Location is actually a pyramid in Egypt

Pyramid disturb the mind and hearts of many people - from serious scholars put the whole life to the study of the mysterious buildings, to lovers of conspiracy, confident that the pyramids could not be created cheloveka.Kak hands oddly enough, there is still no single version of the origin of the pyramids, which could would satisfy both sides. But, there are innumerable most bizarre theories on this subject! Website describes the seven most interesting of them.

Granary h2> Medieval monk named Bernard made a surprising (for the time) trip to Egypt. When he returned, he gave his contemporaries only rational theory to explain why the pyramids were built. A devout scholar was convinced that the pyramids were designed as a huge granary. Indirect evidence of this is in the Bible book of Genesis, Joseph, son of Jacob, Egypt predicts famine and convince Pharaoh to build a tower to store supplies. In this theory, many believe still - despite the nearby pyramids of public cemeteries.

Atlantis h2> Another generally dubious version has a huge number of supporters. Herodotus described a "lost city" in which many have seen Atlantis. Escaped after the accident Atlanteans migrated allegedly Egypt. It was they who built the pyramids - as a monument to the lost continent.

Energy Center h2> One of the most popular conspiracy theories about the pyramids explain majestic buildings destitution Egyptians some positive energy. Pyramid, supposedly, can transform negative energy into a positive - so it is here that the pharaohs were hoping to find a second life. Everything seemed to converge. Besides the lack of physics concepts themselves "negative" and "positive" energy.

Which year do not tell? h2> It is likely that the pyramid could be used as a kind of calendar. The buildings are very well oriented to the cardinal points, and the number of stages equal to the number of days in the year. This theory makes sense: the pyramids and in fact could carry more than one function.

Navigation h2> The Great Pyramid of Egypt, according to French researchers Belizala and Shomer, nothing more than a giant navigation station. Scientists decided: the mass and the shape of a pyramid transforms it into a powerful "vibrating station." That is, using a copy of the pyramid set, for example, on the ship, travelers can accurately determine the direction in which the homeland. No evidence of this theory is still no.

School h2> But this theory is really noteworthy. British mathematician John Legon suggested that the pyramid contains a huge amount of information accumulated by previous civilizations. She recorded the very form of the building. In support of their guesses, the scientist leading quite reasonable arguments: the ratio of the height to the base of the pyramid is equal to exactly 2PI. From this we can conclude that the pyramid is a map projection of the Northern Hemisphere made in scale 1: 43200

Alien Beacon h2> And, of course, not to mention the most odious idea about the purpose of the pyramids. Supporters of the existence of the "Zone-51" sincerely believe in the cosmic origin of these monumental buildings. Alien civilization allegedly uses the pyramid as transmitting information centers are still functioning. Interesting, is not bothered whether the aliens seen countless crowds of tourists at Giza?

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