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Coverage Estet-portal is quite extensive – published information would be useful for anyone who is watching their appearance and health.

Experts in medicine can also become familiar with the clinical cases, opinions of colleagues, innovative methods and medications that are useful in practice.

We are confident that an open dialogue of qualified doctors and informed patients – the path to conscious beauty.

The category of "Patients" – health and beauty accessible to everyone ensures that patients, when deciding on a particular procedure, could make an informed decision. Especially for this was created the category of "Patients", where you can always find the latest information about health and beauty. Want to get rid of excess weight without surgery, become slimmer, more confident or simply to understand the causes of ill health? Then "Patients" for You!


We understand that excellent health and perfect appearance is the aim of every person. That is why in the section "Patient" is given a lot of tips, thanks to which You will be able to take care of your health and appearance by using simple and available tools. So, in the section "Patients" we publish:


  • advice on diet (for diseases, for weight loss, to improve the health, beauty skin, etc.);
  • the advice of traditional medicine;
  • description of the disease symptoms;
  • methods of treatment of diseases;
  • description and evaluation of beauty procedures;
  • exercises;
  • interesting facts about health, beauty, structure and function of the body;
  • educational videos etc.
The section headings "Patients":

  • "Health and beauty";
  • "Medicine and treatment";
  • "Diet and food";
  • The "helpful tips";
  • "Interview";
  • The "news";
  • "Interesting facts";
  • "Psychology";
  • "Dentistry";
  • "Video library".
The category of "Professionals" – useful information for medical professionals

In a special section for professionals in the field of medicine – "the Professionals" – published information on innovative techniques, products, drugs for use in various branches of medicine: dermatology, dentistry, gynecology, plastic surgery, etc.

The category of "Professionals" gives doctors the opportunity to share experience and to talk about the cases and to discuss relevant issues. Our portal in advance to inform specialists in the field of health and beauty on upcoming conferences, exhibitions, congresses, forums and workshops. In the directory of physicians provided information about the best professionals working in the field of medicine.

The section headings "Professionals":

  • "Dermatology";
  • "Cosmetology";
  • "Plastic surgery";
  • "Trichology";
  • "Endocrinology";
  • "Gynecology";
  • "Urology";
  • "Venereology";
  • "Dentistry";
  • "Events";
  • The "news";
  • "A directory of doctors, clinics and brands";
  • "Video";
  • "Expert opinion";
  • "The practice".
We have daily published relevant materials, including articles from professional foreign publications, such as "Prime Journal", "Body Language", "Aesthetics Journal. This ensures that our readers are the first to know about novelties in the field of medicine.

Our mission is to create a Union practitioners with the fundamental science and constructive dialogue with the patients. To provide readers with an expert, useful and reliable information.

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