tried to reproduce it, but in vain - and only those who have kept a knife, can rightly be proud of him.

3.Taktichesky knife.

Despite all the advantages and benefits of knives from the armory became true experts, if not after the first, after a second, tell you what a truly dangerous, serious knife is just a knife tactical. As the name implies, this is a very special knife, which is required for the possession of a man with a seasoned tactical thinking. Identify real tactical knife quite easily. In our time, the shelves are full of consumer goods, all kinds of «CRKT», «Mcusta», «Ka-Bar» and so forth., But an experienced man walks past them.

A sure sign of the tactical knife - the knife has to be black. If only the black handle, it is also reason to doubt, but if he is black absolutely all - take it without hesitation! This is a real tactical knife! To prove its effectiveness and the quality is absolutely unnecessary - everything is clear from the title. There are also rumors about the existence of a single family of knives strategic, higher level of tactical knives, but few can boast of having seen them. It is believed that the strategic knife can be called any knife that sliced ​​sausage on the strategic map, but check the validity of this opinion is not yet possible.

4. Knife of Japanese steel.

The unique ability to produce knows no equal in the world of steel has long been famous oriental master. Small wonder that in 1945, when Allied forces invaded Japanese territory, the troops of the emperor sowed fear and panic with their martial Catania, who were able to cut in half the infantryman with a rifle or even a tank "Sherman" at full tilt. The source of knowledge about the famous Japanese steel are also extant ancient parable to assess the great skill of the Japanese masters. Here is one:

In ancient times, two masters in all of Japan had no equal in the manufacture of swords - Muramasa and Masamune. Both make excellent swords, which are better not seen the light, but none of them over the years and have not been able to prove his superiority over his rival. Then, seeing how sad his master, the Japanese emperor ordered to check who among them has reached greater perfection. To this end, each master ought to forge a sword and thrust it into the mouth of the creek. Master fulfilled his orders of the Emperor with great care. And when both swords were ready and stuck in a creek, gathered to see - all the leaves, bulge of the earth on the stream, which touched the sword Muramasa - proved dissected into two parts, the Masamune sword gutter leaves unharmed. Masamune sighed saddened master, but master of Muramasa just patted him on the shoulder, the rumor:
 - What Sergeitch again from the springs of "Moskvich" bungled? I spoke to you, with the Japanese steel had ...

5.Nozh from a secret alloy.

It's time to touch another category of knives, a recipe for making steel that also lost in centuries. This is an experimental steel from a closed Soviet research institutes, which, thanks to special treatment, and disseminated the secret elements of a secret section of the periodic table, had no equal on the part of the strength and impact resistance.

Legend appearance of this knife is known to many. In a closed Soviet Institute of Labor ordinary Soviet engineer. Once, out of curiosity, he took a piece of steel of which the Research Institute made all sorts of secret things, secret cutter and cut out her knife. Since the knife all the dominant genes turned too secret, secretly engineer blew his creation back home and only there could see its stunning properties - can opener to cut nails, bricks, concrete blocks - and all this is not a lot of Szczerba and without losing sharpness!

The level of secrecy that prevailed in the Soviet Union, has distorted the story - at least in every town and almost every household knows this outstanding engineer, every third specialist knives is his neighbor, and every second, even spit in the hands of the legendary knife. After the disappearance of the Soviet Union a unique knife was also lost. Rumor has it that the owner sold it to the United States as a souvenir, or that he was transferred to the "new Russian" in the troubled years of the 90s, but there is also a version that the signing of the agreement in the Bialowieza Forest secret elements that gave the knife unprecedented quality, time lost blagodeystvennye all their properties.

6.Nozh of "zone».

Another category of knives, which we would like to highlight - knives, made in prison. If you will question this expert, much less podnesete his glass, after a while he recognized that the best knives of all possible are those in which a hand in the creation of the master with the "zone." Only in the "zone" for centuries to create all conditions to the master can produce a truly high-quality knives. The administration long and hard to select the appropriate mode of importation into the territory of the best of all available in the world of steel, provided the prisoners with special machines.

Only in the "zone" the master can work on over the years by a single knife, honing and gradually bringing it to perfection. Knives made in the "zone", are not bought and sold, they are kept inaccessible to prying eyes, as required by the code of "zones". However, from time to time in some way one of these knives falls into the hands of the common man. In addition to the perfection of forms knife, made on the "zone", it has an important advantage over other knives - his sharpness is unparalleled, and he never blunts.



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