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In past times I wrote about discharges of sewage into the river Kiev. Today I want to highlight this problem from a different point of view and from the perspective of imenno- themselves illegal vrezchikov.
Let me remind you that Kiev is divided into sewage and fecal atmosfernuyu- storm. Rain drainage- is mostly underground rivers, or dry pipe through which water flows only in the rain. All of them fall into the Dnieper, or terrestrial rivers that flow into the Dnieper.
The water from the fecal sewage is cleaned at Bortnychi WWTP.

In past times of the frame, about which I spoke, it was possible to judge unequivocally: the rivers connected to the restaurants, car washes and other places. They are connected, in order not to pay the money for the use of sewage. They also dumped waste water in case of accidents in sewage collectors. All of them cause significant damage to the environment, and the tie should be eliminated, and that we have successfully done.

Over the past year we have been liquidated about 35 such frames.

But there are other vrezki- sewage from private homes.
In Kiev, there are large tracts of private houses, near which there are no fecal collector. This, for example, block the street Verboloznoy- beneath tributary flows repyah Yar, Sovetskaya belongs to the watershed Orehovatka street Guards - beneath her flowing tributary of the Scoop, which flows into the ponds Sovski.
By law, the residents of these homes have to use pit latrines. Yes, cesspools, in a big city. Absurd? But next to no fecal collector. And build it according to the plan will be 2018, 2020 or 2025. In this case, the enterprising residents who do not want to once a month to pay for the call scavengers (and the call is from 200 to 500 UAH (1,000-2,500 rubles)) penetrate the body of the reservoir and drained the contents of their toilets there.

It is not controlled by anyone other than diggers. And earlier, when the diggers do not was- no one controlled. Hit one house- normal! Second- ran well, and why pay for the pits if you can free pour their dregs into the river. As a result, entire streets are connected to the storm sewer. And so it went on for years until we came.

The first time I saw something under the street and was struck Verboloznoy. The reservoir, which usually flows transparent rain or river water was unbearable stench. Of the numerous holes in the walls through pipes flowing variegated, gurgled and dripped onto the floor products of human activity. Something picks over and carries down into Volkovaty Strait and on the banks of the Dnieper. Something flocked piles on the floor.

The second is the same collector under the street Sovetskoy- we were looking for for a long time. In a large and, in general, a clean river reservoir was discovered Orehovatka muddy stream with bits of feces, which flowed out of the streets Tsimbalov Yar. A hot summer day we walked along the street, opening hatches and watching over, until they came to a private home in the Soviet street. While we found the sidebar, we have opened and checked more than one hundred covers.

The noise came out of the hatch well-dressed man, and asked what we are actually looking at the manhole in front of his house. Hearing of the sidebars, he fidgeted, began somewhere to call and asked bluntly: how much it should pay us to make this hatch will never opened.
Similarly, the owner of the house, and reacted at the corner of Art. For its failure to detect tapping it offered $ 100.
In general, under the streets Art collector and collector Gvardeyskaya- worst in terms of frames. Him- length of several kilometers, while the number of vrezok- about 50 pipes of all shapes and sizes, all colors and diameters ... And of all flow, pour, impurity. All this is imposed directly on the beach Sovski ponds, where it lies, filling the neighborhood flavors such as near Bortnychi not always smell so good ...

Naturally, the money we did not take, and compiled a list of violators, and delivered it into the Kiveavtodor. From there, the list was in the environmental prosecutor's office, which decided to block the illegal tapping. Highways sent orders overlapping frames of the district podrazdeleniyam- Sheu. And this was the end ...
More precisely, not all. Workers dismantled honestly tie, which were made in the wells. For plugging them do not need to go under the zemlyu- enough to come down the ladder into the well (if any), and to cover the hole with a mixture of cement and water glass. Here and there, in the wells of stairs without help and we descended on ropes.

The narrow tube prolazit workers do not know how, what and claimed leadership. Guide scratched turnips and reshilo- times diggers nashli- let them tie them closed once the pipes can crawl. And we pay them as employees.
Diggers agreed. But not all, only four. A tie-ins all around the city, if each pipe brat- about a hundred. The day can be if work well together about 5 pieces to eliminate ... How many days it comes out? ..
But all this is not the worst. There would be so energy force, we will close the tie. Wish we have the salary paid to do business horoshee- river from sewage cleaning. But there was another factor tenants.
They do not recognize that violated the law. What do bad things, pouring sewage into the river. They argue quite differently ...

Here is what wrote on the forum with the name of the person going through. Spelling and style of the author is stored.
"Imagine a situation European capital took Euro 2012 and live in it, thousands of people who did not work in large factories (in defense factories can quickly get an apartment), or in construction enterprises (SMU, etc.), but honestly worked for the good of the country. And we got in return? The site of 5-10 acres to which, one more superpower, has promised to bring gas, electricity, water, roads, sewage system. But before her more excited. Yes, gas, electricity, water and even managed to let down the road to do, but the toilet is outside. Romance -20 and you need spravlyaesh, the birds are singing. All yard waste in the pits as the housing office at the time the trash was not taken out, nebylo such services. Your garbage himself and understand.
On the sewer was not enough time perestroika began, and then completely destroyed the country became independent.
Ask, ask, and the answer is one, there is no money, you are not an elite kotezhdny complex and private traders. What should I do? Shower or bath want to take. Again, washing, cooking. I would sandstone soil, so there is no clay. People digging pits first, but they quickly filled, and Nakov out? That bumped into livnevki, want to live in humane conditions.
But suddenly appeared in the country digery. Who hang out in dungeons. It is interesting to them in pischeram climb. Pischer not contain enough of all the hustle again, what to do, there is a drainage system and there is boring. But let's go through livnevki? And it turned out that not pomfortno livnevki because feces flow taps, hto of shit wants to go. Someone history does not remember his name, shouted, "How long private traders will shit on the heads of free digerov!" Close all tie. And since then, every free diger is committed to squeal on private traders.
At the restaurant, or cottage not to mention the commercial complex guts, those guys are tough and good in livnevki leave, but the private owner, especially if it is a diabetic pensionet and legs, and just the most feeble pensioner !!! And in the face will not, again, his old power taught him to trust the crust, can be any crap "We avtorora" Provisional Government. Here it is the main goal. All the troubles of them!
Davyache proshol repotazh rim of the hundreds of streets in Kiev - Verboloznoy. There eta bastards private traders ran into livnevki. They do not have the street sewer. In the sewer vrezatsya digging away (few kilometers), but there livnevki.
And who are these violators?
Retired diabetic invalid without legs, raised the pensioner during the war chetireh other people's children, disabled pensioner son MDM she "Pavlovka" not sdalat prismotrivaet itself. A couple of people with disabilities.
But from whom all the evil they violate ekologtyu of = for them Dnepr blooms, fish dies, the children with cancer in early childhood sick, breathe in the city center there is nothing. And not answer moget. Such a PR on the corpses.
And can not they guilty? Maybe they put in such conditions?
Who never in my life did not break the law ??? There are no !!!
By the way if local once again see the promise of free Diggers with buckets to pour, what can guess
We arrived on the street suffering Verboloznuyu fitters to eliminate vrezok- and crowd them out there with a pitchfork met not want shit from the toilet flowed back into the house! Build us a sewer. Montero stood - stood, and left ...

On another occasion, since the police arrived, but the residents for some reason was not. Eliminated the tie on Verboloznoy. Some of the residents built a pit latrine, and koe someone struck back ... But in general, the situation has improved.
Today came together with the workers on the street Avtodora Guards. At the same time, and journalists are taken, show that Sovski ponds flows.
Large ponds. And clean, when it was ... From the fish. And even people swimming there. And now they resemble the color and smell of big-very big toilet. And it follows from the street. Close vrezki- and ponds will be cleared.

We arrived at the scene. Make a solution began liquidation. He jumps out of the house of an old man, 60 years old, but a lively and says:
"It drains you beat me? I have three weeks clearing his, punched finally broke today! »
And then a whole crowd of people from their homes surged. They surrounded us, journalists, Avtodora ....
 - Why tie our slaughter? These 30 years have worked, no one came, and now!
 - I have three children and no place to put a cesspool!
-And I have to pay nothing for the scavengers!
-And We live next to a disabled war veteran, 30 years ago, he made a house, its something for that!
 - You won the prosecutor first inset plug, and then to us idite- see what you spravedlivye- tall gray-haired man said. And he pointed to hatch around the bend of the road.
Descended tuda- and the prosecutor does not have a frame. He is currently a fecal collector to another street had. Of the people dispersed to their homes, asked only to warn in advance, will think how to dig pit latrines ...

We went down, started to work. 4 tie-patched, leave.
And then the old woman out of the house ... "Do not ruin! We do not open the back, and winter soon ... What are we without toilets live? Do not be your happiness in life for such things! "And 200 hryvnia vanities, bribe again ...
Money I did not take, but felt some Gestapo. As if deliberately evil people create. Box we have not stopped up, and the solution is over, and went home with a heavy heart.
The people on the street was ... Screaming after us - before we close the sidebar, header us fecal build. But we have not the power, we just diggers. And we do, in the best of their ability what we can do.

For the sake of the environment, for the people who swim in the river in summer. And this summer, a few days did not bathe much zapretili- many bacteria. And where bakterii- contents of closets, so that the poor pensioner disabled veterans from the street to the river is drained.
And what do you do? I found myself in a situation of moral conflict. Based on the principles of the lesser evil, the state of the whole of the great river of happiness is more important than people with small streets. And talk to nimi- for what they have earned the flow of sewage from the toilet back in the house? For that that their ancestors built the house so?

© Micah.
Author of some photo - OnHard aka Geographer.



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