In the basement of the Old Mansion London found the bodies of strange creatures

In 1960 in London at the time of clearing the site for construction of a new residential quarter for demolition has been sent to an old, long-abandoned mansion formerly owned by a certain Thomas Theodore Merlin. In the basement of the home builders have discovered several thousand small wooden boxes tightly sealed. Imagine their surprise when they began to find inside the bodies of strange mythical creatures, which seemed to have been living only in fairy tales ...


Lord and Professor Thomas Theodor Merlin. B>

Sir Merlin was born into an aristocratic family in London in 1782. His mother died in childbirth, and the boy was brought up Edward's father. His father was a military general, but very soon after the birth of her son retired and began to seriously get involved in esoteric natural history. Good investment in the lucrative business of the company allowed him to travel around the world in search of a variety of artifacts and unknown species of animals and plants.


They traveled together for many years, until Edward died. Thomas very upset by the demise of his father. Seeking solace in his work, he became almost a recluse, collecting an impressive home library and the samples found unseen creatures. However, he found the strength to return to the academic world. During his long career, Thomas Merlin repeatedly traveled the globe, he befriended and corresponded with many famous scientists of the time. And, of course, went on to collect his collection.

One day in 1899 he even attempted to show it to the world, going to tour overseas, in America, with a small part of his impressive collection. But the local conservative audiences reacted very negatively to those beings, which showed them the Merlin. The tour had to be canceled before it could get to California. Surprisingly, even in his old age Sir Merlin retained tremendous physical shape. In appearance it is rarely given more than 40 years. It has even come to the point that some began to accuse him of occult practices, allegedly gave him eternal life.


Doubts only strengthened the spring of 1942, when someone pretending to be Merlin Thomas, presented a paper title to the house and said that he wanted to transfer it to the property Tenbridzhskomu orphanage, provided that the house will never be sold, and the basement will never open. People who follow the work of Thomas Merlin, naturally believed that he died long ago, because in 1942 it had to be more than 160 years. But this man quickly disappeared and have not managed to find it. Orphanage fulfilled promises, they never opened the mansion's basement. But in 1960 they had to move out from there, and went to the house to be demolished. Just destroying it almost to the ground, the builders managed to find the secret collection of Merlin. And the fact that there was simply amazing.

Fairies. B>



The baby dragon Draco Magnus. B>



Homo Vampyrus. B>



A full skeleton Draco Alatus. B>



Homomimus Aquaticus, or Icthyosapien - a distant ancestor of fish-jumpers, which evolved into a kind of mermaid

. 4fee342dd0.jpg


Draco Alatus.


Homo Vampyrus (Vampire) Homo Lupus (Lycanthrope). B>



Homo Lupus (Cub lycanthrope). B>



Devil's child. B>


adult male lycanthrope. B>


Homomimus Dentata (Tooth Fairy). B>


Homunculi (Goblin). B>


Homunculi (Gnome). B>


Nymph. B>



Succubi (Succubus). B>


Lepus temperamentalus (Jackalope). B>



sea monster. B>



Ceratopsid Dinosaur. B>


Draco Fluminis. B>



An important addition. B>

To avoid all possible misunderstandings, still should make a separate specification that the whole collection - probably just a set of interesting miniatures, created by artists, nothing to do with reality. A story of Sir Thomas Merlin - no more than a beautiful legend. In our pragmatic world of everyday sometimes you want a little bit of secrets and mysteries. Do not take it to the сердцу.


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