On the beauty of Russian cheating (read more)

Fantastic story about the beauty of Russian deception,
told Art. investigator of the Leninsky district police department of the Yaroslavl
Valeria Zozulya ****

Crime Life is full of paradoxes. That's right: the criminals are afraid, despised, they are willing to evil, hate. But all of it? In that piece, that there is a category of criminals,
which many causes ... I dare not call it sympathy, but certainly not as not hatred. It is, of course, frauds. Gates in general it is clear: the tea is not murderers, no thieves,
not thieves, not thieves, not thugs. They are liars. And who among us, in all honesty, do not lie. And certainly - we just happy to be deceived. Hence Mavrodi and his ilk.
Only Mavrodi deceived rude, insolent, cynical and everyone to whom he could reach. And if they put him finally to the prison, the event quiet joy resound in the hearts of
million. But Mavrodi - pathetic artisan in comparison with the true masters of the crime genre. I happened to meet such masters ...

Ten years ago in my hometown Yaroslavl market relations raged not as now - around the city. For everything there we have a market, but a large.
Yaroslavl called him artlessly flea market, and it is located in the boonies and only worked on weekends. But certainly I tell you, it works! The relatively small
a fenced area at the same time buying, selling, shouting, swearing and pushing seventy thousand - at the rate of one square meter for 5 people. Here you can buy everything: from the cross, thoroughbred cockroaches to foreign cars.

At that time I worked in the police department, which served Yaroslavl flea market. So ... I hear on duty in the hallway hard to describe the noise and hubbub op. This uproar in Russia could only raise people's deputies and Gypsies. Since it is difficult to assume that to us in the department raided a servant of the people, I decided that it's still a nomadic tribe representatives.
Looking out of the corridor, I was convinced - the way it is. Unprepossessing our room turned into a branch of the gypsy camp in a fire. In the center of the picturesque paintings I spotted
gypsy, very similar to the famous Venus of Pugovkin puppet "Unusual Concert" - the same one that sang deep bass. Gypsy hit dimensions and obviously
unspent power. His hands as would do credit to the world champion in tug of war, she firmly held the puny intellectuals who, as expected, timidly gleaming glasses. The entire police department full of her voice. After listening, I realized that the gipsy accuses bespectacled - an intellectual that he threw it ...

These things seemed incredible. For even nursery baby knows to throw gypsy impossible by definition. But the gypsy can throw each. And much as I could throw this seems to last a great school of life mastadonihu in colorful skirts dusty, zanyuhanny average Russian intellectual? I would rather believe in arriving at Yaroslavschiny get lost in the vastness of space aliens. With this conviction, I closed the door and continued to keep watch. However, half an hour to me, the investigator on duty, did not come under the duty to write operas and asked for "a hundred" on this very gypsy & quot; - That is to say the decision of her three-day detention. Naturally, I was surprised: "Wait, you do not confuse? Well, it screamed, threw her ... She's kind of like a victim. " "It is - agreed operas, and added thoughtfully: - H - yes, the first time I plant the victim." I demanded an explanation. And the opera they are not stingy.

Intellectual - bespectacled Volkov, it turns out, has long been known to our operatives. Almost every weekend he appeared at a flea market. Imagine throng, din, Satan did not have time to run the show ... and in the middle of the bedlam - it. Quiet so cute. The modest, faded raincoat in ochechkah, look good and trusting. And he
nabredaet brazen, yelling gypsy who sells hand-leather jacket. "Excuse me please, you see?" - Timidly asks a gypsy Wolves. Gypsy puts into his hands the thing.
Fearlessly vanities. All around her. And is able to catch the darn puny creature in a cloak, it's a goof. Classic, a typical Russian goof. Wolves jacket crumples,
probe on his face gives way to doubt hope, doubt, hope. It matures to buy directly - the same eyes. Gypsy crank it up: "Young, handsome, of blue ...
take it, you will not regret. " "And how much?" - All too timidly asked Volkov. "Tybe, daragoy, give five hundred." "Five hundred ?! - Surprised bespectacled. - Yes, how is it ... I
such money can not be. Sorry, I am now. " In the eyes contemptuously narrowed gypsy, he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a wad of money. Immediately he begins to count. And a sigh of relief: "Thank God, my wife, is the whole supplied a thousand." Gypsy finally convinced that she got a first-class sucker. He's right - after appeals: Well fool me, obmishur! Counting cherished thousand, Wolves puts it back into his coat pocket. And he asks for a measure ... Removes jacket coat with money. He gives it to hold the gipsy. Begins to tinker with new clothes ... ... turns away Gypsy hiding in the crowd. With it disappears modest, shabby cloak.

But that is not isolation. The end came a little later, when the gypsy cloak climbs in order to remove as easy to get a thousand. Yes, it was not there! Not raincoat bespectacled any money. And even no pockets. Snapped pockets ... Through this hole and stuck his intellectual demonstrated gypsy money in another pocket - on the trousers. That's how they differ: Loch Wolves with a new leather jacket, but without a raincoat, but not the coveted pack of money spent, and the gypsy stole useless cloak full of holes - without money and without a jacket. Before our operations reached information that a certain intellectual repeatedly throwing greedy Roma at the flea market. And these cases were about two dozen. Catch it had no reason: no one claims the police did. But the day was not lucky Volkov. Gypsy caught him a little more vigilant - not allowed to leave the market in a jacket. Captured and brought to the police station. But our intellectual happened calving is not burdened. On the question of the opera, which, in fact, happened, replied simply, without hardship, "I came, I began to try on the jacket, and the lady ran off with my cloak and thousands rublinmi. Cloak estimate of three hundred rubles. " Mastodonistaya gypsy jumped from such impudence. And, you see, at this point in her clouded brain. And instead. to say that a scoundrel Wolves he pulled from her with a jacket, said yes, ran away with the cloak, but the money was not in it, besides Plaschik something - ugh - and rublin not worth it, the garbage was picked up on trash it and carry necessary. Volkov shrugged his shoulders and made remarkable legal knowledge:
"Since there was no money, then sit for the attempted theft of thousands of rubles».

And what do you think! Tsygankov had incriminating open theft coat and no less open theft of money. That is robbery. We can say, in broad daylight. and gave her three years. So she had to say thank you to the court, which was filled with anecdotal and did not punish her to the fullest extent of the then laws. However, her family had to pay the same Volkov three hundred rubles for the "stolen" (though you can completely do without the quotes) cloak ...

It was the fabulous case, when the scammer tselehonkim resigned from the law, he has made it so that the victim went to the bunks. Neither before nor after me with such
incident did not have to face. Aerobatics, superclass. Frankly: gypsy I'm not sorry, and I want to applaud Volkov. Although mentally ...


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