Dress must be present in the wardrobe of every individual female

Dress must be present in the wardrobe of every individual female, even if it is a "tomboy" - this is my personal opinion. Because this outfit default expresses femininity of its owner, and only as part of a thoughtful stylish image all make her a goddess), I walked on the range of some online stores and choose the option that is most liked.

Where to order a dress over the Internet?

Let's start with this multi-brand boutique. It offers items from luxury brands, with prices not space. Convenient service delivery, send things quickly and without pads.

The store offers a vast selection of the range than the previous one, there is everything - clothing to household goods. As a positive note a large number of comments on the presentation of goods
(not necessarily approving, by the way), it allows you to adequately assess the quality and "wearability" things.

This resource offers customers' delivery mode ", ie the service of free delivery and fitting before buying. Shop constantly arranges sale where you can buy your favorite thing with discounts up to 70%.

Online Store Group OTTO. The good news, first of all, a huge selection of shoes, both luxury and budget, as well as a variety of accessories - from jewelry to tools for footwear.

The name of the store speaks for itself. Here gathered more than 200 brands of premium apparel from Just Cavalli to MCQ Alexander MCQueen. The prices are somewhat higher than in other online boutiques, but it is quite natural for the top level.

This store has collected more than 700 brands under the virtual roof of the shopping complex. Agree, there is plenty to choose from! The main thing is not to get lost in such a quantity of clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, perfumes and gifts!

Here you can plunge into a sea of ​​clothes, shoes and accessories. And in time to come up to the surface, easy to use tips from an online store. In a separate blog post, you can find tips about the popular trends and the choice of clothes.

Short dress with a fluffy skirt: order the dress over the Internet

Short dresses with fluffy skirts can be seen in almost all collections of fashion designers in 2013. Despite the seeming simplicity of style, they look cute and sexy at the same time.

Dress mint & berry, 2400r.

Dress brand Mint & Berry miraculously combines several positive qualities: exceptional design and practicality, so that it will appreciate the practical nature and sensitivity, and whimsical carefree girl. Thanks semiadherent silhouette figures underlined the dignity perfectly. A practical black color is combined with a cream shade. Skirt in the medium-sized black pattern in the form of cute poodles give this dress lightness and romance.

Dress Quelle, 1499RUR.

In the category of evening and cocktail dresses this model by Laura Scott certainly not be lost, as the owner of the dress at the reception, or any other secular or festive event. Worry about landing dresses also do not have: adjustable at the back straps criss-cross, in the back is elastic insert for a better fit to the body. Skirt with pleats stitched fastens with a zipper. But I think this is one of the most profitable and spectacular models.

Dress Little Mistress, 4670r.

Every woman is unique and mysterious. Dark blue evening dress by Little Mistress perfectly underlines this. It is perfect for the most special occasions. Model body-fitting silhouette draws attention to the beautiful figure of the owner. A deep neckline makes it irresistible to the eyes of men. Besides bodice decorated with sequins, beads and textured dressing. Do not be mistaken if I say that such a gift itself deserves every one of us.

Dress Pepe Jeans, 4450r.

Dress is white with elegant floral print from Fornarina - trend of the season spring-summer 2013. Drawing on the dress tells a bright personality and taste of its owner, and a deep neckline and fitted silhouette make others notice her femininity and beauty. In addition, this model is not only easy to combine with elegant high heels, but also with boots male type. In short, the dress is the best features for the most daring experiments, and allows you to create a variety of images.

Dresses-peplum trend again in

Peplum dresses, decorated with a frill around the waist, do not go out of fashion for several seasons, and fashion season 2013 is no exception. The secret to this success? I think that they put emphasis on the waist and hips give a seductive silhouette and look sexy seeks vast majority of women.

Dress Moe Sladkoe Platie, 4490r.

Coral color of the dress from Moe sladkoe platie - a great choice for the publication or other special occasion. Fashionable Basque and tuck in the original version will add femininity any figure. Such dress is sure to give preference to women, not only to appreciate the elegance and classic style, but also eager to follow the latest fashion trends.

Dress Fervente, 2650r.

If you are a true connoisseur of fashion things, such an option pass by simply inexcusable. After all, this season dress peplum promises to be the current trend! Brief peplum silhouettes adorn dresses and pants and shorts. Many trendsetter peplum turned in at a real must-have.

Dress Georgette, 8400r.

Fashion Internet shop Boutique.ru offers us a wonderful collection of dresses, including trendy peplum. Discreet and at the same time a refined shade of olive dress brand Georgette forms discreet but stylish bow. In addition, this model is perfectly suited to women with problem areas in the thigh area. Soft folds of her dress perfectly concealing irregularities of shape and create a feeling of completeness.

Dress Felibella, 3150r.

This model dark gray peplum dresses from Felibella - a good choice for owners of broad hips. The dress has a smooth texture and a little over waist, so help smooth out the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the figure brighter. The set is a belt.

Fashionable dress-case: order the dress over the Internet

Fashionable dress-case ordered through the Internet easier than ever, because it is always up to date, timeless classic. Especially popular simulation "trompe l'oeil" that allow you to visually adjust the outlines of the figures.

Dress Quelle 899r.

Red dress on a case-Quelle - this is what is called a failsafe option for any occasion. First, slightly fitted silhouette "case" never goes out of fashion. The seams front and back allow this dress is perfect to sit on the figure. And in combination with a wide round neckline creates a feminine and expressive image. So in a dress and you are ready to party with friends, and to rendezvous with a loved one, and just a pleasant evening walk. Subdued red hue is sure to give the image of spice.

Dress Quelle, 3499r.

You agree that can be gentle, feminine, romantic than a little dress of fine white lace? Imagine yourself in it on the beach, surrounded by flying, sparkling in the sun spray, or the middle of a fragrant flower garden or at a party outdoors - romantic, and only. Delicate floral lace fitted silhouette and create an image of "urban princess».

Dress Quelle, 2599r.

Another example of elegance and good taste from the popular brand Next. The fitted dress with geometric prints, especially suitable for office work and business meetings. The outfit is completed with a wide belt. Since the model has a narrow cut, should pay attention to the choice of size, if you decide to order a dress over the Internet.

Dress Sunrise, 1999RUR.

What kind of clothes to choose those who are accustomed to lead an active lifestyle and at the same time wants to look sophisticated and fashionable? I advise you to look at this model from the Italian brand Sunrise. It is easy to dress with the bottom case of the original cut is made from high-quality fabric has functional pockets and gold vtachnye zastezhki- "lightning" on the sides. They create a striking contrast with the color of the dress. The model is decorated collar clamp. Elastane, which is part of the material makes it profitable to emphasize the dignity of the female figure, add elegance.

Dress-shirt: modern solutions

I think that dress-shirt will not hand over their positions ever. They can be decorated in a variety of styles - from the military to the safari. Of course, this requires special entourage - epaulettes, patch pockets, metal buttons, lapel collar.

Dress Burberry, 3520r.

Dress-shirt by Burberry will appeal to those who prefer masculine style of dress. Agree, it can be called a cousin brother (or sister) a man's shirt. These items of clothing combine buttons, stiff collar and cuffs on the sleeves. Model by Burberry is a straight cut, short sleeves, stand-up collar. The fitted silhouette is created by the soft waistband. A great everyday option!

Dress-shirt By Malene Birger, 9240r.

Dress-shirt By Malene Birger - the perfect combination of strict cut and bright image. The dress is made of cotton and viscose fuchsia. Lost in the crowd in such an outfit just unreal! At the same time, it is very practical and easy to use, does not restrict movement. The model is decorated with stitched pleats front and back.

Dress Tory Burch, 7900r.

Dress-shirt Tory Burch - a combination of high quality materials and classic details. It is created for those who are able to assess the solemn simplicity. What does this mean? This means that to choose a dress-shirt must be very careful. Frankly cheap fabric, slurred cut, "home" prints, sloppy proportions excluded. This model from the online store Z95.ru - an example of how it should look like the perfect dress-shirt.

Current Vintage order dress over the Internet

Dress in retro style will be interested, oddly enough, especially young girls. They will be able to appreciate and style "balloon", and A-shaped silhouette, and puffed sleeves, and "falling down her shoulders." All these latest mobile solutions are still relevant.

Dress Quelle, 2999RUR.

Quelle dress of silk lined with 100% cotton. The original printed print will not allow the possessor of this dress lost in the crowd. Besides finishing prints - trendy trend of the coming season. So in this dress can definitely feel on top of the fashion wave. Slightly fitted silhouette gives the dress a sophisticated look. The round neckline laid shallow folds back and made the cut zastezhka- "lightning».

Dress MIA, 2799r.

As you know, all genius is simple. Dress on the MIA, which, like all the dresses can be ordered through the Internet - a clear confirmation. Italian style has always distinguished by its beauty and elegance. Model falls like waves, and her zest - studded with sequins around the neck insert. Under the second, the bottom layer of the dress is sewn lining of soft and pleasant to the touch material. In its structure there elastane, helps pay to sit perfectly on the figure. Deep emerald hue will demonstrate that the owner of the card, follow the latest developments in the fashion world.

Dress Axara, 8220r.

Business woman is Axara dress created especially for you! The collections of this French brand renowned for exceptional feminine and sexy models. Dresses Axara created for curvy beauties who are ready for bold experimentation and the ekzemplyar- no exception. In addition, a wide belt of the original image adds a touch of understated elegance necessary to the business environment and important meetings.

Dress ICHI, 2320r.

In compiling a basic wardrobe of the modern woman without such a model will not do. She had impeccable taste housewives demonstrate and emphasize the attractive shapes. It is also a very practical option: the dress was used for the manufacture of polyester, resistant to light and moisture. He has long preserved the first appearance of things. And of course, you could not help but notice that the highlight of the dress from Ichi is a translucent top, trendy trend warm season of 2013.


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