I just 5 minutes Please, check mail

Internet has entered our lives. We send emails in one click thousands of kilometers away, watch movies, which only came out in theaters, read literature, which is not always to be found in the library, talk to people who have never seen. All this gives rise to a new generation of disease. People spend hours on the Internet, can not bring himself to leave the network. Did you ever have occasions when you went in the evening for 5 minutes to check the mail and turn off the computer only in the morning?

1. Today, worldwide, there are over 2 billion. Internet users. Only in Kazakhstan there are about 5 million. And the projected number of Internet users in the world doubles every year

2. And now, psychologists have already dismantled the new phenomenon of Internet addiction, which has already been recognized on a par with alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling

3. If you find yourself at the following symptoms, then you most likely Internet addiction:

 - You can not control the time spent at the computer. Promise to reduce it, and exit the program and can not do it (as a rule, very mad at those who distracts you from your computer).

 - Lying on the track of time, which is spent in the network, or minimize it or hide what did you do (for example, say that five hours writing a diploma at the time, in fact all the time playing online game or talking on Skype)

4. - to suffer the consequences, conducted a computer (in their number can enter undone as the important things in real life, and headaches)


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