Rules of Life Sergei Mavrodi

I lost my life, to be honest.

Money boxes in my childhood was not. And there was no money. We lived modestly. Plain, unremarkable family of engineers.

My childhood was fish - barbs, swordtails. Aquarium - it is very nice, it has a calming effect. Although I am always calm.

In 1994, when the MMM was almost a third of the country's budget, I do not buy it. I was not interested. I have lived here in the same apartment. Then she looked like this: three rooms with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves score, and in the middle of each room was a huge aquarium of four sections, and nothing more. Only a bed and a desk. When they came for me, they were shocked - the detainee went to the apartment in a tracksuit, and the apartment was only aquariums, two cats, a parrot and a lot of books.

I'm in a tracksuit loved to walk home - and the Kremlin, too.

I basically tried not to contact the authorities. I have a problem and something started from the moment when I was called to the Kremlin for expanded government meeting devoted to the MMM, and I did not come.

When MMM for the first time have driven from the tax, I am with them, without further ado. I knew that given authorization to shoot. And I said, "I'm going, and I put a referendum question of no confidence in the government." A referendum - is the supreme authority. Collect one million signatures for a week - and all in FIG. President, Government - all. It is today we live in a totalitarian state - then the law anyone could assemble a referendum on any issue. Now you can put to referendum questions only about gardening patio.

I guess I could then become president, but did not want to. I'm a man home, I was too lazy. Investigators all understood and told me, "Sergey Panteleevich, well what's the difference that the Kremlin that Matroska - all one».

Prison - a different temperature regime. Jailed - and everyone around you came out. What seemed so strong - love, friendship - all melted. All the people to whom you want, scatter in the same second. And you will help those from whom you would not expect. For example, my friend, the head of the school of martial arts, helping the students. The one that he did not notice.

I have often been betrayed. Not because people are bad, but because they are just people.

I have no friends. I had one friend, but he was killed. That was long ago, after the institute. We were fishing in Karelia. On the last morning I went fishing. Never went to the last day, and then wanted to. I went and got lost. And suddenly it began to rain, snow. I found the cabin and sat in it for two weeks - did not eat anything, drink only water. A friend of mine and another friend of ours - they floated on the motor-boat and drowned in a storm. We were not afraid of the storm, so that if I did not get lost, I would be with them drowned. Swim, said it was impossible.

According to sociological research, there is the following fact: for 40 years a person does not remain friends. I said it many, and all are surprised at first, and then ask: well, and you have friends. Begin to think: Damn, alas. No there is "why." Just such people.

The incubation period of the wives of prisoners - 3 years. Me one kingpin told how a woman is going on. Woman - being frivolous. She initially did not perceive it seriously. She thinks it's a joke some that her husband will soon be released. And she starts to play from his wife Decembrists. But time is running out and the situation does not improve, begin the financial problems. And three years later - even if a woman really loves - she realizes that time has passed that love is over, and - worst - this love turned into hatred.

When I was in prison, I was sure I did not go out. And then no one will be waiting for me for 20 years. All people living physiology. So I just picked up and filed for divorce, the wife put before the fact. And then wrote the head of the detention center that I refuse to see his wife.

I remember when I was arrested. Call at the door, I saw - a man in a T-shirt costs. You have said, the water flows. I am the door did not open - went to destroy all the data on your computer. Not so is simple. I know as a professional programmer. They opened the door blowtorch four hours. I have a computer at that time was absolutely clean. Then they found I had a fake passport. Planted. I said, "Listen, yes I could eat it for this time." They always throw something that for sure. So true, whether that.

I remember this: you enter a Sailor Silence, iron gates, terrifying. Breezing into the sump where the car inspected. Then you go to the left, there is another gate, again checkpoint again searched. And for the inner gate there is another prison - 99/1. About it at all no one knows anything. There are only two federal special prison - 99/1 and 99/2. But "fraction 2" - which in Lefortovo - it is for every melochovki. I sat in 99/1 - a small prison for VIPs. There Khodorkovsky contained. But Lebedev - no, not grown. There is still, however, hold maniacs and killers. Spetsblok - a special prison. In a typical prison no insulation. Anything you want, you get one for the money. And spetsbloke - complete isolation. There's comfortable enough, but after a year where people are crazy. And I stayed there for four years.

I do not like that Khodorkovsky decided to play a political martyr. I had never fell, never said I was a political one. Sat and did not complain.

I was the winner of all physical contests. At the end of one Olympiad solved here the following problem: why a person is drowning in a swamp? What is the physical nature of this phenomenon? Solution is: swamp - it is not a liquid and suspended fine particles, the pressure in the swamp is not distributed evenly, not in the water. Therefore, it does not work Archimedes' principle, according to which on a body immersed in a liquid, the buoyancy effect. And as a consequence - any attempt to swim speed dive. Therefore, if hit in the swamp, it is necessary not to swim. It is necessary to sit quietly and wait. In life, the same thing: if you hit, then any attempt to swim speed dive. At the Olympics, by the way, I was the one who decided this task and won.

I remember that at school I sometimes led math teacher instead.

My parents with physics and mathematics are not connected, and myself on the first course had enough. Went there once, I saw - hanging announcement: "Shame absentees! Ivanov - 5 hours, Sidorov - 6 hours Mavrodi - 980 hours ».

In my first year, I won the contest in physics institute. At the lecture the teacher says: "Comrades! For the first time in the history of the institute winner vseinstitutskoy Olympics became a freshman! So let's take a look at it. " And I do not have to lecture. He says, "Okay." The next time the cause - not me again, for the third - no. I comrades say: "Perhaps you will come, or what." And I say, "Oh!»

At the Institute, I became interested in Sambo. I did not lose a single battle, and therefore quickly became a candidate for the Master of Sports. Therefore beat me quite difficult.

I'm in jail with all found a common language, although I am a person unsociable. I do not like socializing, but I do say that I am charming. Well, I'm a fraud. Fraudsters supposed to be charming.

With me sitting assault battalion commander in Afghanistan. The real killer: he shot both women and children. Comes to the village - white sneakers, clothing clean; leaves - red with blood. So he told me that he had never seen a more cruel man than I am.

People now I react very positively, no aggression. Only once some Madame diamonds came out of the "Mercedes" and shouted to me, "Rogue».

I sat with a variety of murderers and maniacs, but by their appearance and behavior of this say about them is impossible. No one at night because they did not shout, no one suffers nightmares. Sleep like babies. I was sitting with a killer Lesha Soldier. It was 30 corpses. Superkiller. In life - cheerful, cheerful person, very pretty. Over 30 corpses he was given 23 years old. Little, I guess. He was a man of extreme caution - he took the weapon only in gloves often changed appearance. And on what he got: ordered him someone he mined the car and sat down to watch from the shelter. By car ran children and began to play. He came and drove them away. The children remember him and then told all parents.

In prison, do not feel disgust for these people. There's not working. One of the maniacs I owe that began to write poetry. Never wrote poetry. In his youth, all write poems, but I did not write. And my cellmate once asked me to write a poem for his wife. It was one of Hovrinskih maniacs: was such a couple - two of them traveled by car, and when they saw a woman walking one out, got the bat and hit on the head and robbed second. Close such confidence. And then he asked me: "Serge, my wife and write a poem any good." I say, "Yes, I do not write poetry." "And you, - he says - to remember something - about love." I remembered, recalled and finally remembered Gumilev about Lake Chad. Started writing and realized that two lines can not remember. Well, in the end he wrote them. And these two lines he liked best.

I'm not romantic. Love songs usually write cold people.

In prison, I began to keep a diary. Then I got on spetsblok, and I was forbidden to take him. You can not, say, open internal prison secrets. And then I went into fiction.

MMM tickets printed in the same factories as the dollar. They are in the world, it seems, five pieces - which have special certification. These plants eventually refused to accept the orders of the US government on the circulation of dollars, because I have to pay more.

I thought it put your portrait on tickets MMM. It was a very accurate stroke when people see the portrait, it is psychologically gives them confidence that people do not run away.

The situation is stupid: I know all investors. I wondered when I forget, but do not forget. That's something to go fishing in some wilderness. And suddenly goes past a certain old man in a car. He looked at me and was so impressed that I then around another circle did. I said, "Come in FIG here, now, because the whole village gather».

I was hiding from the court for eight years. I remember thinking: "The most reasonable is hiding in Moscow." And I began to live in an apartment in a nearby street. And where else can you live? .. Sometimes leaving the house - fishing. In a newspaper wrote that caught me, and I have - a wig. But this is a complete lie. I never wore wigs.

I hate shopping for clothes. In my opinion, no man does not like it - go shopping for clothes. And who likes - it is not a man.

In modern Russian history nice to me, oddly enough, Yeltsin. The only politician who allowed himself to criticize.

In 1994, when all went to the fact that I was arrested, I had rented a 6-bedroom luxury apartment. Conspiratorial, so to speak. And I went there. But I was not comfortable there. I love to home slippers standing near. So I sat there and decided to turn on the TV. And there Chernomyrdin asked what will happen to the MMM. Nothing will be said, is a privately held company, let them understand with their depositors; we will not interfere. I thought, "What if I'm sitting here, I will go home." The next day me and arrested.

When you indict, by law you must be familiar with the case. In my case it was 650 huge volumes. Even if it is a day to read that, you need two years. I obediently began to read, and the court said that I delay the process. I said, "Nothing, I do not tighten, I read day and night." Then they rendered a decision that I read five volumes per day. I say, "It's just a comedy, you better tell me that it is not necessary to get acquainted».

Copies of all volumes of the criminal case, you can always take with you. But I took only those volumes, where lists of contributors.

When I began to write myself, I have ceased to please almost everyone. I once liked Bulgakov, for example. I used to do a lot of reading - more than it should be.

Never anything do not have to be sorry - that was then, and it was.

When everything is available - do not want anything. There, at the top, there is nothing - there is a vacuum. But to understand this, it is necessary to climb up there. I've learned and slazil.

I have no dreams. Because all I want, I always get.

The only thing that I love - it's fishing. For this I can at least go to the North Pole and sit there naked if pripret.

I love catching on spinning. I like fast catching, although catches my modest. When passion is brought to professionalism, it is not a fad. This routine.

With my way of life needs to be addressed on a simulator. It is necessary - so necessary. In prison, I loved doing exercise for the press. You lay down on the bunk and toes behind the head to get it. Five thousand times without rest, daily. Very, you know, useful. Long only. Two hours, approximately, is obtained.

I was eight at spetsbloke strikes. One was dry, eight days. People without water can five or six days to reach. And I was starving in the summer heat, still worse. In normal fasting you slowly lose power, and when dry, everything happens unexpectedly. But I was lucky not dead. At that time I was married, and his wife through a lawyer threw a tantrum that saved me. Unable to perform feats with women - hang as cargo.

When fasting lose a kilo a day clearly. If you want to lose weight, make an effort and do not eat two or three days - two to three kilograms reset.

I have a tough schedule. I sleep knock twice for four hours: from 6 to 10 and 6 in the morning and 10 evening. This mode I maintained even in prison, although there is easy - when you sit with harsh people. It's all very annoying: after time I went to bed - it is necessary to be quiet, do not yell. This is regarded as a very serious whim.

In life, I now have very few events. But I'm glad. Ideally, you should stay on the wall and watch as Buddhist monks. But before that I have not yet reached.

I live in an apartment of my parents. We moved here in the Komsomol prospectus, when I graduated from high school. Before that, I lived in a house opposite the Novodevichy Convent. The funny thing is that in prison I had a cellmate - PhD, an entomologist, an expert on butterflies, who lived in my former home in front of the Novodevichy and the child it goes to the same school where I went. Coincidence. And he sat for theft. No wonder: butterfly butterflies - money money. Not to be confused. Do you think people who do butterflies, I can not steal?

Neighbors, of course, know who I am, I'm in the apartment I live a thousand years. With me on the court Dima Malikov lives. Oleg Jankowski lived on the third floor, we had greeted.

Free good - better than in prison.

I once diagnosed - a cancer of the liver. And my mother, a senior engineer and father assembling, both died of cancer. In general, in the hospital they told me: "You have cancer of the liver." I said, "How long will I live?" For six months, they say. A month later, it became clear that it was a mistake - I have some feature of an organism, is very similar to cancer, but it is not cancer. In general, I lived a month with a diagnosis of "liver cancer", and none of my friends did not notice anything. Nobody.

My specialty was - artificial intelligence. But no, artificial intelligence does not happen, do not worry.

I had a phenomenal memory in childhood, if someone read aloud any passage, I could repeat it word for word. And then I had 12 concussions. I was very active as a child, constantly falling and hitting his head. Memory after that I deteriorated. But has not disappeared. Simply because of the phenomenal done well. Well, thank God.

Prove the Poincaré conjecture I have not tried. And if proved, and I would have given money which Perelman refused, I would have taken away their right bailiffs. And would be accused that I taxes are not paid - and again be planted.

In prison, when we were taken for a walk, we always turn on the radio "Dacha". It's even worse than the "Russian Radio", and can not be shut down. That's what I do not want to go through again.

New year, I try to celebrate one, but does not always work.

Life always gives you not what we need.

Deceive wrong.


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