How porn rebuilds your brain and destroys personal lives

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"The spread of pornography on the Internet is the most global ever unconsciously conducted human experiments" — so begins the report of the American neuroscientist Gary Wilson at TED conference in Glasgow in 2012. This report is a response to a report by the American social psychologist Philip Zimbardo (the same one who conducted the famous Stanford prison experiment ) "Disappearance of men." In his speech, Zimbardo has classified sexual addiction in General and addiction to Internet pornography in particular as a serious mental disorder that can lead to the extinction of the human species.

In response, Wilson was more optimistic. He talked not only about the devastating impact of Internet porn on the human brain, but also about the sudden disappearance of unwanted symptoms, and biological foundations of the process.

Generation left hand

According to the canadian psychologist Simon Laziness, the boys begin to look for pornography at the age of 10 years. Internet pornography is perceived as more exciting than the usual, traditional porn, that humanity addicted to in the past. "Why is that?"asks Wilson.

First, Internet porn is very diverse. In the conducted study, Australian scientists fastest excitement caused not just Nude, and her constant updating. The subjects were made to watch porn on 22 screens. When the screens had the most fresh clips, chubby (and subjective excitement) grew the fastest. "Nature takes care that the males were fertilized ready to copulate, females as long as around there is a new female, says Wilson. — The better you familiar partner, the more time it takes to reach ejaculation".

This phenomenon in psychology and biology known as the Coolidge effect: males show the highest sexual activity in relation to the latest ready-to fertilize females. The term is derived from a joke that the 30th US President John Coolidge released when visiting poultry farms. "What do you have, every cock serves the same chicken?". "No, every cock we have a few chickens!". "We ought to tell Mrs. Coolidge".

Without the Coolidge effect Internet pornography simply would not exist. We are programmed to consider each new appear on the monitor a female as an opportunity for procreation. With each new image in the brain is the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. It produces a feeling of pleasure and affects the processes of motivation and learning. Up until before a person appear a new picture, it will continue to click on them, and the dopamine is produced. With Internet porn a man can in 10 minutes to see more attractive women than his ancestors watched all his life.

But the brain we have is the same as that of stone age people. With regular viewing porn human brain begins to rebuild itself under constant exposure to potential sexual partners. Production of persistent associations between sex and circumstances of use of your Internet harem. You have to be alone; to spy on unsuspecting woman or couple; regularly clicking the mouse; you should be able to enter a search query for the next dose stimulating material. Windows with the material should be several, they should be constantly updated, must be present slider to rewind boring fragments. As noted by one of the respondents Wilson young people, we are the first generation priuchavshee to masturbate with my left hand.

Student porn does not understand

In real life sex takes place in a completely different environment. Here are important social rituals involving communication with their own kind, and some mental effort on your part. You have to touch other people and be ready to touch you too. In this important sex odors and pheromones, and with a partner produced an emotional connection. So what happens when addicted to virtual porn young man still finds himself a companion of flesh and blood? On this question, psychologists are not yet able to give a definite answer.

In 2009, the experiment of Simon Laziness stalled due to the fact that scientist are unable to find any student who is not familiar with Internet porn. So in any study of this kind will be no control group of young people who grew up on a normal sex and never dropped in on porn sites. This creates a huge blind spot in any experiment. Imagine if everyone male 10 years started Smoking! We would think that lung cancer is absolutely natural for men phenomenon.

Abandoning the control group, Laginess asked 20 selected students the question: "does Internet porn on your attitude towards women?"They said, "No, no effect". But they used porn sites for over a decade... it's like asking a fish, does her life water.

In addition, the researchers did not ask the subjects about symptoms that Philip Zimbardo described in "the Disappearance of men." In his work Zimbardo describes the symptoms of addiction to porn, which are very easily mistaken for symptoms of attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, clinical depression or obsessive-compulsive mental disorder. In medical institutions it is considered that all this is the result, not the cause of addiction from Internet pornography. So pornaddicted prescribe the same medications that of ADHD or depression stimulants, antidepressants, antipsychotics... And the doctors themselves addicti do not even consider the possibility that the symptoms can be defeated by a simple correction of behavior.

This raises another problem: few people believe in sexual addiction as a mental disorder. After all, sex is something healthy, even necessary for each person! But Internet pornography is not sex. "The difference between Internet porn and sex is the same as between modern video games and checkers," — says Wilson. According to a study by Danish scientists 2006, viewing pornography is the most addictive of all types of Internet classes. Biologically it is easy to explain: we have programmed to issue rewards for the actions necessary for survival. Sex, food, communication. In the modern form of these phenomena exaggerated to the extreme: porn instead of sex, sverhkaloriynogo fast food instead of eating, social networks instead of conventional communication.

Food with high in calories or naked girl on the cover immediately cause the release of dopamine. Excess dopamine mutes built-in mechanisms of satiety. If laboratory mice provide unrestricted access to sweets, sausages and cream, almost all of them dangerously fat. That's why four out of five Americans suffer from obesity: they are addicted to food. For comparison, the dependence on drugs or alcohol is produced in only 10% of the subjects matter, laboratory mice, they or people.

Fighting with myself

Once unlimited consumption of food or sex was an important evolutionary advantage. To put it simply: "get' em while give!"Wolves eat 10 kg of meat from each killed deer. The breeding season animals show increased sexual activity... but what if mating season never ends?

From regular doses of dopamine in the neurons of the FosB protein accumulates, leading to structural changes in the brain. First to enjoy the surrounding life is becoming increasingly difficult. Then you start to respond only to porn everything else by comparison seems dull and boring. Finally, you no longer will power — and it is already changing the frontal cortex of the brain. Before us the mechanism to develop any addiction — whether sex, gambling, food, or heroin.

But in the process of working with people in the past dependent on Internet pornography, psychologists made an important discovery. If the person stops the consumption of porn, the brain is gradually returning to normal. Already have a control group: people who voluntarily stopped watching porn on the Internet. Wilson calls this discovery the "Resurrection men" — by analogy with the "Disappearance" of Zimbardo.

"You might want to ask why a normal man may decide to refrain from watching pornography, quips Wilson. The answer is simple: erectile dysfunction". Internet kills the potency of young people. This confirms the study of the Italian Society of andrology and sexual medicine conducted in 2011. Pornaddicted stops to help even "Viagra" — if it ever really helped. Drugs to treat impotence are valid only below the belt, but the problem is in the brain. The brain sends weaker signals to the genitals. It begins with the weakening of the reaction to porn, then there is a General decrease in potency, and then pornaddict is generally unable to achieve erection.

The lessons can be learned three. First, above, shows the classic mechanism of any addiction. Secondly, Internet pornography and the Playboy different phenomena. Because never before in the history of mankind was not observed mass impotence in young men (even though "Playboy" has existed since 1953). Thirdly, erectile dysfunction way to get pornaddict to think and stand up to let the repair. Less significant symptoms are simply ignored.

For example, Wilson leads a young man 20 years, the last 8 years, met with psychologists and psychotherapists. He found depression, anxiety personality disorder, memory disorders and other mental disorders. He subscribed to stimulants, tranquilizers and antidepressants. He was expelled from two universities and twice dismissed. With social anxiety struggled with Smoking marijuana. Women in his life were many, he was handsome and rotated in a respectable society. But they quickly disappeared because of his strange behavior. Internet porn he was seriously fond of since I was 14. With 18 years began to try to change something in your life and realized that all his problems run into porn.

Two months before the conversation with Wilson, our hero is completely stopped to watch Internet pornography. Walking away was not so easy, but he managed to do it. Since then, the young man stopped using all medications, it improved memory and attention, with potency everything was in order and he turned into a real magnet for girls. Salutary part of his speech, Wilson graduated mention group "Patronati" on the site, the members of which in life there is only one goal: to survive without Masturbation 90 days. At the time of speaking in the group was 5888.

Unfortunately, people get twenties potency back much more slowly than older men. If the fifty year old man all right in a couple of months, the boys on the recovery of mental and physical health may take 4-5 months. According to Wilson, the point here is that adults did not start their sex life with the Internet porn. Problems of a sexual nature they started only when they had high speed Internet.

Adolescents also begin with the Internet, and in that moment, when their brain is capable of producing record amounts of dopamine. Keep in mind that during adolescence the brain occurs securing commonly used neural circuits and the elimination of unused. By the age of 22 this can lead to unpleasant consequences if you inadvertently watched a lot of extreme pornography or pornography, is not quite relevant to your current sexual orientation. "Fortunately, the human brain is very flexible and pliable. If a young man throw watch porn, sooner or later must return to its original biological state."

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