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Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Monroe). Your real name, last name: Norma Jean Baker Mortenson. Born 01/06/1926 in Los Angeles, died 05/08/1962 Breytvude (CA). She studied at the Actors Studio in New York. The legend in his lifetime, a legend after his death, lived bright, but short, difficult life. Sex symbol of America, the subject of dreams of thousands of men, beauty is envied by millions of women, the actress whose meteoric "rise" to the top of kinoolimpa seemed a miracle, it was really tragic figure. A failed personal life, vain attempts to prove the directors that "beauty Marilyn Monroe» capable of something more on the screen than to demonstrate their charms - these are the main causes of the tragedy in a rich house, where the morning of August 5, 1962 the police found the body of the actress was.





But perhaps, in order to understand the depth of this tragedy, it makes sense to go back when the blond Norma Jean comprehended the first lessons of life. And they were more severe than poverty, hysterical mother, stepfather rape when she passed only eight years old, loneliness and longing.

And who knows what would have been the fate of Monroe, if nature had not bestowed a beautiful body, amazing skin, pretty face, where the charm of an angel combined with a seductive temptress. Unsuccessful early marriage quickly ended in divorce, an invitation to work as model fashion model - this was the youth Marilyn Monroe. The first offer to play for the film came in 1947 when aspiring actress appeared in an episode of the film "Dangerous Years". This was followed by a few small film roles "Skudda-U! Skudda-hey! "(1947)," The ladies of the corps de ballet "(1949)," Thunderball "(1950). Cute young artist like public critics. Especially was marked the game as we have known the movie "All About Eve", where in a small episode (by this time she has already chosen a pseudonym) has managed to convey the whole range of feelings and emotions that are eaten little ambitious creation - her heroine Miss Kosuell, aspiring actress, dreaming of becoming a star, does not shrink from any means for this.







However, it is primarily the directors remained a beautiful, sexy woman, one of the invited to appear did not see and did not want to see it as an actress. This explains the repertoire of tapes with its participation. On the content of the film can be seen even by their names: "Love nest" (1951), "Let's get married" (1951), "We are not married" (1952), "do not bother to knock" (1952), "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (1953), "How to Marry a Millionaire" (1953). She becomes a star, evening dresses pictures and "without" in millions of copies, and in the press constantly relished the fine details of his personal life. When in 1956 it became known that her husband the next MM (as it is now styled spectators and journalists) was the famous American writer, playwright Arthur Miller, the hype surrounding the actress reached its climax ...

Again, all attempts to change your screen "image" is doomed to failure. She attends classes theatrical studio E. Kazan, Lee Strasberg - it causes a smile, in his personal interview speaks of the desire to act for serious paintings, receives an invitation to the next melodramas, comedies, where she continues to play the role of a seductive, empty-headed beauty (" No Business Like Show Business, "1954;" Seven years after the wedding, "1955;" The Prince and the chorus girl, "1957). While many actors, directors, including the famous Laurence Olivier undeniable talent dramatic actress, nothing changes in the life of Marilyn Monroe. For the audience - it still Darling - the heroine of the famous film "Some Like It Hot", 1959 (in our box office - "Some Like It Hot") - a sweet, pretty solistochka cheerful ladies' orchestra, wants to marry a millionaire, but found its happiness in the arms of the same beggar, but the charming musician. Perhaps the only time she was able to go beyond the usual role - it was the last on-screen work, which bears a very symbolic name "The Misfits" (1961).






Alas, at the moment when "born" the actress Marilyn Monroe, a woman who bears that name, left to live quite a bit ... Persistent thoughts of approaching old age, divorce from Arthur Miller (1961), dissatisfaction with work naturally led the actress to depression, as a way out her - abuse of alcohol, drugs, sleeping pills. Still ... even though the official conclusion of "suicide" is not refuted by anyone, to this day the death of Marilyn Monroe is a lot of gossip, speculation. Version political killings (recently in the press much has been written about the turbulent romance Merlin Senator Robert Kennedy) also has a right to exist. The only man of the family, the actress who spent his last journey was her second husband, the famous athlete Joe Di Maggio.

And after the death of Merlin continued to attract attention. America as well as Europe was published many books and articles, where an attempt was made to understand the phenomenon, the screens were produced several films dedicated to the works: "Merlin" (1963), "Goodbye Norma Jean!" (1976), «Marilyn Monroe : The Untold Story "(1980)," The Last Days of Monroe "(1985),« Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend "(1987). Each, in different ways, the authors of these bands have sought to penetrate the soul of a woman who passed away misunderstood ... And the fact that after more than thirty years that have passed after death alive the memory of it, proves that in the history of world cinema, she was much more phenomenon than just a beautiful, sexy blonde.







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