Stars of Monroe

On the beauty of Marilyn Monroe can talk endlessly. Suppose it was not such a talented as Whitney Houston, which is absurd dead asleep in the bathroom after taking powerful drugs, but whether it is important when it is remembered 50 years after the death of her shoot films. I do not want to compare Whitney and Marilyn, as in the current situation it would be inappropriate (for Houston I mentioned to readers Veva know the cause of death of this magnificent singer, and not in order to emphasize the superiority of someone else). Marilyn - this is a legend that is remembered and loved by millions of people (I hope that the next generation will continue to do so). Beautiful and charming Marilyn never revealed until the end of his talent, which, judging by the statements of her contemporaries, really was. She was not a "silicone doll", though some plastic surgery done, she was a charming woman, the likes of which has not yet found (for me personally, for sure). I suggest to read statements about Marilyn people who knew her better than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan put together that somehow mercilessly copy her image and say that in many respects similar to it. Post just to relax the eyes, the beauty of the view is nice. I think that you, too, like Marilyn.

"She's the only woman able to melt Alaska! .." Magazine «Stars and Stripes»

"It has been a hundred percent female, the most feminine of all women in the world ..." Arthur Miller

"There are books about Monroe's life, and there is about the Second World War. They are united by two words "hell" and "the need ...»
Billy Wilder

"Without makeup, no eyelashes, bare feet, was the most beautiful face and figure of all rural girls in the Ile-de-France, who came to sing ..." Simone Signoret

"This is a great loss for everyone. He was a man full of energy, talent and warmth ... "Henry Fonda

"Marilyn had a lot of potential, and she never realized it ..." Hal Schaefer, singing teacher

"She wanted to be a great actress. But it was difficult because her extraordinary beauty that was the beauty of nature, the beauty of a peasant girl, if I may say so, it was difficult to, say, play dramatic roles ... "Yves Montand

"Marilyn was all very interesting. In my opinion, no one can replace her. The whole world will weep for her ... "Jayne Mansfield

"When I first saw her, I thought: This girl will be the second Harlow! The natural beauty plus the uncertainty, mystery ... It does not need to track, she formed his game. She showed us that can cause feelings of the audience ... "SIDA Leon, director

"Marilyn - a woman with a child's eyes, that's why I love her so much ..." Yves Montand

"Her breasts like granite and a brain like Swiss cheese, full of holes ..." Billy Wilder

"She was an exceptional woman. Many people, including me, have committed an unforgivable mistake, they did not understand and did not appreciate about her is what she deserved. Marilyn was needed: to be understood and valued ... "Marlon Brando

"I was sitting in my office with several people when the girl (then Norma Jean) came and asked me what I think about whether it could be a model. I will never forget her because she was wearing a tight pink sweater and two of my friends fell from their chairs. Of course you can! .. "Paul Parry, photographer

"Marilyn was something special. Sometimes it seemed that she was of great beauty, and sometimes it seemed that she was a waitress brings coffee ... "Truman Capote

"She was very insecure and she needed psychological help, if not every day, several times a week ..." Norman Rosten

"We left it alone and afraid when she needed us most ..." Hedda Hopper

"She's not a star, she's my wife ..." Joe DiMaggio

"At the end of the working day, it was clear to me, I love it, and what will happen next? It was inevitable, I thought so. She was beautiful, smart, funny, incredibly attractive than anyone could have imagined ... "Laurence Olivier

"This is a great loss to her friends and fans. She was born actress ... "Debbie Reynolds

"Whatever she does, she makes a sexy ..." Joseph Cotten

"Do you remember the death of Marilyn? All work stopped, and all had a sad face. Everyone thought about: a girl who was so beautiful, young and achieved such success, fame. How is it that she committed suicide? Nobody knew, because she would envy, and it seemed that she just moved to another place ... "Marlon Brando

"Marilyn was the most phenomenal in the history of sex goddesses. Paradoxically, any weakness Marilyn had her by force ... "Philip Halsmanu

"She's trying to charm the camera as if she were a man ..." Philippe Halsman

"Photos protects it from most of her life ..." David Thompson, a film critic

"So you want to kiss her when you see her body rocking ..." Robert Mitchum

"Kids love Marilyn. Her approach to life, simplicity and spontaneity ... "Arthur Miller


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