Missing hatches. Vladivostok

Author: Do you think the problem is that the hatches stolen for scrap metal? Maybe it is stealing, but not the problem. If you look closely, you'll see a lot of examples, when the hatch is lying inside the hole. No it will not, and claimed not stolen - it just crashed and fell.
Do you think that the problem is unsolvable? I can assure you that in other cities, you can spend the whole day and did not find any open hatch. So there is no magic - just in Vladik all scored big bolt on the issue. And if you wanted to - would decide in a jiffy.
You think it's so hard to put in place the lid missing? Yes, there is nothing easier! Two thirds of the manhole can be closed the day back - there still remained safe seats for cover.
Do you think it expensive? No more useless granite curbs.

Well, it's time, by the way, stop to put in place livnevki hatches. They are designed for different loads. Livnevki put to the middle of the road, split by another truck, and the hatch would have remained intact.
It all started a week ago. As our car floats by sea from the United States, we decided to rent a Toyota is the local and went to see the city. They lived with friends in the center, so almost immediately proved to be one of the central streets. Evening, dark, unfamiliar terrain. I Rebuilds, look at the mirror and nearly flew into the open hatch. To get you seen it? We stop, climbs, look - it is. Luke opened the lid next to no.

 - Stolen perhaps - involve local boys, who were traveling with us.
Write down the address. We decided to find out phone service, which is engaged to call to report missing manhole. Guys are trying to learn the desired number. Meanwhile, our car has brakes before the second manhole without a cover. This time we were very careful - cost.

Dial up duty MUPV "Roads Vladivostok" (phone 274-61-88). To report missing manhole. We listen attentively, asked questions, write the address where the hatches were gone, ask the name and telephone number. In general, it is clear that people involved in the issue and quickly respond. Therefore, we will gladly leave their application, and with a sense of accomplishment go home to sleep.
The next day everything is interesting - the hatch closed or not. We understand that most likely closed. And without our call probably would all have been corrected, after all, the main street.
We leave the house, look - a hole on the ground. Surprised leave sfotat.

Passes screwy guy.
 - Hul you Fota cho hatches have not seen?
 - He opened!
 - Nudk they open circle.
When we moved on, we began to reach up to the words of the man. At first we could not even imagine the full extent of the disaster. Hatches are missing in just a single.

Sometimes a row.


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