Hot underground river in Kiev.

Story and photos on the move 14.
One day, passing through the collector of the underground river Clove, a group of diggers discovered that the ceiling gushing jet of boiling water reservoir, and the reservoir is gradually filled with steam. After some time, there have been similar cases in other major kollektorah- Glubochitsa and buffoons.

Diggers began to look for the cause of these accidents. It was clear that waste water can only go from hot pipes Kyivenergo, in the event of accidents. But the week gave way to months, and no pipe repaired. Meanwhile, the hot water continued to flow in underground rivers.

By dialing a special group, dressed in orange vests and taking the signs on the roads we went on, to understand where the hot water flows. Above everything seemed calm. There was no current of water on roads or a pair of pillars hatches. Only lightly steamed some livnevki.

Previously, the construction, all communications are interconnected so that in case of failure in one of them, on the surface could not see anything. For example fecal collectors have emergency overflows. And, if the collector is destroyed or clogged, sewage does not flow through the streets and swim to a nearby underground river.
With teplotrassami- same. The heating mains have emergency drains through which the hot water can be a long time to flow into storm sewers.
The idea is that collectors should regularly do Montero, and should report on accidents. New on earth all is well, why climb down.
Opening the hatches on the streets, we found the chamber of heating in boiling water that accumulates. Further, the narrow tubes, it flows into the reservoir, and it raised a wave of steam.

In some places the estimated hot water consumption was 50 liters per minute.
We wrote an article in the newspaper, and the next day the problem of loss of hot water and interested journalists.
In Kyivenergo held a meeting, which was attended by representatives of the diggers, Chief Engineer and Director of Kyivenergo. We have tried as much as possible to convey the information to the management company.
We show them emergency place, each tied to their great scheme and nakaladyvali on the heating duct. Where the hatches of heating during the search were naydeny- it worked. They said that the accident are already looking for. But in buffoons hatch to the map strapped around and did not find him.
Then we went to show the TV people emergency place.

At the entrance to the jester was standing emergency gang Kyivenergo. Fitters cheerfully reported that the accident did not reveal!
Great. History tends to repeat itself. Much the same was in the beginning of cooperation with Avtodora.
Not found? - Come here ...
I put resisting Monteria Skomorokh
The man clearly under the ground for the first time, there is intense, helmet on head prevent ... But goes. We reach the leak. Hot water seeing? - Yes. How many degrees? Well, at 40.
Exit up. Monter cheerful reports reporters found nothing!
-And Where steam, hot water? - They ask.
Well, it ... Then he gives two delusional version, both cause rzhach just like me, and journalists.
1) The water is drained from the cellars of the locals. Yeah, heated and poured.
2) broke through fekalnik. There the water is warm. And the smell of shit and filtered through a layer of soil!
In general, & quot; Plums of heating mains in the reservoir does not exist! There is no such & quot ;. How zhe Clove, Glubochitsa? It is your confirmed that there have plum. & quot; So it's the old projects, but I'm talking about the New! & Quot ;.

Go to the heating main hatches. Luc visually clearly more than buffoon. Fitters show that the camera dry and clean. Here! We told!
I ask to go to the other side. Resist: there is not our trails! But go. We weed out the hatches. Fekalnik, water ... And then at one of the lyukov- hot water rushing through the pipe. The pipe goes from the school.
Arrived chief engineer told reporters, as, probably, in the basement of the school is something burst, but they can not know that ... As long as he broadcasts, directly under the wall I notice typical 4 manhole near ... Everyone is busy listening, pull the hatch.
AHA! Heating mains. Leak. Clearly visible bright fountain, gurgling striker in the clear water. 100% visibility. Leakage is fixed!

In the evening I got a call from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Articles in newspapers and appearances on television came to the deputy mayor, and he offered to check the collector rescuers.

At 9:00 on Thursday, the two teams went to the Ministry of Emergency Situations searches accidents in heating mains and sewers. First he went with me in the city, The second one is pumping water from the emergency heating duct.

Detour damaged sections with MOE does not go to any comparison with travel to fitters or Avtodora Vodokanal. All rescuers, unlike assemblers, very smart, keep the conversation on interesting themes, from Digg to PROMALP and caving, have a huge amount of skill and equipment, moving quickly and accurately ...

Inspection of emergency collectors took half a day. We are with the rescuers opened the hatches down into the reservoir filled with hot water and steam, and they immediately reported to management.

By evening, the place of first confirmation of the accident has left just three teams of emergency Kyivenergo!
The leak in the pipe looking for two devices. Completely repeat the story fitter I can not, but one instrument detects leaks by pressure loss in the pipe, and the second- noise that is heard through the ground.
Emergency excavated site. He showed a concrete box. It blew a hole jackhammer. And then he heard the roar of the water, a roar of escaping from the pipe. Incidentally, nemalenkoy- 40 cm in diameter.

Several electricians went to turn off the heating main. An hour later the noise stopped, and holding bump, continued to expand the hole.

Knocking all concrete, cutting torch have cut rebar.

And descended into a heating itself, we began to prepare for welding. At this point, the waterfall of boiling water in a dried up Clove.
Until the morning, at work on the night shift, planning to finish the job. After all, no hot water left a quarter!
Around the same time, other emergency crews stopped the flow of hot water into buffoons, and went in search of a leak in the river ...
That's all.



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