MMM 2011 collapsed! No money !, Thank you, all free (c) Mavrodi

Financial pyramid MMM-2011 has failed, "There's no money and will not be»
Starting from May 28, all branches of the financial pyramid MMM-2011, Mavrodi Sergey based completely stopped paying deposits. According to foremen and captains of the pyramid, received an order for a complete cessation of payments as a win, and the contributions of the participants of the pyramid. It is reported, "Lawyer Online».
Urgently suspend their work offices and cell MMM-2011 system. According to the publication reliable sources, all the cash found in the offices of representatives MMM-2011, were quickly taken away in an unknown direction, the card accounts are zeroed and locked.
According to the participants of the system, the connection with the so-called foremen and captains system is lost, really ceased payments. In the case when still unable to contact the administrators of the pyramid, investors receive the same answer: "The pyramid collapsed, all warned, there's no money and will not be».
Statements about the fact that all over the plateau and the pyramid functions do not correspond to reality. According to the participants of the pyramid, depositors, who had to take their money, lost up to 90% of the deposit. Themselves as administrators of the pyramid make fraudulent continue to collect the money depositors, which are then transferred to "up" and dissolve the accounts management pyramid.
According to the "Comments", the founder of the pyramid Sergei Mavrodi admitted the suspension of payments. "In connection with the suspension of payments of winnings of all the participants in the system, please do not panic and turn to their ten'ses managers to ensure the return of deposits. The exact dates can be discussed with their foremen, "- he wrote in his blog Mavrodi.
At the same time investors from different cities of Ukraine write on forums and Facebook pages of the mass closure of offices in the MMM-2011 in the regions. Also massively sound disclaimer MMM-2011 to return the deposits.
Recall, May 14 in the Russian blogosphere is actively discussing the possibility of the collapse of financial pyramid MMM-2011. The reason for this was a record top manager of TCS Bank Oleg Anisimov, in which he quotes a letter from one of the "thousanders" (he is responsible for thousands of customers) project. The letter said that the top leaders of the pyramid refused to help thousanders, which are unable to ensure the inflow of investors to pay old participants MMM-2011. As a result, the regions have already started thousanders in default of payment. This means that soon the entire pyramid may collapse.


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