Suddenly missing

By Deborah.
26-year-old Deborah In need of money, so she got a job as a shop at night in Orlando. February 4, 1990 As was common at the night shift at the store, and last seen at approximately 3:00. An hour later, the client discovered that the store is empty, and contacted the police. By car it was still in the parking lot, her wallet was inside, and there were no signs of robbery or a fight. Snoop took Follow the back of the store, but he quickly ended by pointing out that she had left in another vehicle. The case took a bizarre turn when another client said it went to the store between 3:00 and 4:00 am, but was not there. Behind the counter was a young man in a T-shirt Megadeth. Man sold her cigarettes, even though everything around him seemed unfamiliar. This mysterious man was never found, and the police do not know if it is linked to disappearances. To this day, By Deborah considered as missing.

Lynn Burdick.
In 1982, 18-year-old Lynn Burdick got a shop in the small mountain town of Florida. She worked one evening of April 17. At 20:30 left half an hour before the store closed and parents have called Burdick to know whether it is necessary to take her home. But the call has not been answered. Brother Burdick went to the store to check on her. Tracks Lynne was not there, and the cashier did not have $ 187. During the search operation was not found a single clue, but police assumed that the disappearance Burdick was associated with the incident, which occurred earlier that evening. In less than an hour, unknown tried to kidnap a young woman from a neighboring campus of Williams College. The student ran away from him, and the offender has disappeared. Later, a dark sedan, described under the car the suspect was seen moving towards the hapless store. Since it was located only 15 kilometers from college, perhaps the same man and stole Burdick. One potential suspect was a man named Leonard Paradiso. Paradiso was convicted of the murder of a young woman in 1984, and he is believed to have been responsible for a large number of other unsolved murders. He may have been in the area at the time of the disappearance Burdick, but died of cancer in prison in 2008 before he could be linked to other crimes.

Curtis Pishon.
For 10 years, Curtis Pishon a policeman in Concord, New Hampshire, but his lifetime guarding the order ended when he fell ill with multiple sclerosis. For 40 years Pichon was forced to get a job as a security guard at the factory Venture Corporation in Seabrook. July 5, 2000, he went on the night shift. At 1:42 he called fire after his car inexplicably caught fire. No one knew the cause of the fire, but firefighters noticed that Pichon seemed unusually quiet considering that what happened to his car. After extinguishing the fire, he continued to work, but at about 3:45 colleague noticed his absence. Pichon mysteriously disappeared, and during the search was not found a single trace of him. Due to the fight against multiple sclerosis at Pichon it was also a depression, so it is assumed that he was suicidal and had happened insanity when his car caught fire. However, due to illness Pichon could not go far as to commit suicide, so his body was to be found not far from the place of work. Door and two vending machines in the factory were damaged, so do not rule out the possibility that Pichon was faced with a criminal.
A few years later, one of his former colleagues Pichon, Robert April, he was arrested for a completely different crime. They said that April claimed that he killed Pichon. However, charges were dropped against April, as no evidence linking him to the mysterious disappearance of Pichon, was never found.

Susie Lemplyu.
One of the strange disappearances in London's history - the disappearance of 25-year-old real estate agent Susie Lemplyu. In last seen in the office Sturgis Estate Agents July 28, 1986, but she mysteriously disappeared when the house went to show a potential client in Fulham. According to records Lemplyu client named "Mr Kipper", and their meeting was scheduled for 12:45. Lemplyu never returned from the meeting, and her car was found about 2.5 kilometers from the house at Fulham. Witnesses saw her arguing with an unknown man in the street the day before sat in another car. The investigation found no trace Lemplyu, and she was declared dead in 1994. The government thought that Mr. Kipper was a serial rapist named John Kennen, who was released from prison three days before the disappearance Lemplyu. He was nicknamed Kipper, and he was like an unknown person with whom argued Lemplyu. In 1989, Kennen was convicted for the murder of another woman, and received three life sentences. One of the ex-girlfriends Kennena told police that he was talking about rape and murder Lemplyu, and he was questioned about involvement in her disappearance. Even though the police had a strong case against Kennena was not enough evidence to charge him with murder Lemplyu. Nevertheless, they publicly announced that Kennen they felt was the most criminal. Kennen remains in jail and denies that killed Lemplyu.

Lisa Geis.
On the morning of February 27, 1989 the employees of one company in Georgia came to their jobs and found that the building was flooded. As it turned out was caused by a flood triggered fire extinguishing system, which worked at the workplace, owned by 26-year-old programmer Lisa Geis, who worked on the night the day before, and it was nowhere to be found. Given the flood and become a matter of secondary importance when the workplace Geis found a pool of blood.
Geis car and wallet were found were found in the nearby forest, and the police feared the worst when they found near the bloody brick. Because of the floods in the building and heavy rain on the street, all the evidence the bloody scene seriously injured.
The main suspect was recently laid-off employees. The employee may burst into the building to make a mess out there, and suddenly came across Geis. While the suspect lived in a large private area with a large number of wells, and a few years later, his ex-wife claimed that he once called them "a good place to hide the body." Even though the police searched many of these wells, they found no trace of Geis, and there is still no evidence linking the suspect with her alleged killer.

Brian Carrick.
In the evening, December 20, 2002 17-year-old Brian Carrick went to work as a storekeeper in the food market in Dzhonsburge, Illinois. The next day the parents Carrick panicked because he had not returned home, and declared him missing. The police have not found a single witness on the market, which could confirm that Carrick was leaving from work. On the morning after the disappearance of Carrick, one of the officers found a pool of blood in the refrigerator with the products. The manager thought that the blood dripped with raw meat, ordered to clean up the stain. However, the drops of blood were found throughout the store, and DNA analysis confirmed that it belonged to Carrick. A few years later it appeared a version that Carrick manager, Mario Cassiar, was responsible for his disappearance. After their colleague Shane Lamb was arrested on charges of drug, he surrendered and Cassiar, and Carrick. According to Lamb, Carrick took out marijuana to Cassiar and owed him money. Cassiar When asked for help from Lamb to clear the debt of Carrick, everything went out of control. They accidentally killed him in the refrigerator, and then disposed of the body. In 2010, Cassiar was charged with premeditated murder after Lamb agreed to testify against him in exchange for a reduced sentence of court. During the first meeting of the jury could not come to the same conclusion, but in 2013 Cassiar was convicted and received 26 years in prison. He continues to insist on his innocence, and the body of Brian Carrick was never found.

Kim Leggett.
Kim Leggett, 21-year-old girl who worked as a secretary in Mercedes, Texas. October 9, 1984 at 16:30 client saw Leggett was talking with two unknown men in the parking lot. About 15 minutes later, the stepfather Leggett received an anonymous phone call stating that the Leggett kidnapped for ransom. First, he suggested that the requirement was the raffle, but soon learned that the stepdaughter absent from the workplace. Even though her car was parked, clothes and wallet were inside, Kim Leggett had disappeared. Leggett family received a ransom demand of $ 250,000. The letter was written in her handwriting. Leggett's stepfather was a pilot, and was rumored she had been kidnapped, because he refused to smuggle into Mexico. At Leggett were husband and year-old son and wife also have arisen about some suspicions - he allegedly mentioned the disappearance of his wife in a conversation with friends, when this no one has yet been known. Nevertheless, the two men who were talking to Leggett, was never found. After the first request for redemption no longer in touch with her family.

Trevelayn Evans.
In 1990, 52-year-old Trevelayn Evans was the owner of an antique shop in the small town of Llangollen in North Wales. Day June 16 Evans mysteriously disappeared from the store. Her car was still parked nearby, and a plate on the front door says it has come back in two minutes. Evans bought apples and bananas in a nearby store about 12:40, and she was seen returning to the store. Banana peel in a basket for papers indicated that she returned to her job, but what happened next remains a mystery. During the day, Evans saw in different places throughout the city, including in the vicinity of her home. But if Evans returned to the store after the two-minute absence, and then left again why plaque still hanging on the door? In addition, both her purse and jacket were in the store, along with other things that she was planning to take home that day. Over the years, Evans allegedly seen in London, France and Australia, but none of these reports have not been documented. At the same time, on the day of the disappearance, the store had seen an unknown man, but it was never identified. 25 years later, the disappearance Trevelayn Evans remains one of the most complicated cases in the history of the United Kingdom.

Kelly Wilson.
In 1992, 17-year-old Kelly Wilson took a job at Northeast Texas Video in the small town of Gilmer. The evening of 5 January, she worked in a video store and went to withdraw money at the bank around the corner. Since then, nobody has seen. Wilson later found the car in the parking lot video store with a punctured tire, wallet girl was still inside. No new information on the disappearance did not appear for two years until he made some pretty horrific conclusions. The city began to believe that Wilson was kidnapped by a satanic cult, she was raped, killed and ritually dismembered. In January 1994, murder charges were brought against the eight suspects. Seven men were from a local family Kerr and eighth suspect was a police sergeant James Brown, who was investigating the disappearance of Wilson. The suspects are also accused of sexual abuse of their children, some of whom told Child Protective Services, which had witnessed the killing of Wilson. However, it soon became apparent that children invent their testimony, and there was no evidence to support violence or murder. The charges against Sergeant Brown and family Kerr was removed, and rumors of a satanic cult were refuted. All the suspects claimed his innocence in the disappearance of Kelly Wilson, which remains unsolved to this day.

Paul Armstrong and Stephen Lombard.
In 1993, California towing company was in the spotlight when two unrelated employee disappeared. The driver towing Stephen Lombard and the bulldozer driver Paul Armstrong had no apparent connection with each other, but for some reason in the same day they both disappeared. That morning, Armstrong was last seen at his house and announced his girlfriend missing when he did not meet her for lunch. Lombard also seen in the afternoon, when he went to the office for a salary. After that he was never seen again, and it soon found abandoned pickup truck in the parking lot K-Mart with the keys inside. The strangest thing about this story was that the company's owner, Randall Wright found himself in the midst of strange events. In 2009, Wright's wife, who lived separately from him, mysteriously disappeared from the country house in Mexico. It was never found, but Wright did not even bother to inform the Mexican authorities about her disappearance. In addition, a six-year stepson Wright drowned in a swimming pool in 1982, while Wright was watching him. Even though the child's death was originally blamed on the accident, the disappearance of his wife Wright led the authorities to exhume the body for further investigation stepson. They found no evidence of premeditated murder. No one knows whether Wright is guilty of the death or disappearance of her stepson's wife, but the disappearance of two of its employees in a single day like a rather strange coincidence.



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