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In 1984, the Internet was only 1,000 computers. Within 16 years, their number has more than 90 million. If we compare the rate of increase in the number of users of radio and the Internet, we see the following picture: the number of "radiopolzovateley" amounted to 50 million. 38 years after the creation of the radio; to reach 50 million. It took the Internet only 4 years.

Internet has emerged as a means of rapid exchange of information. Today it is not just a medium of exchange, it is the media, business, advertising, Internet banking, etc. For some, this virtual life, where you can chat with friends (virtual or real), the occasion of the conference, to develop their hobby.

There is already a syndrome of Internet addiction in China, even opening a specialized clinic in the framework of a national program to combat Internet addiction. China - not the first country where Internet addiction is solved at the state level. In recent months, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, too, have taken measures to protect teenagers from excessive enthusiasm virtual reality. As part of these measures is limited to the admission of children in the internet clubs and introduced system of "parental control" that automatically stop a session every five hours through the online game. You do not need to put all the blame on the Internet. Psychiatrists say that one of the causes of the disease - a boring life. Many people simply have nothing to do and they spend long hours in virtual worlds.

Despite the problems with the Internet addiction, Internet can truly be considered a major scientific achievement of the twentieth century that changed the world for the better. Today, all actively developing Internet marketing. Internet Marketing first appeared in the early 1990s, when the then text sites have begun to post information about products. Now there is not only trade information products, and real goods, information space, software products, business models, etc. Active development of the online stores as a convenient means of ordering, Clint and find potential source of information about products for both customers and employees koporatsii, gave rise to many successful companies today. Top sellers in shops - it's a book, stationery, computers and household appliances.

With the advent of Internet marketing have become highly popular virtual money. Today, there are many non-bank payment systems. In the CIS, the most popular is the system WebMoney, giving a comfortable and at the same time a reliable method of payment over the Internet. As a result - and the appearance of virtual money to pay for services online bank cards appeared and Internet fraud. However, today the Internet is increasingly attracting investors and advertisers (especially with the advent of online video ads), and appears more people for whom the Internet has a high yield territory to make money


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