What flows in underground rivers?

Ya digger. And this is my first post here. I want to tell the world a little podzemle. Eto- what we live.

First ochered- should tell a little about the terminology. Often people met Digger ask & quot; Did you crawl through the sewers? & Quot;
In Kiev diggerstvo not prohibited by law, and "do not zaprescheno- is allowed».
Digger call people exploring man-made caves.
In Kiev visited diggers dungeons are divided into two types: DSHS- shtolnevye drainage system and kollektora- where small rivers flow. The very small streams, which for a long time is not on earth, but in honor of them still called the streets, places, areas. Khreshchatyk, Nivki, Syrets ... All the names of the rivers.

Will some photos (not yet figured out how much of the writing is golovy- end- write)

For each type of dungeon there one time of year to visit.
Purpose DSHS- drainage slopes. They are flowing clean, mineral-rich groundwater. The water is so clear that many Diggers willingly drink it.
DSHS- model is a natural cave, with all its elementami- stalactites, stalagmites, beautiful drips. Speed ​​sag in drenazhkah - 15-20 times faster than the natural caves. So many drenazhki, which turned no more than 50 years- overgrown with stalactites and stalagmites, and look like a real cave.
It is there, of course, and bats. In summer, they just sometimes noisily sweep over the head ... But winter mouse sleeping soundly. If you accidentally disturb her - she wakes up and will die of hunger. Therefore, in the winter DSHS brought diggers do not go.

Collector is primarily an underground river, with its unique flora and fauna, and already in the second ochered- storm sewer. But this, too, do not forget. Everyone saw along the roads heavy grating?
Many people think that they are down the drain, but it is not. In Kieve- separate sewer systems. This means that clean rainwater is guided into underground storm sewers and rivers, and from there, without ochistki- in surrounding rivers. Dirty water-goes fecal sewage and ottuda- cleaning.
During a sudden summer showers collectors are filled top to bottom. As a collector passes the so-called & quot; collector wave & quot ;. It is certain death. A wall of water rushing around at a speed of 30 m / s, easily demolishing concrete slabs, breaks iron staircase.
In 2008, in one of the reservoirs killed 2 people. After that was created Rescue Service diggers. They control the weather, and in the case came tuch- call on the phone all the underground groups.
But even with an eye on what you are looking for spasateli- every digger think several times before going in the summer to the collector ...

The flora and fauna is unique podzemli. The animals found in drenazhkah 2 species of bats, a lot of insects. The collectors are sometimes caught a mouse or rat. By the diggers they are dobrodushno- not attack, and most often run away, or swim. The underground rivers are common fish, or frog, swims from reservoirs upstream. Of invertebrates worth noting a large number of spiders and centipedes.
By plants is a colorless, yellowish seaweed, or accidentally germinated from seeds stunted, yellow grass.
A huge number of fungi, including mold, in all its manifestations. Exclusively in the dungeons found a kind of mold, the attacking spiders. Infected spore spider dies for a while, it becomes white mold grows and infects others. There are whole colonies of spiders killed this predator. These arguments are dangerous for humans!

Here in Kiev caves, it is impossible to get lost, anyway. There is not such a huge and beautiful labyrinths as in Odessa, or such a variety of dungeons, both in Moscow. The biggest drainage system is considered to Askold, and the largest river system kollektorov- Zapadinka and Linnet, stream viticulture, Chicken Brodsky connected into one system.
If you walk down the techeniyu- wherever you may be, in the DSHS or collector, always go out to the mouth. It is usually on the surface. The underground river flows into the river or lake, drenazhka -konchaetsya "portal" - the arch on the banks of the Dnieper.

Few safety. Digger, down under the ground, must be dressed in UGC, in common called Chiemsee. The temperature of water in underground rivers in the winter slightly above zero, and sometimes you have to go to their knees or even waist-deep in water. Gumboots's not pomogut- in February last year when I ambulance took away one of us with frostbitten feet.
Second rule- light. No light at zemley- nowhere. Be sure to have two fonarya- main and reserve, both preferably waterproof.
And most importantly, do not go anywhere alone, do not stay without communication with the surface. Before the descent is quite easy to write a text message to a short rescue service. And if after the agreed time you will not appear on the land you will always find.
Everything else what to bring, a helmet or a first aid kit, how many things comfortable to wear with which to take tools- each decides for himself, in the conversion of the inhabitants in the surface Digger.

Why diggers do not like publicity?
Most of us secretly climb. No one knows the names of each druga- only nicknames. All meetings and outings are discussed in the forum, phone each other one does not, with rare exception for a long time familiar and long lazivshih together. Beginners usually do not like, though in vain. With me one girl has gone from novice to experienced digger in just 3 months, and this is not the limit. The main thing to have a sincere desire and love it ... a descent into a deep, unknown ... well ... hatch clang sound drops hitting the water.
But there are other novices. Those who want everything at once. And there are, alas, the majority.
Man showing the entrance to the beautiful DSHS, with drips, stalactites and a flock of bats. He came back that autumn with a crowd of friends of alcoholics, broke for souvenirs stalactites, scared of mice, and the painted walls of the balloon.
Or the man was a journalist, and has written a fascinating article entitled & quot; strange lovers Dungeon & quot ;, distorted every word said to him.
Or that the most sad. The man walked a few times with experienced diggers, and he liked it. He took a few friends and myself went. In Summer. "When the sky was clear and there were no signs of trouble." The rain started suddenly. The bodies have not been found.

And now a bit of an unpleasant, about what it is that sometimes flows in underground rivers.
In podzemli there are several problems. And the first of them is boiling water.
& Quot; Three diggers were by and large, tall and beautiful course. Suddenly he heard the sound of water ahead. With squeaking rat ran disturbed. And a wave of boiling water poured. The tunnel immediately clouded with hot steam, there was only one- upstairs .. & quot;
Boiling water in reservoirs comes from the old, torn heating mains. The most common heating duct torn where rivers netu- and hot water flows through the ground. Then come repairmen and eliminate the leak. If the heating main burst near kollektora- the boiling water flows there. And no one sees. A couple of wallowing livnevok, no one attaches importance. And the boiling water destroys all life in the river. The stream brings to the surface cooked corpses fish, frogs, mice. The tunnel is filled with steam and begins to crumble. And this flow persists for years, until the collapse completely overheated collector.
The temperature sometimes reaches 50 there. Add to this "Chiemsee", dressed in the Digger, and you'll see what experiences turned out to be close to break people. Well, if there is upward escape hatch.
Sometimes the hot water is multicolored, often green. This is added to the water dyes for locating breakthrough. Most vsego is neither conducts nothing, only water in the river is not only hot, but also unnatural green color.

And second, to date - the most painful problem is the fecal kollektorov- tie.
People do not see the difference between storm and faecal sewage. People do not want to pay money for services & quot; Vodokanal & quot ;. They hire workers, and they drilled a hole into the first underground passage. Whether you're a collector or drenazhka. There appears a pipe and connect it to a plum. Discharge of faecal sewage and potable water.
Most often it is restaurants, one of them is located at Khreshchatyk, right on the Maidan. Inogda- homes or apartment complexes. Inogda- car wash, gas station.
Once in the collector, fecal matter floating downstream, contaminating nearby water reservoirs. Long-suffering Lybid river, river raw Irpen, Nyvka ... and in the end the Dnieper.
And if the downstream is also draining of boiling water as occurs in one of the tributaries of the river Nyvka, everything is heated and air pollution. Without the mask was not to pass. And on the surface of livnevok knocks contaminated sewage pairs.

Fighting knockouts difficult and ineffective. A year of intense struggle with bureaucracy, we have made the creation of a special commission on Kyivavtodor surf frames. As behaved members of commission is hard to describe. Standing right above the sidebar to open the hatch, officials unanimously asserted & quot; and we do not stinks, everything is clean & quot ;. We had to literally bring them below the feces in a jar, to get them to accept the fact that Box and the truth is.
This led to the signing of more than 20 members of the commission of acts of sidebars.
A month later, all acts appeared the word & quot; Zatamponovano & quot ;. That is supposedly closed the tie.
Going down into the sewers, we made sure that all the control you need to finish. Some tie-ins were stuffed (!) Old folded jacket, some- remain intact.
After a month of work in only one Svyatoshynskyi rayone- tie really been destroyed.
The next morning, the locals took crowbars and shovels, and made themselves a new frame.

The struggle continues. From the purity of dungeons depends cleanliness of rivers, and state of the environment in general. Not to mention the people who sit for months without hot water- and water heats the next lake. While we have- we will fight and do everything we can.
© Micah
The end of the message, thank you for your attention, it's all :-)



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