I just 5 minutes Please, check mail

Internet has entered our lives. We send emails in one click thousands of kilometers away, watch movies, which only came out in theaters, read literature, which is not always to be found in the library, talk to people who have never seen. All this gives rise to a new generation of disease. People spend hours on the Internet, can not bring himself to leave the network. Did you ever have occasions when you went in the evening for 5 minutes to check the mail and turn off the computer only in the morning?

1. Today, worldwide, there are over 2 billion. Internet users. Only in Kazakhstan there are about 5 million. And the projected number of Internet users in the world doubles every year

2. And now, psychologists have already dismantled the new phenomenon of Internet addiction, which has already been recognized on a par with alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling

3. If you find yourself at the following symptoms, then you most likely Internet addiction:

 - You can not control the time spent at the computer. Promise to reduce it, and exit the program and can not do it (as a rule, very mad at those who distracts you from your computer).

 - Lying on the track of time, which is spent in the network, or minimize it or hide what did you do (for example, say that five hours writing a diploma at the time, in fact all the time playing online game or talking on Skype)

4. - to suffer the consequences, conducted a computer (in their number can enter undone as the important things in real life, and headaches)

5. - to overestimate the role of the computer in their lives and give up critical assessments are deaf to the views of others on the subject

6. - have mixed feelings of euphoria and guilt for the time spent on the network

 - Feel the depression or anxiety when something interferes with your plans (for example, prevents the game, turn off the computer, disconnect the Internet)

7. - immersed in a virtual activity, even while away from the computer (for example, think about how to get to the next level of a computer game, experiencing or anticipating the start of the novel network as sprogrammiruete new virus)

8 - using the Internet as an outlet in times of sadness or depression

 - Experiencing financial problems because of computer activity (such as spending too much money on computer games or surfing the Internet payment)

9. We decided to conduct a small survey - how much time people spend online, and what would the alternative he could do at this time?

Anton, 26 years old, the Internet holds almost all the time. Although instead I would prefer to spend it on the nature

10. Hassan, 21, on the Internet spends 11 hours a day. I could devote the time music group, to which it is

11. Victoria, 20 years old, the Internet holds to 7 hours per day. I devote yourself completely the architect

12. Andrew, 24, a network 10 hours a day. He devoted more time to creative work, namely recording his own tracks in the studio

13. Diehl, 23, a network 12 hours a day. I spend more time to housework and improve their culinary skills

14. Vitaly, 27, spends approximately 12 hours a day. According to him, instead he would be better off getting a second degree

15. Olga, 22 years old, holds daily online 8 hours. I've always wanted to travel and that it would take if it were not sitting on the internet

16. Nerses, 22, is almost always online. Would increase their musical skills

17. Victor, 24 years, the network 10 hours a day, but instead would gladly have gone in for sports, and went into the mountains

18. Oksana, 28, is online 12 hours a day. Instead, it would deal with vocals, piano playing, learning languages, art, sports, education or produce a second increase in the first, as well as design their own home, cooking and healthy eating

19. There is also another category of users - people who use the Internet for business purposes (or believe that the use)

Ivan Glushchenko, 26 years old, engaged in online promotion of goods and services, in a public relations agency. The second type of activity - an expert in mobile technology. Daily on the Internet spends about 16-18 hours.

 - Job PR manager requires to be constantly up to date, so I spend a lot of time on social networks, forums and blogs. But sometimes, without much benefit to the business, I leaf through all sorts of news sites about how "Julio Iglesias seduced another Russian" or "Kamaz flew over flying motorcycle." At times it goes unnoticed for hours. I have quite a hobby: I collect coins, fire, play Korean drums, long time I want to sign up for the vocals to hone their skills parody. Instead of sitting useless in the network could do something of the following serious. On the other hand, an active blogger life has its advantages: I was often invited to predpokazy and events. Over the past year I have been in the press tour, Nokia targets the Asian Games in Astana, I was at the launch of "Tele2" in Uralsk on Baykfeste Balkhash, pop-rock festival in Karaganda. And very nice when people recognize you on the street your blog readers, including frequent cute girl

20. Kairat Nurmugambetov, 24 years old, PR - manager iBEC Systems. The network carries up to 23 hours a day.

-Bespolezno I spend about an hour. This is the time spent on viewing photos of friends and ezheutrenny search for a suitable song for the day. All the rest of the time I try to read something. Everyone is spending time and money on his own. This is compared with cigarettes. Friends believe that if quit smoking, then the money would buy a decent car. Similarly, with time. I do not know where I would have his affairs. I can not judge about the fascination of young people social networking. But I think that it's just a pity to sit all day at a computer and view photos girlfriend. Invite her to the movies better. So you will be more interesting for it, and your advantages, huskies and hearts on a network - no one is interested.

21. Alexander Danilov, 19, social activist. The network carries out 8 to 12 hours a day.

 - During the time that I prokrastiniruyu, it could increase efficiency. On the other hand, social media often publish information that can be used in further work. I spread the ideas through Twitter and blogs, in which I believe. Big events, the organization of which I am taking part, can no longer be imagined without my readers. Once my blog helped to spontaneous civil action by laying flowers at the embassy and consulate of Japan in Kazakhstan. Therefore, we can not say that many bloggers spend time wasted

22. Molder Aydashova, 23 years, journalist. The Internet holds about 6-8 hours a day.

 - If I'm not at work, and not to search for information, so new useful contacts and networking. Another major plus point that I started a blog - an acquaintance with her husband. In general, a blog is very useful. It is not only earnings, but also the opportunity to express their opinion on any event / object. Once wrote a post about the difficulty of obtaining electronic signature (digital signature), so I was contacted by representatives of the company and decided the problem

23. Aydashov Baghlan, 25, analyst, spends weekdays and 4 hours, on weekends up to 2 hours of active surfing and that's not counting the constant reading of Twitter.

 - It is very difficult to draw the line "usefulness / uselessness" of social networks. On the Internet, I get a lot of information, which currently seems to be inapplicable, but tomorrow will be extremely useful. I do not watch the video uninformative and do not play games online - a good thing. If not for the Internet addiction over to read fiction, and often go to the gym. Through blogs, I met a lot of good people. And one Blogersha so much that I have recently married her

24. Shavkat Sabirov, 50, vice president of ULPA "Internet -Association Kazakhstan", a sort of IT and Internet technologies. On the Internet, the daily spends about 12 hours.

 - Most young people communicate on absolutely primitive. "Hello how are you? Che doing? "The majority of young people do not discuss anything serious on the network, just chat with friends, acquaintances. In this regard, we are talking about simple communication, and lost value of spiritual communion. The majority of young people there is a dependence. They can be several times per day to enter the social network, and sit there for hours. Hence, there is violence, aggression, anger, laziness, indifference to everything around him. But in fact alone in the network continues to be a man fully human, but do not notice it. All lies in human psychology. Because "living" in the social network a person can create a desired image, which can be a little resemblance to the real. Thereby increase self-esteem themselves. In addition, in the virtual world is always easier to meet and wishful thinking. While few people think that spending many hours at the computer, you are depriving yourself of real joys, because virtuality is not touched. A resident living in a dream world and the image, and to serious mental disorders near

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