Without them I would be worse: 120 favorite books of Boris Strugatsky

Boris Strugatsky: "the Idea of the compilation of this list does not belong to me. I was asked, and I, on reflection, agreed. With pleasure.

Not all in a row. And not even the most respected. Not necessarily those to whom I bow my head in obeisance. But definitely the most favorite. Stood the test of time. Past with thee through all the vicissitudes of life and surviving on the shelf — now forever, to the very end, when we don't have time to read again. In the fifth. In the seventh. In the tenth.

We offer you a list of absolutely, if you will, defiantly subjective. No profound justification. Any reference to the historical significance and role in the world culture. Only love, gratitude, memory.

And the Frank admission that without these books I would be different. Moreover, without them I would be worse.

On my shelves is still a lot of wonderful and even great, sincerely read and even re-read, but I have no to them the tenderness, the gratitude for life and for life.

And strictly speaking, this is not a recommendation list. I don't recommend. I just invite readers to those books that are particularly fond of myself.

Generally speaking, I'm in the library hold only those books which I read at least twice (with very few exceptions). Now, the lists were those that I read at least three times. Let the interested reader make the above your own conclusions."


A. Adamovich "Punitive"

I. Babel "Odessa stories", "red cavalry"

G. Baklanov "Inch of land", "Dead shame not imut"

B. Balter , "goodbye, boys"

V. Belov "a Usual thing"

Alexander Beck "Volokolamsk highway", "New appointment"

G. bell "the clown"

V. Bogomolov, "In August of forty fourth"

Yuri Bondarev "Battalions ask for fire", "Two"

R. Bradbury "Fahrenheit 451"

M. Bulgakov's "Theatrical novel", "the Master and Margarita"

V. Bykov "Dead do not hurt"

Vercors "People or animals"

I. In "a Handful of dust", "Filthy flesh"

A. Volodin "Autumn marathon"

K. Vonnegut "cat's Cradle", "Sirens of Titan"

K. Hamsun "Pan"

J. Hasek "the good soldier Svejk" (part 1, 2), (part 3 of 4)

O. Henry "cabbages and Kings", most of the stories

N. Gogol "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka", "Nose", "Portrait", "diary of a madman"

Galsworthy "the Forsyte Saga"

Bitter "people"

Daniil Granin "bison", "the place for the monument"

I. Grekova "To the test", "pass", "Ladies hairdresser"

G. Greene "the Comedians," "Our man in Havana"

John.Darrell "Under the canopy of a drunken forests", "the way of the kangaroo"

C. Dickens "Notes of the Pickwick club"

S. Dikovsky "Patriots", "the Commandant of birds island"

F. Jackson "... so help me God"

D. K. Jerome "Three men in a boat", "How we wrote a novel"

A. Daudet "Tartarin of Tarascon"

Yuri Dombrovsky, "Keeper of antiquities"

F. Dostoevsky "Player", "Demons"

V. Dudintsev "Not by bread alone"

A. Dumas' Trilogy about d'artagnan

F. dürrenmatt "Accident", "the old lady's Visit", "the Promise"

M. Zoshchenko Stories

V. Ivanov "Rus Velikaya"

I. Ilf, E. Petrov "the Twelve chairs", "Golden calf"

F. Iskander "Night and day Chica", "Constellation Kozlotura"

V. Kaverin "Brawler, or Evenings on Vasilievsky island," "Two captains"

L. Kassil "Conduit and Shvambraniya" (the first edition)

F. Kafka "Process", "Transformation"

B. Kellerman "Tunnel"

R. Kipling "The Jungle Book"

W. Collins "the moonstone"

E. Caldwell "Georgia Boy", most of the stories

A. Conan Doyle "memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", "Sir Nigel"

S. de Coster "the Legend ulenshpigele"

V. Konetsky "Salty ice"

M. Crichton "the ANDROMEDA Strain"

A. Kuprin "Duel", "the Garnet bracelet", "Shulamith"

V. Kurochkin "In war as in war"

L. Lagin "Old Hottabych" (the first edition)

M. larni "Fourth vertebra", "Lady counselor"

M. Lassila "For the matches"

S. LEM "Solaris", "Voice of heaven", "Notes iyona Pacific"

M. Lermontov "Hero of our time"

N. Leskov "non-lethal Golovin", "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk", "Lefty"

H. Lee "to Kill a Mockingbird"

D. London , "Michael brother of Jerry", "Sea dog" stories

N. Lewis "the Sicilian specialist"

T. Mann "notes of the adventurer Felix Krool"

G. G. Marquez "the autumn of the Patriarch"

P. Merimee "the Chronicle of reign of Charles IX", "LOKIS"

I. Metter "In good conscience" and other stories

S. Maugham "Rain" and other stories

V. Nabokov "Lolita"

V. Nekrasov "In the trenches of Stalingrad"

Nibel and Bailey "Seven days in may"

P. Nilin "Cruelty", "Probation"

D. Aldridge of"Sea eagle", "don't want to die"

V. Orlov "Violist Danilov"

D. Orwell "1984"

D. O'hare "Case Lockwood", "Rendezvous in Samarra"

E. A. PoE "the adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym," "the Black cat"

N. Pomyalovsky "Essays Bursa"

J. Priestley "Blackout in Greatly"

A. Pushkin "captain's daughter" and "Queen of spades", "Dubrovsky"

F. Rabelais "Gargantua and Pantagruel" (book 1), (book 2), (book 3)

E. M. Remarque "arch of triumph", "Three comrades", "Black obelisk"

Rybakov "Heavy sand"

K. D. Simak "Reserve of goblins", "All living things"

M. Saltykov-Shedrin "the History of Glupov town", "the Pompadours and pompadours"

D. Swift "Gulliver's Travels"

Y. Semenov "Seventeen moments of spring"

E. Seton-Thompson's "Royal analostanka", "Domino"

G. Simenon Virtually all novels about Maigret

Konstantin Simonov "the Living and the dead"

A. Solzhenitsyn "One day of Ivan Denisovich", "Matryona's yard", "the Case at station Krechetovka", "the GULAG Archipelago" (volume 1), (volume 2), (3)

D. Steinbeck "Winter of our discontent"

R. Stevenson, "shipwrecked", "treasure Island"

D. Salinger "the catcher in the rye"

M. TWAIN "Tom Sawyer", "Huck Finn", "a Connecticut Yankee in king Arthur's court"

Tolstoy "Childhood Nikita", "Nevzorov's Adventures or Ibikus", "the Emigrants"(early editions)

Tolstoy "Hadji Murat," "War and peace"

Y. Trifonov , "the old Man", "House on the embankment"

Yu "Death Wazir-Mukhtar", "Lieutenant Kije", "Pushkin"

T. Wilder "the ides of March", "Theophilus North"

R. P. Warren "All the king's men"

H. G. wells "war of the worlds", "the Island of Dr. Moreau", "the invisible Man"

Fadeev "Defeat"

G. Fallada 's "Wolf among wolves"

L. Feuchtwanger , the Jewish war, "Foxes in the vineyard"

G. Flaubert "Salambo"

William Faulkner "The Hamlet", "Town", "Mansion"

M. frayn's "Tin soldiers"

M. Frisch "Homo faber"

E. Hemingway "For whom the bell tolls," "to have and Have not", "Fiesta"

D. Heller , "Catch-22"

K. Capek "War with salamanders"

A. Chapygin "Razin Stepan"

G. K. Chesterton "the Stories of father brown"

A. Chekhov Stories

D. Cheever's "Bullet Park", novels about the family of Wapshots

E. Schwartz "Dragon", "the Naked king"

G. Sherfig "Scorpion", "Lost official"

V. Shefner , "Sister sorrow"

M. Sholokhov "the Quiet don" (books 1,2), (books 3,4)

I. Show "Rich man, poor man", "the Young lions"

V. Yang "Genghis Khan" (Book 1), (Book 2) published


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