Have been discovered by the Crimean PYRAMID

Vitaly Goh

Candidate of Technical Sciences
After serving in the Soviet Navy 33 years old, in 1991, the author left in reserve Ph.D., assistant professor in the rank of Captain 1st Rank, who devoted his entire service nuclear submarine fleet, its development and improvement, education and training of submarine officers. Arrive at a suburban area in the dry area of ​​Cape Fiolent Sevastopol, showed increased interest in methods for search of underground water sources. After analyzing the known geological and geophysical methods of search (electrometer, radiometric, magnetometric, gravimetric, seismic), came to the conclusion that their failure due to low reliability (10-30%).

Asked for help from colleagues who have long plots and wells with fresh water. Detailed advice on finding water using L-shaped antennas (used dowsers) received from his former chief of the Department of Sevastopol Higher Naval Engineering School Captain I rank stock Rem Pavlovich to dry.

Ask a question about the reason for the deviation of antennas at some points of the earth's surface, applied the laws of electrodynamics in the process, and thus found the answer to this question. After that worked its way geohydrodiagnostics based on the excitation and resonance of atoms and molecules of water in contact with them in the microwave range of the beam energy, followed by fixation of the reflected signal is amplified by a special device - receiver.

Power and water horizon depth obtained using mathematical calculations in the processing of reading the receiver.

Construct power microwave signal, antenna, analog-to-test matrix, a modulator, a recording device for the structure of the field of liquid (and other substances), receiver unit, checked them in action on the search for water. The result exceeded all expectations. The probability of detecting groundwater was 99, 9%. Thanks to this method was able to master the program of alternative water supply in the city of Sevastopol.

Unmistakably were given 38 points, indicating the drilling depth debit in residential areas of the city and more than 50 - in suburban areas All wells produced water of high quality drinking water. Depth ranged from 7 to 160 meters. On the way to search was obtained invention patent №134O8A from December 16 MKI 96 G 01 V 9/12, Ukraine.

In parallel, work was carried out by use of the method in a hologram area obtained from aerial photographs, satellite images and maps. And there was a positive result, it is possible to give the predictive assess the presence of water in the cabinet conditions, and on-site to produce only the location and specification of the coordinates and depth.

But for such a high probability of detection and the specified depth require special reagents required in the manufacture of matrices. These reagents, materials and matrices themselves are NOW-HOW.

But if it is possible to detect the water in such a way, it is possible to attempt detection of oil, gas and precious metals. Verification method to find oil, gas and gas condensate fields in the seven held in the oil and gas company "Chernomorneftegaz" and gave almost 100% positive result. In addition, the pipeline break has been detected.

Attempting to use the methods of prediction (geoholography) and place (geohydrodiagnostics) to search for precious metals also gave a positive result - were discovered deposits of gold and platinum in the Crimea. We know from history that the Crimean Tatars "wash" the gold in the rivers of the mountain area.

Received an order from the administration of the city of Sevastopol on the elaboration of reserves of thermal water and determine the depth of their occurrence, the author of two enthusiasts Muhudinovym A.Ş. and Taran VN, began choice of punching 15-meter pit on one of the city's outskirts, where the thermal water flows come to residential areas. Attention was drawn to the area on the outskirts of the city of Sevastopol by the fact that the device receiver recorded a strong microwave field radius of 100 meters. And was chosen for punching pit central point of maximum field strength, in order to solve two problems: to determine the depth and power of thermal water horizons and understand the background of the microwave field.

Hole punched first threesome. Up to 9 meters are usually found rocks: limestone small quantities, gravel, mud with traces of algae, loam. But at a depth of 9 meters 20 centimeters met gypsum concrete slab incredible strength. At 40 centimeters punching this plate was spent enormous energy of three people. Enthusiasm would add the question: "Who has made this plate?". The presence of a permanent smell of hydrogen sulfide at the opening of the individual regions of the plate and the smell of burning protein when heated from a blow in some places led me to think about the presence of gypsum concrete kneaded protein. Separate tiny sequins talked about the presence of gypsum concrete cured in water glass. Surprised by the presence of some factions in the gypsum concrete, reminiscent of hardened bad Stir the yolk of eggs. Gypsum concrete samples were put on the analysis to determine the presence of sodium silicate and protein birds' eggs. The analysis gave a positive result. This fact gives strength for further study. But after going 35 centimeters encountered plate enthusiasts met the original domed structure with a diameter of about 60 inches and a height of about 40 cm. It does not allow tunneling deeper. Her strength was not comparable to that previously had been reported rocks and slabs. The outer part of the dome was a gipsosilikatnuyu shell. All the energy of impact quenched in this simple shell crumpled in her spot kick. The tool could not enter into the shell of the dome of more than three millimeters, sliding or bouncing from the surface.

Only the side surface able to make a hole. From it came the smell of burning gas that filled the pit and do not let breathe. His presence was observed during the week.

The first impression from what he saw after lighting a lantern inside the dome was one - a crucible for melting metal. The hollow structure had a set in the center of which hung four quartz "icicles" arising from the impact of local heat source. Inside the base in the center rose four build-up in front of the above-mentioned "icicles", and in the hollows grounds were found the remains of charcoal and ash. The shape of the dome and the device shown in Fig. Destroying the dome, hoping to find traces of the output of molten metal from the alleged "crucible". But the search yielded no results.

Believing that the outlet "crucible" beat fragments began to punch hole deeper. 15 cm met with two small domes. Considering that this small "crucibles" and destroyed them, but found no trace of metal. Of these domes also went with the smell of burning groove, and the device they were identical to the first (big) dome.

Due to the large number of efforts have been suspended work to attract more people. With the arrival of the group B. Krivine, Beschastnov R., Budanov M Lukicheva A., B. Egoshina work was resumed.

12 cm was found two more small domes. And then went back gypsum concrete with protein. At a depth of 22 meters pit detected gray clay layer with a thickness of black material puddle 1 m 20 cm. The clay was placed rectangular blocks plastered on all sides (except the bottom) of cuprous oxide. The analysis showed that gray clay - it alumina - bauxite.

Checking the material on the conductivity of the laser range established semiconductor properties of the composition, looks like a giant chip with absolutely inertialess properties.

After layer gypsum concrete met layer of yellow clay with iron sulphate thickness of about 60 cm. The analysis confirmed the presence of clay in 30% of ferrous sulfate. The author hypothesized that continue to be limestone blocks, confirmed further.

Block was destroyed easily, but at a depth of 34 meters, because of the complexity of passage, work was suspended. First suggested that this pyramid, V. Taran. The author decided to take another chance to try out your method and apparatus.

Having made a miniature pyramid, was a test by which produced scans detected object vertically. The result was a square with sides having a length of 72 meters, made a scan horizontally and from different positions. The result was unexpected - building took the form of a pyramid, littered with different breeds.

Out from the top three energy beam having a frequency of 900 x 109 Hz, 700 Hz and 109 x 500 x 109 hertz, and around the pyramid revealed V - range, ie, approximately 10 x 109 hertz.

It was only after the end of the study, the author stated that the found object is strewn on top of the pyramid. Pyramid was littered with various breeds in a powerful flood, as they say, and found at depths of 5-6 m gravel and silt, and at a depth of about 8 m - loam.

According to the hypothesis V. Taran pyramids are arranged in groups of at least five. The decision to expand the search area. Using the method geoholography, near the city of Sevastopol was found six more pyramids - from Cape Sarich to the pier bay Kamyshovaya.

Continuing research, the author discovered on the Crimean peninsula more thirty pyramids. Departure to the locations of the pyramids on the hologram and the geographical map confirmed their presence.

Stating found in the Crimea megalithic man-made pyramids, the scientific group, led by me, received a certificate of scientific discovery group archaeological antiquities obtained in two ways - geoholography and geohydrodiagnostics issued by the International Academy of Energy Information Sciences. For consultation and further investigation revealed the pyramids was invited scientific team headed by Academician Muldashev.

A more detailed scan has revealed the pyramid on the western verge of formation resembling the shape of the Sphinx, turned his head and feet to the west. Detection of resonance chamber in the crown "of the Sphinx" leads to episodic releases of energy from the frontal part, which is not for everyone is helpful.

Camera, open during the work on the planting of 50 years ago, has no build-up on the walls of mosses and lichens, spider webs, etc..

After partial purification of shrubs and loam western part of the head of the Sphinx from it emerged the field tilted to the earth's surface, which is sometimes a negative effect on the human body: symptoms of breathlessness, agitation of the skin, weakness in the legs, accompanied by headache. Of particular interest is the fact that the influx of additional groundwater at a depth of 50 m, which are devices not detected early.

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