Style Marilyn Monroe

On outfits beauties Marilyn Monroe in the film, we have already seen, and now we admire in her personal style - dress in which she appeared in public and in front of the cameras of the paparazzi. There are also several sets in which she posed on photoshoot (they are, I also decided to include in the publication). I confess that her clothes are not worse than the one in which it dressed up on the set.

Set of clothes - Turtleneck + skirt:

Set Marilyn:

Black silk dress by Ceil Chapman (1953):

Dress Marilyn:

Black Classic Dress (1955):

Dress Marilyn:

Dress by Jean-Louis (1961):

Dress Marilyn:

Shortened plaid pants (1952-1953 year):

Trousers Marilyn:

Red silk dress (1957):

Dress Marilyn:

Easy knitted coat (1961):

Marilyn Coat:

White summer dress (1955):

Dress Marilyn:

Dress by Pucci (1962):

Dress Marilyn:

Evening dress (1958-1960 year):

Dress Marilyn:

Black silk dress with bow by John Moore (1958):

Dress Marilyn:

Elongated denim skirt (1951):

The skirt of Marilyn:

Insulated blouse (1960):

Jacket Marilyn:

Silk shirt with a pattern (1962):

Shirt Marilyn:

Long black dress with sleeves:

Dress Marilyn:

The first wedding dress (1942):

Dress Marilyn:

Summer beige dress with stripes (1957):

Dress Marilyn:

Black evening dress with lace insert (1959):

Dress Marilyn:

White dress (1960):

Dress Marilyn:

White everyday dress:

Dress Marilyn:

White ermine coat:

Shuba Marilyn:

Warm sweater in Mexican style:

Sweater Marilyn:

Long fitting dress of silk from Jean-Louis (1962):

Dress Marilyn:



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